48 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #5

  1. All these kids.  They are only doing all these protests, marches, and what not because it is the cool thing right now to be considered cool (At Liberal Colleges).  Backed into a corner, they always fade away.

  2. I don't care if your white, black, gay, straight. The only thing I care about is what is way of playing video games? Console or PC master race. What is your favorite manufacturer? Toyota, Ford, BMW. Other than that I don't care.

  3. That guy should be shamed if your wife was beating you back then. You're a man. Unless she is a trained fighter or 100 pounds heavier than you a woman shouldn't be able to beat you

  4. Hello, I'm from the future. I'm just here to tell you, things aren't better, get the fuck out while you can. Literally opening a door for a woman (who is a feminazi), or even saying hello to one, will mean you are a sexist, mansplaining, bigoted, piece of shit. Run.

  5. Wouldn't it be nice if women liked men again and men liked women and we could all act like adults and engage people as individuals?

  6. To all pepole of color grow up look at jews the rule the use in Banks, gawerment and so on they can do whotever they wont thats is fack.

  7. Trump = not the best president but he's helping America get back to its better days
    Hillary = dosnet know jack shit and would probably lead to a war
    Enough said

  8. Slavery was against the Constitution That's WHY, America had a Civil War, and that's why over 385 000 Union Soldiers Died in Action to free slaves and End Slavery 95% of those North Blue Jackets (union Soldiers) were White Heteroxual, Men!!!

  9. Please….bring back the ability of ppl to have differing opinions and keep it civilised….. I crave for the 60's….Yeah,I know, that is not realistic. I still wish. The big problem is the internet

  10. When people say the US is wealthy because of slavery, then why isn’t any South American country doing as well?
    Considering far more slaves went to South America, seems like they should be extremely wealthy.

  11. Time to treat these dyke cunts equally and beat the shit out of them. Either you want to be equal, or you don't. STFU bitches.

  12. at 18.40 there are more white people in the black lives matter march then black people.. lol

  13. 21:01 Shapiro offended the fuck out of her there, look at her stupid ass reaction. I bet she called 911 after as that would be the right thing to do!

  14. Do you know why you never see the government fighting against feminism or social justice warriors is because they will help the government abolish our constitution and take over that's why you will never see the government fighting the feminist or social justice warriors

  15. I wish most men were like me and Bill I'm fucking nothing but straight forward and blunt that I why I don't have friends last year I went with my beautiful wife and a couple of her girlfriends out to eat it was international women's day and one if my wife's friends asked me if I support and agree with international women's day and this girl is a feminist I right away said no I don't agree with no support international women's day she asked me why I said simply because you women haven't contributed to society everything you see was created and built by us men and we get talked to like we are pieces of shit when we gave you women freedoms because we fought for it and gave you women a life if luxury and I said for thousands of years you women wanted us men to take the lead and shit when the works was much more dangerous when then when alot of jobs became inside jobs with air conditioning then you women are like oh we want to be equal to men and get paid more then men why didn't you women want to be superior when sabre tooth tigers were alive or wooly mammoths that's right because you were scared that is why you women even these days don't work hazardous dangerous jobs and us men do so if you ask me no women don't deserve their own day

  16. I hate feminism and social justice warriors they are some stupid weird fucks and I was just reading up that in Grand rapids Michigan may 4th it will be illegal for us white men to call the police under any circumstances on some body of color when this law rakes effect in all of America if I see a black guy killing some one I'll just mind my own business pretty soon they will make it illegal to be white so it looks like feminist when social justice warriors are winning this war

  17. This nonsense will pass but the worry is as soon as some of these University kids move into the workplace will be shocked that their opinion is worth buggar all. At least the US still holds on to most forms of freedom of speech unlike my country the UK. We are fucked in the UK. 3000 convictions a year for "hate speech" from sources such as twitter Facebook etc. A Brit invented Big Brother scary times as it is coming true.

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