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  1. Saludos… Para mi ésta es una muy excelente banda, la cual hasta hoy en el 2019 aún es la esencia de lo que es el buen thrash metal(al menos para mi en lo personal) pero veo 757 👎🏻 así que con el respeto que se merecen todos aquí, yo me DEFECO en las madres de esas o esos que usaron "👎🏻" (DISCULPEN SEÑORAS MADRES) pero también me DEFECO EL ELLOS O ELLAS. PERDÓN POR ESAS PALABRAS PERO SE MERECEN ESO Y MÁS.

  2. Good band/music! Being honest I have avoided Slayer thinking that it would be too heavy…….is it fluff. Its beautiful!! Need to check out their catalogue 😊

  3. I remember some random guy on the street tried giving me a slayer CD back when I was in high school. He saw me walking and saw my shirt, he was drunk. He wasn't wearing a shirt, but he had a backpack. He was looking for the cd in the backpack and I was just standing there, he couldn't find the CD. All he said was "It was fuckn' slayer man, and NOBODY wanted it!" I'll never forget that lmao.

  4. the last truly great slayer album you can play front to back imo. 2 years earlier was metallicas last great album. danzig was soon to follow. then grunge happened. i love me some cobain but dammit what happened

  5. Okay but this band influenced a murder and rape case that lasted eight months until one of the kids that committed the crime plead guilty

  6. When people say this is heavy so I introduce them to Lamb Of God’s Black Label and Job For a Cowboy Doom

    I AM. Wednesday,
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  8. Definitely one of my favourite Slayer songs. The lyrics are just genius. Plus it is really catchy. Why doesn't this song get talked about more? Massively underrated.

  9. I like slayer like this a lot better when the entire song isn’t 16th notes and meshed all together

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