Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #1 – NEW 2018!

Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #1 – NEW 2018!

46 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #1 – NEW 2018!

  1. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I have to vote for Left/ commies.
    "Just because you have LGBT friends doesn't mean you are not homophobic"… 😱 OMG, I would put her in mental hospital.

  2. 08:16, why would an ambulance take you home?, surely an ambulance would take you to the hospital.

  3. Wow it's so weird when I see these transgender men that think they are now a woman threatening to beat up men because they didn't call them a woman. Wtf is the world coming to people? This crap is getting our of hand. I think these kind of people need professional help asap, and we really need to research this issue as best we can.

  4. Bet if a transgender woman join UFC to fight males and gets fuck up. She will sue and the world will be calling him a girl beater and he should kill him self and etc etc.

  5. So I'm trans and I deeply apologize for that dumbass who won the award…
    Why are our spokespeople always the worst idiots?

  6. 1:48
    -Whats the solution for cat calling women?
    -´´Guy in a truck honks at them (cat calling honk)´´
    -weeeeee eea eea
    -Im sorry, what were you saying….


  7. “Now you’re excluding transgender and non-binary people”

    Me: “Transgender men, transgender women and fantasy animals?”

  8. This is shit. I wanna see how they end. All 3:37 minutes of these clips that I can be bothered to watch before I go for a shower just end when the person says the rude thing. I wanna know how the other person responds. I wanna know how everybody came to their respective viewpoints. But most of all, I wanna know how many people take this video at face value and don't do any digging into what each character does and says outside of these shitty little highlight clips.

  9. Scients: There is ONLY two genders
    LGBTQIA+ Community: There are 42 genders
    Scients: what the f*ck

  10. People thinking same things in different subjects: 😍😍😍😍

    Someone shows up with the opposite opinion: CRAZY! INSANE! RACIST!

  11. I disagree with him. Woman can be happy without a husband or kids. Also, she can be happy alone (I'm a conservative, btw)

  12. i am not an SJW and İ don't support them in any way, but İ don't agree that women are happier at home.İ don't think a woman is happy not having her own money and having to depend on her husband

  13. Transgender mentally ill person who threatened my friend Ben was unhinged on another level. Jesus help.

  14. Men do 98 percent of the most dangerous jobs. If women wanna be equal combined the sports leagues. Where are the female chess and billiards champs?

  15. He’s correct about the bible and the Quran both having violent verses but only one of them are shooting, stabbing, beheading, running over and blowing up women and children worldwide in the name of their ideology.

  16. Saying “i have black friends so im not racist” is true , WHO WOULD BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE THEY HATE

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