34 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #7

  1. You acknowledge the title injustice, right?
    "SJW Vs Logic." I mean come on!
    Used toilet paper Vs Good toilet paper.
    What's the point?

  2. I really hate it when u called it a debate but the opponents kept interrupting in the middle of the other's presentation… seems there's another culture that's being faded – Hear

  3. Ben Shapiro

    Type: psychic/water

    Gender: 100% males

    Attitude: this Pokémon is generally very calm, and never loses temper

    Abilities: it is said that this particular Pokémon can use his psychic powers to enforce a good mindset, thus enforcing logic and facts.
    He’s also the only Pokémon able to learn the signature move logicbeam; his psychic powers are so high that they give him the possibility to learn other signature moves like judgment, psystrike and V create

    Weakness: dark, bug, electric, grass, ghost
    Resistance: steel, water, fire, ice, fight, psychic


    Social justice warrior

    Type: fight/fire

    Gender: 1% males/19% females/80% data not readable by this Pokédex

    Attitude: this Pokémon is very irrational and at most times even violent

    Abilities: this Pokémon is able to speak with an actual voice, since it is very similar to human beings, but it lacks many functions of an average human brain, such as a control of temper and basic common sense.
    It is also the only Pokémon able to learn the signature moves Trigger and Silent rage
    Fun fact: this Pokémon can learn the move self destruct, but it’s not the normal one, this variant makes the Pokémon faint without harming the opposing Pokémon, but instead, it raises all of the opposing Pokémon’s stats

    Weakness: water, psychic, ground, flying

    Resistance: steel, dark, grass, fire, ice, bug

  4. Glad i stay to myself having no friends and being home schooled is the best feeling just gonna chill over here while you all go at each other oh and also im proud to be white because i dont have a fatass nose like browns

  5. If a female runs for president, she’ll face sexism. If a ethnic person runs, they’ll face racism. If a white guy walks down the street, he AUTOMATICALLY a racist, sexist, chauvinistic, bigoted, xenophobic, fascist, privileged rapist pedophile.

  6. It's kinda so funny for me, cause I'm a white European girl and I am pretty much politically left. But I love these videos. These feminists, SJWs/total over sensitive hypocrites are just stupid and embarrassing for me as a woman.

  7. fuck these dumb ppl already…. nothing against americans but this shit is just fucking ridiculous…that's why we keep seeing these ppl getting owned because they thing they are so right they don't even care to learn the things they talk about and are supposed to stand up for…. you just make donald trump supporters look smarter and smarter…because right or wrong,they actually know what they are talking about!!!!

  8. 0:50 .. a summary of everything wrong with the new-wave feminist movement. lol.
    If anyone is curious on how they can display such intellect as our good friend Sophia did – please see the following guidelines:

    1: Use emotion only
    2: Disregard facts
    3: Treat new wave feminist like a buffet of privilege – only pick what you want to fight for, even if there is no basis (see rule 2)
    4: If a guy is debating with you and you get wasted in the debate due to the use of facts (and not emotion), tell your friends that the person you were talking to sexually harassed you you can also say he raped you).
    6: Realize when you are 30 and alone that you may have made a mistake by following the crowd after jumping on the bandwagon

    its never too late to be a human who can differentiate between facts and emotions. both are useful. but only one holds objective proof.

  9. First they put on tight jeans showing their ass for attention but when they get that very attention they desire they scream sexuall harassment

  10. Women in 3rd world countries get raped on a daily basis and enslaved to sex trafficking. Just another day in the neighborhood. Women in America get even a hint of flirtatious behavior. GUNS DRAWN, MOUTHS FLOWING, PATRIARCHY, MISOGYNY, INEQUALITY!!!

  11. so let me get this logic straight, because im not white I can walk into a store, insult the owner and trash the shop and when he refuses to serve me for being an ass i can call him racist?

  12. Dont just hate being a white Male in the USA. I know alot of white males that are my friends have barley anything they want. Plus I know alot of black males that have 200 dollar shoes yet live in a really bad house with little money. I think that white men and women just know how to keep things that are important
    Like money

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