SMPLive: The Roof Border Society

SMPLive: The Roof Border Society

you guys on Twitch oh so you guys can like it for me so that we can get Klout Thanks I want Smosh I'm getting Smosh at all costs I'm getting Smosh Carson made the image I'm like oh no they're gonna try to get it some more I'm getting it there's no way I can we're gonna steal Smosh Oh what yes we are taking and shrine eat coarser to get into the Obama okay so okay guys figured out the trick okay I think I have a strat I have a fucking shot it's gonna work it's still gonna work what's happened oh I know it's gonna work really has to fail [Laughter] [Laughter] fans trying to get Oh Stewart will you smile for me Oh once one person does it everyone it is now easy ah there you are it says P live on it I literally can we're in a box with no fucking exit and you're gonna ask Mike you to be more specific wear a box sherry which we know is my diamonds I'm gonna spin this wheel you know I think I'm actually gonna delete the three again so that I can add on contact yeah but I'm sorry I'm deleting what what's your problem you the stink-eye man I don't appreciate yo if anything dude I just licked my hair back for you I I'm looking nice I'm looking fresh for you but and what's this period I'm hearing right now I fuckin I fucking tried for this outfit that I did I set up right now what the fuck is your problem who the fuck are you okay oh my chats a saint did he just censor himself what no I didn't know that was being produced SNP live is scripted 100% we sit there and calls and descript everything this conversation we're having right now it's scripted this joke stop it stop it ant venom you're giving me PTSD hey your give you fuck you you're giving me easy fuck you you okay hey you know what you know what hey you fuck you fuck you screaming I can do that go me to scream as loud as I can right now right now wait right now on the count of three we're doing this right now on the count of three on the count of three one two three hey hey oh no I feel finished what an absolute Shanker like that's that's what mics like what is that three wishes my name is Anthony from Smosh so do we have any other tasks for tonight other than I am going in another earth chat was saying it as well whoa I'm gonna go grab more from my farm downstairs so that I have as much food as I can't wait can you actually bring me a couple pieces of dirt I'm gonna farm up here we can live off the land just I just like bring saplings and dirt and crap and we look wait can you actually can you please do that can we I would yeah sure sure yes we could but only us you no one else I like him I'm like it right yes reporter society this is this is what SMP live is all about the road trip this is the best first day I could have ever asked Oh what what oh my god wait hold on I can't f5o you need to break formation I want them he's gonna know all right let's [Laughter] boom drop drop the portal drop the boy he is he is oh my god he's the area 51 guard he's the one we've been here he's kid man he's aiming at us he's aiming at me I don't like it anymore I'm going to just connect to make sure wait guys and what it what about it the water we need to use it I didn't bring lava though thinking that we were able to use it all right wait let's do this we need an infinite Yoshi one more Yoshi Yoshi give us one more so that we can have an infant water source is our sacred water source we need hey and even if we didn't get the infinite water source or maybe [Laughter] all all things just don't know is it not working okay so we need to we can get the eggs get the eggs go get the eggs oh you're right oh my god Oh No did they need him they need to hatch them they need to don't punch don't punch I know Oh water chicken no guys he's gonna kill them all we have to pick up the eggs as fast Oh God guys guys guys we have to pick them up are there any eggs hatching any yet why you have to you have to chase one Oh i-i've a lure in my ender chest hold on wait wait do I have seen wait seeds do any of us have regular season oh oh no he's name yeah he no or so he thinks cuz we have two of them shut up you've been watching my stream you idiot that's why would you do a message egg egg egg egg hit me with your egg it didn't come out yeah what is this oh it's Joe don't open it wait what is it wait don't whites or a sign no there's signs what is the sign on the side wait what did he do nothing is sacred or can you make a five second wheel wait wait there's no way don't press it yet wait wait on God's Word we don't rest whoa stand back we all better back up we got our bag we finna back out Rosa we have to wait you have to wait it's going to spinning yeah I'll hear no spin it's just it'll never stop oh my god might not be spinning since it's not loaded oh okay no what do you mean I got the best what do you mean I got the best I got the best one that nobody's fucking gotten are you serious wait hang on Yoshi what's happening what the fuck is happening what is happening is it the one that never ends it's picking up speed again what is happening I think he broke his wheel what result is that it never ends that's right he was saying you missed it because it's so you got the never-ending wheel congratulations wait Congrats wait Michael how long does this go for it's got to stop if you get something good we have to ask Yoshi yeah but you need to add is this is about God himself Yoshi when does the wheel stop when does the wheel stop turning Oh what did you get a no and him I haven't gotten anything yet I haven't gotten anything yet gonna say you're gay if the wheel is it gonna start spinning again Yoshi what the fuck is that it is that the attitude get anything what happened what Michael what is what is this which would you do what the fuck is this what what you do I owe I just spun the wheel I know you know you got Michael it's what you got jack shit so you guys you just got a giant pile of jack shit oh my god what I won my friends I won my friends is what Chad is Sam are we gonna work on this tomorrow I have to I'll probably you know I'll probably log on and play this tomorrow yeah oh my god your skin miss it yeah wait boy head no but then you would have to replace the whole thing and if I'm telling you I'm not going back in there my ended of an accident you could say why I'm helping her out trying to clean her up boxes yeah his ear is gone I don't want to leave here turn his head to the right and keep it that way it was actually my wife she slip a little oopsy doopsy and you know came home from the office yeah things are fine now though the kids are all mine anyway [Laughter]

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  1. I was here for this stream and let me tell you, nothing was more anxiety wrecking than seeing them handle their one water stream. Half the time I was afraid they’d block it off.

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