45 thoughts on “Social media doesn't want you to see Rubens' paintings

  1. Google isn't much better. They "demonetized" lots of videos just because there is woman trying and reviewing some bikinis and lingerie.

    Big companies care only about is money. Profits, stock prices, CEO bonuses, how to please stock holders… If nudity makes it more profitable they will allowe it, if not they will censor it.

  2. Brüll!!!!!!!!! Genialer Streich! Musste es mehrmals ansehen. Die Dame ziemlich am Schluss, die ihr Hemd hoch hielt, hat für mich den gleichen Humor, wie der Touristik Verband, der diese nette Aktion in Szene gesetzt hat. Bravo!

  3. Does any body know what is the background music, something like the opening theme of a mid-century TV series?

  4. contrast it with this: Zuckerberg defends Facebook users' right to be wrong – even Holocaust deniers – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jul/18/zuckerberg-facebook-holocaust-deniers-censorship

  5. Sharing this! So many of my artist friends have had their content removed or the profiles banned for posting their artwork, that has, OMG, a nipple!

  6. Bravo…. Nude art is not pornography. I'm sick and tired of watching family photos celebrating b-days or making barbeque😂 Viva Twitter..

  7. Facebook is a misogynistic website, so as YT, google and the gafam. It's up to us to stoping using it. Fuck you mr "suckerberg" ! Woman ain't obscene, neither is nudity.

  8. Rubens is poor, poor… The founder of Facebook is rich, but is stupid

  9. Bravísimo jajajaaaaaaaaaa. ¡Viva Rubens y sus maravillosos desnudos! ¡Fuera la ignorancia de Facebook!

    Facebook, Nudity is not pornography, uncultured!

  10. A Montreal la mairesse Valerie Plante a organiser une commission sur le racisme systemique. De notre cote nous allons demander une commission sur le raciste anti-Quebecois , qui date de la colonisation Britannique. Bravo les Belges j'adore votre idee.

  11. Very clever and quite funny answer. That's what that censorship amounts to doing, indeed. Fuck Facebook, I've never been on it, and every day that passes shows me how right I am !

  12. ça rigole … mais c'est ce qu'il se passe partout, la censure stupide et abusif, voila ce que vous allez avoir dans la gueule !

  13. Europe is a dump for human waste from Africa and Asia!! FOR TOLERANCE! religion of peace, chastity and intelligence! respect the cultural characteristics !!! This EU will destroy ALL Christians and white in Europe! FOR MERKEL!!!

  14. in the US it is common to show crime in all kind of aspects, cruel war movies, blood all over the place…no problem for the media in the US but DON't SHOW TITTIES or naked bodys…How hypocrite can you be. This video from Belgium shows the whole schizo with these FB, Instagram and many more.

  15. c est sure que la culture américaine rap hip hop coca cola kfc mac donald etc etc est vachement mieux que du rubens………………

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