47 thoughts on “Social Media and New Age Dating

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  2. Can I tell women straight up. I don’t chat to anyone on social media. Because I can’t lie about that I don’t have a account on social media
    Everyone can search it and find
    If you want to talk to me, we can exchange numbers
    Great video 👌👌

  3. This shit hella legit whenever i see simp clown🤡 ass niggas on these "models" Instagrams. They always got sum stupid selfies, picture of they pets, what they ate, shit that nobody cares about.🤣

  4. They dont chase you and if you chase them you turn them off shit is fucking retarded i hate this generation so fucking lame

  5. Women's rights are the same thing as giving toddlers rights. The only reason it ever happened is because they couldn't tax half the population.

  6. Back in the day if a girl gave you her number you was 80% in there. Nowadays it’s like giving you a stick of gum, it don’t mean shit. They give it out so often you gotta remind them who you are, that’s IF they bother to pick up.

  7. Brought back some memories when you mentioned pagers lol. Yeah, we met girls the old fashioned way by going to bars and clubs. Now, feminism has fucked the game up….well.

  8. Male SIMPS caused this weak social media validation ,you see it in every blog ! These multitude of MALE SIMPS is an abomination ,complementing anything that " remotely "look like a female even a transgender appearing slug ! These sorry dudes are pituful !!

  9. Maaan this shit true af. I was hitting on a decent girl who was absolutely obsessed with me, super high interest. Everything went perfectly and even after a few dates her interest was honestly so high for such a short period of time. Then, almost overnight I find out some instagram famous faggot who’s like 17 slides into her DM’s and just cos he’s got 1m followers she suddenly goes off with him in the space of a day. Shit sucks and this narcissistic cancer is poisoning our society. Beware guys, social media probably will ruin whatever good you have with a girl.

  10. It's not just social media, it's also the advent of dating/hook up apps such as Tinder, Plenty Of Fish etc that have ruined the dating game, meaning women are now flooded with male attention. On the flipside, very few guys approach girls face to face these days, so if you're a guy that can do that then you'll stand out from all those pussies who are trying to meet women online.

  11. Yo not to mention the fact that with their current corrupted mindset if you ever approach them you ill get accused of sexual harassment

  12. it's fucking crazy. You can't even show genuine interest in women anymore. One compliment and you ain't enough of a man. My lips are sealed from here on out

  13. I cannot recommend this channel enough. Even if you are in a relationship currently, the game has completely changed from just a decade ago.

  14. I Just Subscribed after this Video! Lmao this is SOOO True and I hate that Dating has come to this but it’s true!

  15. Nah homie!! The Game really has changed. Everything this guy says in this video is 100% True. Feminism and social media dating sites. Especially Tinder made these girls all think they shit dont stink

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