9 thoughts on “Social Media Revolution – Did You Know by Erik Qualman

  1. One in three marriages start online, huh? Okay, so at least there still are marriages to speak of…!

  2. That's a cool video, some scary stuff on there though! Human attention span to 7 seconds??? Yikes!

  3. very nice realization, quality improved but not as many new insights as in the first video…that shows social media is not a trend anymore, just a fact.

  4. Hi Erik, great to see a new video, I like the style. So much so I use these a lot to get people thinking about social media more in my organisation. Surprised though that the stats remain the same and not many news ones. Is this all still super relevant? Do you have any updated insights you could point me to? Thanks!

  5. The attention span element is wrong, I'm afraid. The original Microsoft study rather talked about patience with online information than attention span. The attention span of humans is luckily much longer than that (or nobody would watch this video…)

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