38 thoughts on “Social Justice and Far Left Ideology Is Corrupting Science

  1. What happened to just calling yourself gay or lesbian. Now it’s not enough for people to be what they are? Now they have to pretend to be something they’re not. And others are supposed to uphold that fantasy? I don’t fall into either political ideology, I don’t care what people do with their own lives as long as they aren’t infringing in others. Expecting me to bow to someone’s else’s “fantasy” isn’t going to happen. Be yourself and live with it, be it gay/lesbian/transgender whatever. If you have to have someone else boost your “feels” and call you something your not, it’s not only me that you’re lying to, its yourself as well.

  2. The issue is that denial of evolution does not endanger anyone or alter anything in the present day. It’s purely academic. Denial of biological sex is an ideological issue being masquerading aw science. Man-caused climate change is an issue that deserves debate, but contrary to popular leftist rhetoric, that science is not settled.

  3. People keep talking about Tim's Beanie, and how it has to go.

    Hey, I like Tim's Beanie.
    Leave it alone. 🇺🇸

  4. A lot of science is bullshit no proof for a lot of the crap they tell us. But being the sheep that we are we believe anything they tell us

  5. The left is essentially turning "Science" into a quazi-religious movement. They will take the theories of anyone they like as a gospel, ironically violating a major tenent of science itself, which is that all Scientific theories are basically educated guesses, and can always be disproven, provided there is enough evidence to challenge it.

    Now, in theory, this could be used as a way to challenge the notion of even something like the concept of "2 Genders", you better have a TON of actual evidence and experimental data to back up said claim, otherwise, you are just another crackpot swimming in the sea of insanity.

  6. Reminds me of when the AIDS crisis back in the '80's ran into gay politics. The data was so compromised that in international forms, it was proposed that all data from the US should be ignored since it was too compromised by politics.

    Or later when I worked in NASA HQ and 1/3rd of the staff was laid off by Al Gore because their data discredited his global warming pronouncements.

    You would think on issues which might cause a lot of deaths, folks might want the truth over comfortable lies.

  7. "Liberal Expert" is an Oxymoron. The Left cannot win a debate so they fire the person telling the truth.

  8. Tim Pool, I am constantly reminded by two things from 1984 with regards to feminists and their "feelings over facts".

    1. the speakwrite machine that Winston used to retcon news so that it matched the Parties ideology
    2. "The Junior Anti-Sex League"… where it is described as " the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy"

  9. The right isn't denying "climate change", that's like saying water is wet. We're denying the left's inability to quantify human impact on climate. At almost every turn, science debunks the left's claims. "global warming' is a scam. Besides, warming is waaaaaaay better than cooling.

  10. So if I talk about certain things the left will have me arrested? Sounds like I should read up on the first amendment

  11. Yo Tim, why don't you do some research on global warming and climate change and listen whats the non believers have to say and what are their arguments and make a video about it.

  12. We deny science on the right? Why? Because we expect the predictions made by SCIENTISTS to be accurate? You know, the Artic will be “ice free” by 2015? Or NYC would have FEET of water covering the streets by 2015? EVERY PREDICTION HAS BEEN HORRIBLY WRONG! You are brainwashed. You are throwing away critical thinking. Science requires EVIDENCE OF THEIR THEORIES! It requires their theory to show evidence!

    You are a brainwashed idiot.

    These same scientists said carbs should be the main item in our diet and now everyone is obese.

    These are the same scientists said we were entering an “ice age” in the 70s! LOOK IT UP, DUMBASS!

    We are now going into a real ice age, PREDICTED BY THESE SAME SCIENTISTS! Nobody is reporting on it because the Dems need to regain power. Look this one up too!

    I know, it’s extra work and, well, that is too much work for you. You need a trophy for reporting on other people’s work already. Why would you put in extra effort? You will do it for free healthcare or free college tuition. Come on! You are “special.” Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  13. FFS, I thought us Christians were meant to be the nutters when it came to science. what are you doing left? you had so much respect.

  14. I don't like the term climate change since it is most often equated with global warming and it is how most people understand it. Climate change is real and is a geological fact, global warming, however is far more tricky as a concept, and that truth has led the argument to "climate change" as opposed to "global warming" as a topic and theme of conversation. Humans are polluting the atmosphere, this is not up for debate, the degree to which this is affecting the globe and the long-term repercussions are far more nuanced than is being constantly put forth, if we are to believe yay-sayers, the late nineties to early 2 thousands should have seen the beginnings of the extinction of the human race, and the argument is still constantly brought forth: " we have a decade or two left before we start seeing x…", it has become the same rhetoric as: "their will soon be no more oil to drill…", it's blatantly false and does not focus on the issue that is important, namely: we are affecting the climate, we are causing extremes in climate behaviour, we are accelerating species extinction beyond the capacity for our ecosystems to sustain and create new species. Looking at what we had is not really the solution, looking to what we can maintain considering our growth and use of resources (organic and inorganic) is.!.

  15. Democrats should be out there proving why climate change is real with real world tests. Instead all they do is bash people who disagree. That’s their only stance. It’s not to educate. It’s to bully people. They don’t debate. If climate change is so bad, their should be a plethora of evidence as to why that is. Why don’t they do real world tests inside a dome for instance. Increase the CO2 to 5000 ppm and report their findings. I was at a basketball game where 40,000 people are there exhaling CO2 and the temperature stayed the same the whole game. According to Democrats, that place should have been 500 degrees.

  16. How about climategate and climategate 2 where the scientists are manipulating the data so they can continue to get funding for their climate change narrative?

  17. I believe that the NPCs don't believe in science just as much as the people who believe in god do.

  18. And that is why China will become ever more powerful because they are spending a fortune on Scientific Research and Development.

  19. That dumbass in the Canadian interview ignores the fact that forensic Archeologists can identity male and female bodies/skeletons from a thousand or more years ago why doesn't someone say that to these bloody idiots who deny biology.
    Maybe that's why as a group of us mature students all over 26 in the 80s annoyed our (very few left wing lecturers) by pulling their arguments to pieces.

  20. tim as a doctor i'd like you to not use wikipedia. wiki is questionable but places like uptodate.com, cdc.gov, and many more are actually very well sourced my physicians and it's 100% reliable and sourced.

  21. @TimPool you have given the absolute proof that biological sex is real and there is a difference. The situation about a transsexual going to a doctor and the doctor having to know what actual sex you are is the most logical explanation I've heard. I wish more people were using it when confronted by people saying there are no difference in the male and female. Thank you.

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