25 thoughts on “slayer-skeletons of society

  1. Had to come here after listening to some faggy mumble rap that was in my recommended. Please, satan, the devil, whatever evil deity that exists out there, strike those cunts down

  2. Fuckinn' Bastards sons of fucking clown Trump… fuck trump fuck trump mekes headbangers with this band and his singer is chilean like me… viva chile fuckin' bastards…

  3. Fuck 'U… Fuck 'U… Fuck 'U… Fuck 'U… Fuck 'U… What a great piece of shit you all suckers, suckers suckers suck my Dick and eat my milk

  4. To those comparing music, it is of my opinion our worst music is better than most of todays best music….. jus my opinion!

  5. I feel like when you think of metal, you're actually thinking of the riff of this song, whether you've listened to the song or not, this the what you think of

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