Social Media Prank – Day 3 (Giving People Gifts)

Social Media Prank – Day 3 (Giving People Gifts)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, Jack Vale
here, and today I’ve got my wife, Sherry, and my two
oldest boys, Jake and Chris. And today we’re going to
do the social experiment, but there’s a twist. We’re going to find
out what they like, and then we’re going to
surprise people with gifts all through the help of
Chevy’s built-in 4G Wi-Fi. [MUSIC PLAYING] Kristi, she posted a
bag of cheese crackers. She said she ate the whole
bag when she shouldn’t have. I got them. I’m just going to
get regular ones. Her favorite drink’s right here. Kris? Kristi? Yes. Is that right? Which one’s Kristi? Me. You? I have some stuff I think
you’re going to like. I know, it’s going
to sound weird, but I know a lot of the
things that you like. I know you like this. [LAUGHING] I also know you work out. You could probably use that. I know you like this, too. I’ve seen a picture of this. [INAUDIBLE] See you later. Babe, you should get
her a shot glass. Hey, she also likes the ocean. Let’s go dump a bucket
of salt water on her. Jake! [LAUGHTER] What? She likes it. Tell Jake we’re not dumping
beach water on this girl. Starfish, starfish. As soon as I saw you in the back
there– does your name start with an L by chance? Yeah. Is it Leah or Leigh? Leigh? Is it Leigh with
a gh at the end? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. Yeah, I’m pretty good
at that kind of stuff, but I got some
stuff here for you. I got you that starfish
to represent the beach. Since you like to party,
I got you this shot glass right there. Oh, thank you. That’s very nice of you. You’re welcome. Is that the first time
anything like that’s ever happened to you? Yes. Yeah? I have no idea who you are. You have no idea who I am? I have no idea. Are you serious? I’m Jack, Jack Vale. Your name starts with a A? Yeah. I’m pretty sure I
know who you are, Antonia or something like that? Is that your name? Antonia, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They call you Annie
sometimes, or Auntie, or something like that, right? Yeah, I’m Jack. Hiya, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. So I know you like to
travel and stuff like that, and I know your favorite color’s
purple, so I got you this. That was amazing! It’s purple, plus you can put
your coins in it, and whatnot. That’s amazing. Thank you so much. Dollars. [LAUGHTER] Lipstick. And there was a
Despicable Me sign, and then I imagined
when they turned purple, and then I remembered
her, and then I went next door
to American Apparel and bought the coin purse, and
now all hell’s breaking loose. [LAUGHING] To be honest with
you, I’m going to let you keep this, because
I did buy this for you. I’m actually shooting
a hidden camera prank. We were across the street at
where the hand prints are. We learned all this
stuff about you just by clicking on
other photos and stuff. [LAUGHING] That’s insane. Video camera right here. Oh my god. [LAUGHING] That’s another one of my guys. You probably saw him. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [LAUGHTER] Is it OK if we use the clip? Do you mind? Yeah. Sure. OK, awesome, and you
get to keep this stuff. I like the cheese, yeah. I like Fireball. I love [INAUDIBLE]. Impressed? [LAUGHTER] I’m Jack Vale. I’m Kristi. I know, I know all about you. That’s so weird. No, I just literally said it. First I thought, Casey? For no reason. Yeah, for no reason. That’s weird. Private, yeah. And you just don’t
think about it. That scared the
[BLEEP] out of me. I didn’t see you. It did? Oh my god, dude. [BLEEP] social media, man.

98 thoughts on “Social Media Prank – Day 3 (Giving People Gifts)

  1. Jack do store pissing people off pranks instead of this stalking bullshit do what got you where you are your old pranks plz

  2. I cant understand one thing… is there someone whos been pranked and then commented on the video like haaay im that guy or haaay im that girl from the prank !!! i think one of them had yt profile…

  3. You lost the Mexican guy with his lunch and instantly became better! Sorry, i'm from England and have no clue who that guy was lol 

  4. People are smart enough to post their personal shit all over online, but to dumb to realize anyone can access and use that information.

  5. Yo Jack, I ordered the pooter 4 days ago I go the email saying it shipped but it still didn't leave cali. What's up???

  6. Hi Jack. I've been a fan for a long time now and just wanted to say thanks. You definitely are THE MAN! Your antics are crazy and hilarious. How do you ever come up with that stuff? I love your creativity……not to mention that your "Old Man Farting Prank" made me laugh so hard, I almost fainted. Keep those videos coming!  

  7. Jack, this is one big Chevy add. You've been advertising for the last three or four days. Come back to us, please. I understand you gotta support the family but could we get one decent video where you're not bound by a contract and forced to do these videos in such a cheesy manner? Big fan, just notice all YouTube prank channels eventually become a way to promote products and stuff.

  8. Jack I'm a huge fan and I have to say the "holding hands" prank has to be one of my favorites. Please make more of those my man!

  9. before every time you got something right on them you should pooter fart and say 'l get information on you every time a fart comes' amazing.

  10. i wonder how much jacky boy is making promoting this chevy built in wifi service? i mean its a car company so I can imagine atleast 100k, most likely more! go jacky boy!

  11. This is the most family friendly, sell-outy, awkward laughing, overly-censored prank ever. Please start using laugh tracks too while you're at it! This comment was brought to you by Chevy's built-in 4G LTE. 

  12. you must keep doing these, i like how you find out simple things, and give away gifts. your so giving, and i love it!

  13. Hello im tring to make a game but i need atleast 10 dollars so i can get cry engine once i get the 10 dollars all of the rest of the money is going to chairty 25% to help homeless childeren 50% to help  cure ALS 25% to help with water projects and 

  14. wow the comments on these videos are savage… personally I liked the video, keep up the good work jack! haters gonna hate

  15. I'm just wondering, do people actually take that stuff? I mean, what if it's infected or poisoned or something scary like that?

  16. Does anyone knew what song played in the background at 1:59 …It sounds nice…Reply me anyone if you knew it ….

  17. It would really be awesome if people learned a lesson from this video. You don't actually have to post every single thing you do on a daily basis on social media. Nobody cares that you are at Red Lobster or Olive Garden. Nobody cares that you just left Hot Topic or Footlocker. People are so obsessed with trying to impress people that they think the whole world is interested in their every move.

    By the way, if it's "likes" that you're after, people are more likely to "like" your pictures and posts if they're actually something meaningful or significant. They care much more about seeing pictures of you at the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, or Mount Everest than they do about your lunch at Burger King or Wendy's. Just saying.

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