15 thoughts on “Social Capital — the critical assets for success. | Sadhana Pasricha | TEDxWilmington

  1. i knose these people, these are indias foremost casteist social parasites, see she didnt even mention a single word about caste privileges or social acceptance, social capital she enjoy.

  2. Interesting concept that is central to our lives really.
    The one bit of substance was left non detailed. 
    'We started doing community work'? 
    What were you doing?

  3. Thank you so much, absolutely fabulous talk. I took great notes and hope to put them to action. You're lovely, thanks again!

  4. Your human capital includes your education level and you can definitely control that. Otherwise, not a bad speech.

  5. Great Talk! Filled with personal stories and experiences. Very inspiring, powerful, and useful to  everyone.

  6. I loved the content you showcased on Social Capital…and the Social Capital Assets of "Cultural Norms", "Networks" and "Trust" really makes a lot of sense! Great presentation!!

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