Social Media Stalking Prank – Maxmantv

Social Media Stalking Prank – Maxmantv

at Starbucks she's blown Louis's Natasha oh yeah we need Tasha ellipse yeah she's Danish vessel what unhappy natasha is me okay see you I know you sir all right your next target no I mean call her Nina called Anita she's right here she's just looking at some flowers yeah yo sorry I disturbed my knee yeah your Nina all right happy belated birthday it was last two weeks right hi Sophie are you hi Joe remember from Monash Monash then we went to Taylor's together yeah are you Ben you look good Thanks thing I kind of have this skill where I can read people's minds I can almost picture your mom's face she has a red glasses red glasses yeah this is incredible how do you do it so I heard I heard that you guys were at Havana I couldn't make make it to the party at Havana how was that party yeah I heard that I couldn't make it yeah I'm getting something else you you're you like to play a games yeah yes I'm a gamer oh that oh my god there we go yeah nobody would ever news it I'm seeing guns I'm seeing I'm seeing shooting I'm seeing Counter Strike battlefield something like that it's often but yeah whoa I don't think I don't think Darrell would like you talking like this your boyfriend I just know stuff yeah Darrell they're also boys for ya Darrell do you have a fetish of some sort with with a wild animal I feel that you're ferocious and wild something about your legs I like luxuries and I kind of have a tattoo on my leg oh wow see I didn't see that because you know you're not showing that right now you're scaring me you know how I did it basically we just stopped you on Instagram and you I think you hashtag the location here and one more here so it's just looking for you I found you at Starbucks okay okay guys come here sorry actually you don't know me so we found you went through your Instagram and found out everything that we need to know about you so then from there we found your Facebook we point your Twitter if on your YouTube on everything else we're just Google your name and so we found all this stuff you post it on your Instagram that you were here looking at flowers so we checked out the hashtag and we just went through your entire social media account and if you camry right there thanks to you mo bomb latest fastest internet recognized by allah without them we could have pulled off this prank so smoothly now you can enjoy an extra one gigabyte free this december when you sign up for any data package with you mobile hi Karen are you Karen oh sorry number six Oh Kate move move

39 thoughts on “Social Media Stalking Prank – Maxmantv

  1. Having someone popping up and stalking you is very creepy.
    When someone who does not know you start following your social media, that is obsessive.
    I am glad there are laws that are in place to help .
    Carry your mace and stop posting where you are.

  2. Video ni menunjukkan..kita jangan selalu shared locations kita..kemungkinan sesetengah orang mahu membuat sesuatu perkara jahat…Bagi Yang Perempuan Paling Penting..

  3. Pengajaran
    Jangan Kongsi location semasa dkt media sosial spt instagram,Fb Dll sebab perbuatan ini dpt membahayakan seseorang jika berseorangan di siang malaM terutama perempuan…#Remember #ManUp

  4. This is one reason i don't check in or post updates on social media, your basicly broadcasting your location to anyone that wants it. and giving information to people you don't want to have it.

  5. its funny how the people watching you are the ones that are actually being stalked themselves, in life when you think you have the upper hand, life is like lol give me a sec ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. These are Malay girls, which mean a Muslim. By looking at their name i already knew it they are all Muslims. Filthy cunts… This kind of people is materialistic but stupid like all Chinese… bye ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. This bitches don't even understand the concept of the vid… Unless u tryna get abducted next time STOP GIVING OUT YOUR CURRENT LOCATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA

  8. This should be a viral publication thing… It shows if you post exactly where you are, not so nice people see it and will come to you..

    They should be lucky these guys where nice ones not wanting no harm.

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