Social Media Platform VOAT Goes Offline Again in Alleged DS Attack – Top Site in ‘Drain the Swamp’

Social Media Platform VOAT Goes Offline Again in Alleged DS Attack – Top Site in ‘Drain the Swamp’

good morning guys before digging into the gateway pendant here for a roundup I just want to say thank you for all your support whether it's by way of PayPal patreon checks or money in the mail t-shirts it is all hugely appreciated for those of you who wish to support you in my way of PayPal or Patriot those addresses are in the description box also for those of you who want to send me a check or a cache in the mail my physical address is in the description box just scroll down and you'll see that also for those of you who live up in Worcester Massachusetts and you want to buy bears products or get your car worked on by someone that you can trust all you got to do is call up grease ease garage or just take your car in there ask for Pete and he'll fix you car up for you and you can also buy bears products there he's now carrying those for those of you who wish to support me and help yourself at the same time and he's going to become a household name I'd say and this is the product that's 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odds are you're gonna get more hair sooner also but what one guy did it cleared up his acne it's got vitamins and all kinds of good stuff in it that's not why he made it but that's how it works anyway you know sometimes you get other consequence some other things happening so get to good things from it that guy did anyway that's all now let's go ahead and dig into the roundup here so impeachment investigation in their way as Jerry Nadler and the rest of Democrats especially those who have been there for a while they're going jackass crazy they're trying so hard to stop Trump and to bring him down and they are desperate you know I'm looking at Sheila jackson-lee here in the picture along with Nadler these people are both so corrupt so so I mean so many skeletons in their closet and they know they're going down if they can't take Trump down they know they're going to prison no question about it and then trainwreck Pelosi gets lost in Detroit stutters her way through the NAA Act speech anyway she's look this woman's an alcoholic she's got maybe dementia who knows what else who knows but she is not having an easy time of it why because of the squad you know in look they're all just eaten one another up she's trying to make make it look now like her in the squad they get along the only and it's like they kissed and made up no they didn't moving on social platform VOA T goes offline again in alleged deep state attack top site in drain the swamp fight moving on to the updated list a hundred and thirty times the FBI DOJ and/or Muller gang deviated from standard practice or committed crimes and efforts to exonerate Hillary and indict President Trump it is so obvious so much so much going on president Trump destroys corrupt Democrat Elijah Cummings calls for an investigation to his rat Rome infested district he and his wife they both need to be investigated well it's kind of like de Blasio and his wife they both need to be investigated and that fire and FBI director James Comey is culpable for numerous crimes related to his leaked classified notes I'm president Trump alone as we know he had his own private investigation going on into Trump called me cyber spying the White House was hired to verify steal dossier for BuzzFeed then landed at CNN and then that's weird so far no tweets from call me Obama Hillary or Brennan about deep State Mulder's trainwreck in front of Congress they're probably crafting their drawers as they watched it they couldn't believe it soldiers and sailors monument now I've heard too that Mullen has flipped days trying to save his own hide trying to keep from going to prison will see soldiers in sailors monument in Cleveland vandalized police seek help identifying the suspect this crap has got to stop $250,000,000 Nixon and lawsuit against Washington Post for defamation dismissed by federal judge that federal judge they need to go moving on in Supreme Court backs Trump allows administration to use pentagon funds to build the border wall never Trump Pro daca anti wall politicians said she regrets voting for Trump now trying to change her tune for election campaign ah don't let her don't let her she's a lowlife and let's see here what else that looks to be all for now guys thank you so much I appreciate it for all your support and I will I'm gonna head outside get some work done and gotta go check I mean we had a bunch of rain here last night and so as we get rain like up in the little boy up there the little gully that that has our spring in it well let's just put it this way I need to go check the pipe to see if it's still okay I hope so that's all for now god bless you'll have a great day guys I'll see you soon bye bye

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  1. Cmon Martin…3 minutes on thank you and advertisements…i love you and your channel but im not wasting 3 minutes of my life listening to that. If kept up going elsewhere..sorry

  2. Why does Mayor DeBlasio use a fictitious name instead of his real name, Warren Wilhelm, Jr.? Hmmmmmm.

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