33 thoughts on “Social Anxiety Documentary: Afraid of People

  1. What's sad is knowing that growing older in age won't fix it turning your whole life into exhaustion.

  2. I thought I was the only one. I think everybody should know about social anxiety and help the victims to beat it and enjoy their life.

  3. Social Anxiety is such a horrible thing to live with. I have had it since I was very little, I’m 19 and it is getting better but not enough to be free from SAD.

  4. I hate being this way, i just wish i was normal. I haven't had a job in 4 years i live at home, didn't finish high school because of how bad my SAD is, i feel like a massive failure. I'll be 24 soon and my depression and SAD is getting worse, i honestly feel like my family would be better off if i wasn't born or dead. It sucks to say that but it's how i feel.

  5. Eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich to calm the mind whilst watching this.

  6. I find that what used to calm me down alcohol, cigarettes and weed are now the source of my anxiety. When I stop I feel strong again and the anxiety goes away. Exercise and fresh air also really helps.

  7. Its so hard to live with Social Anxiety man its so hard,every fucking day is struggle,going outside people starring at you,judge you,you sweat,shake,your head is full with thoughts like omg i cant buy anything cause the store is full of people,i cant get in bus there s so much people,omg walking alone near group of people judging you laughing at you,omg everyone is starring at me,im going insane everytime i leave house. Im 24,no job,no going out, im sad and i missed a lot in life with SA,i give up and i'm not even trying anymore to go outside. Im fine and normal at home,not happy but i accepted it. I cant change it. But its ok to me stayed to home,cause i think im going to get heart attack if i ever go out again with that crazy thoughts

  8. Fuck the putting little kids om meds. maybe we should look at why we are trying to force all these different kids with different needs in the same one size fits all classroom. maybe we should change the system.
    like how fucked up is this? the little girl started showing signs of improvement by making a friend and developing a stratagy to get better, what do you do? oh lets put her on pills because we cant have these children improving on there own, we must show that we need these antidepressents. this is so fucked up. i rarly get pissed off but jeseus fucking christ.

    sure some ppl need some help to break out initially just to give a little boost but this child was clearly showing signs of improvement so we should nurture and encourage it, not shove pills onto her.

  9. Try making youtube videos of yourself speaking. You will hate the first two or three but then you become a ham. You see yourself as others see you and you perfect your acting.

  10. My social anxiety is really bad. It started with a narcissistic father and older brother. In elementary through highschool I was verbally and emotionally abused on a daily basis. I felt guilty for my negative emotions, anxiety, and depression, becuase I thought I didn't deserve to feel that way. I thought only kids who were beaten or molested are allowed to be sad. No one should this way.

    I would eventually by some miracle make some friends. I would go over to their houses, scared that they or their parents would be mad at me for doing the wrong thing or acting the wrong way, like my father always said. I discovered "normal people" (and yes, there are people who are closer to a metaphysical normal, my father not being one of them) we're incredibly chill. Seriously. Most people are incredibly chill and laid back. Nonetheless, I could not relax. The synapses had been laid, and my anxiety stuck with me, despite trying to actively break out of it.

    I went to 3 parties in highschool, all because I somehow also managed to make a "friend" who hosted them. I had a panic attack at my first party, and I was quiet as hell at the other two.

    In college, I hung out with some people but the interactions were always incredibly stiff. I eventually lost all these people because my anxiety made me do something I'm incredibly ashamed about. I have recently been day drinking. It's really bad. On moral grounds, I said I would never take drugs to get over it, but I don't care anymore. I'm going to get some anti depressants or ssris or something. This is aweful, horrible, literally no one understands.

  11. Social anxiety disorder ruined my life, this disorder will draw you to suicide if bad enough. People are uncomfortable around me I'm excluded everywhere, even family. I can't keep a job. I'm going on disability because it's taken over my life and always will. It's a social distortion, respect to anyone to anyone suffering through this

  12. Advice from my 42 years. Take it or leave it.
    1/Learn to enjoy being on your own – dont fight it or be ashamed of it. But at the same time, make efforts to be around people.
    2/Buy a music instrument. Learn to play it. It takes time but can be a very satisfying way to pass time alone and also to socialise with people once you get good enough if you choose. Piano is best for ease and speed of learning but guitar is better for impressing and mixing with people.
    3/Start a martial art. Boxing, judo, BJJ. Such places seem intimidating but are usually full of people who are not comfortable with people and this makes for a good environment as opposed to school, bars, clubs and social places.
    4/ Beware of using alcohol or being around people who use alcohol. They are invariably morons and the alcohol makes it worse. If your situation allows it, marijuana and its users are usually far better but beware of using it alone as it can become a crutch.

  13. I had selective mutism when I was a child and grew out of it in high school. It was awful! It was a fear stopping me to speak. Thank God I grew out of it though. I am still shy, but not mute any more.

  14. I've had enough. I'm going to destroy my social anxiety. I want to be free and live in this beautiful world.

  15. i have social anxiety and on top of that was legitimately stalked,that really made it so much worse. i am completely traumatized and rarely leave my house

  16. Had it since age 17, got it from a head injury (I believe) and the worst part for me is remembering been "normal" if I had a billion dollars I would gladly give it away to be normal again.

  17. I’m just afraid of confrontation. I feel like if I look at someone wrong they’ll snap for some reason. That and also I always feel like I’m being stared at and judged everywhere I go. Wish I could get rid of those feelings.

  18. I have crippling social anxiety I cant leave my house I am trapped there is no cure, CBT therapy act therapy, hypnotherapy I have tried them all including medications if suicide was an easy option I would of done it already, I want to die because there is no other way out people have no clue what its like.

  19. I don't mean to make this a race thing from my situation but i live where the majority of people around me are white and im the only hispanic I feel if i even go to the store or a public place im gonna get looked at and on top i have social anxiety which make feel like an outcast

  20. This is dead on. I believe for me my social comes from abandonment, on top of being bullied from kindergarten through high school, and dealing with verbally abusive parents and family members. Going to a grocery store makes me sweat bullets. My fiance never could understand why I was always in a hurry never wanna just look around. For me being in a room full of complete strangers any type of social setting is my number one fear. I remember in school I hated doing group work. Even now at the age of 36 I flatout refuse to work a job that involves me having to work in s group or in close proximity of other people. I hate small talk and I avoid eye contact as much as possible.

  21. what does xanax do for someone who has social anxiety disorder, my only problem is when i make eye contact with people I tend freeze.

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