Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

32 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism

  1. I wanna hear what he has to say but the way he talks is so fucking annoying, and the constant snorting

  2. sounds like hes talking about a monarchy where people can have a say but it can safety be ingnored and those who know better can decide. I think I'll stick with the vote of the people.

  3. Is it not true, that Hannah Arendt wrote the thing with the fascism and revolutions? In her book "Die Freiheit, Frei zu sein", I think,

  4. I love how he says so much yet doesn't have an agenda or a solution but he does expands his theory a little bit and is entertaining but it's weird although capitalism is more in line with human need for struggle and it makes life more engaging and frightening too so it's weird but it is truly something

  5. Zizek is just a convoluted Marxist/Communist… I don't think the left will ever provide anything better than capitalism.

  6. The only viable political solution in the current political climate:

    The fact that most people fail to understand this is due to nearly a century of mass propaganda efforts by Communist totalitarians and overtly greedy capitalists whose financiers are on two-sides of the same coin of the false left-right paradigm.

  7. There's a lot of Socialists in the comment section who thinks that Zizek praises Communism, and that he thinks that capitalism is vehemently bad… of course Zizek is a socialist, and he is right in saying that the left failed, however he is also wrong in many things, but also right in many things, although I personally disagree a lot with Zizek, after all I'm literally the definition of the pinnacle of Right wing. But I'm also a former socialist, I used to be a Marxist Leninist, Or Stalinism as they call it, hating on Capitalism and thinking that the state and government should be all powerful and that taxation was good, but then I grew up, and came to the conclusion that my money should be my money, if you get sick, I shouldn't pay for it, you should pay for it yourself.

    However as someone who is so far right and is far more anarchic than the Ancaps, his view on why the right grew more prosperous, is not due to the failure of the left, sure it benefited from it, but it succeeded by giving the people a dream, a life of comfort, of luxury, it said that you are no longer a wage slave for the state, but you are a wage slave to yourself, we'll only take a small sum to make sure that we can make sure that you will sleep well, knowing that the streets are safe and that your friendly neighborhood police is always fit to deal with the criminals. ETC….

    I'm not saying that giving false hope to millions of people is a good way to enslave people… but at least that small spark of hope was worth more than any form of nationalism or talk about doing what's good for your fellow men. Humans are inherently selfish, and therefore inherently prone to evil, evil is defined by the state as any action that diminish the state's grip on it's citizens or threatening to it's citizens. Citizen is also defined as unknowing slave.

  8. Zizek Impression:

    "You thee…"

    Rubs nose

    Rubs eyes

    Shakes hands menacingly
    Unbuttons shirt
    " …on the vahn hend …"

  9. What happened to the left? Our fundamental theories were shown to have been false and instead of adjusting, we have ruined society. I remember the social conservative criticism about some issue several decades ago where this old church hag said something about how family will disintegrate and then who will raise the children, the children think of the children. We laughed at her. Recently I saw a magazine article about "Mothers who secretly hate their children," then saw a news story about a woman who drowned her 5 yr old with special needs because he was too much work, recently saw an article about "Crisis seniors will face," because we don't have enough units in care homes where the state is housing our seniors like fucking animals, instead of staying with their children as has been the case for all of human history. We bought into the view of human nature that projected our good intentions and Voltaire-esque virtue, without recognizing that it is us who are the outliers and that the average person doesn't give a shit about other people, and is a selfish and stupid creature. We refused to believe that this was so because we were all at some fundamental level grieving for the death of god, for a delusion of universal justice. And we became bigger conspiracy theorists than anyone. Things we didn't understand, we wrote off as state aggression or corruption, everything was explained as having an economic primary pathology, and we believed the side of the person that we see publicly while we ignored other aspects of their lives that showed a morally corrupt person who cheats on his spouse at every trip away from home, greed, resentment, hate, and the abandon of virtue of leftist policies the moment something paid more money. I think about the elderly woman worried about children. I can't believe I was this wrong. Even as we kept raising the living standards, they always wanted more, always more and more and never gratitude. Finally, the movement that destroyed it all was feminism. I realize Schopenhauer is right. Women's brains simply can't imagine things the same way. They are much more immediate response compassion. Men have developed long – term ethics and planning. Women it seems simply can't consider or imagine all that goes into making society functional until it's gone or until it is somehow personalized. If her son is dealing with an abusive and insane woman, then she understands. If she waves goodbye to her son going off to war, then she understands. If she is the mother of the man who raised 5 boys only to find out by accident through blood transfusion that none of them were his kids and belonged to the neighbour – she was so disgusted by him that she took steps to guard against pregnancy from him, her husband, but have 5 with a stranger. Availability bias is huge. So as women made this into a society built on lies, I was noticing how much hate they had. WASPY girls from old money Nantucket calling blue collar white men "privileged." Sad. I hate humanity.

  10. If only we had a philosooher who could think of a model of living that would guide us into something better… But all we have is Zizek.

  11. The true failure is the thought that humans matter. Why would AI care about humans when it can think and do things for itself.

  12. The only problem with this video is with naming the title of this video. Don’t twist what he is saying. It’s more about ideas for the new society.

  13. I've got a lot of time for this guy. He asks what ifs & highlights problems without pretending to have a simple answer.

    I wouldn't trust Hollywood though. Movies are great at expressing societies fears but last but just cos society is afraid of (e.g.) zombies, doesn't means there's an actual risk of zombies.

  14. Yep, religion failed to save us. Then politics failed to save us. Liberal democratic global capitalism is failing. And science can't save us either. Scientific and technological progress are a fact. But social progress isn't irreversible. And science tells us that scientific and technological progress aren't eternal and inevitable.

  15. I would like to share with you a completely voluntary, Highly profitable, non-governmental, free market solution to poverty, politics and existential crisis. Google "the hOEP project" to learn how sellers can make more profit by giving larger and more frequent and more convenient price discounts to poor and deserving and wonderful people. This is a new political economics model for civilization that allows pluralist economics operations and comunism, capitalism and anything else can co-exist in market places in a manner governed by the public democratically.

  16. In a world with LIMITED resources, all the time worsening visions for our collective future and STILL missing vision of lowering global population levels, there absolutely cannot be any large-scale immigration. Absolutely not. Immigration should be lowered as low as possible and at the same time, we have to take responsibility of keeping global population levels at safe, harmonious levels. Our species was meant to live amongst those that he/she feels like his/her own kind, not amongst strangers. Homogenous societies are absolutely best places for our species to thrive in. Biology will tell you this. We need reason to lead us once again, not feel-good feelings.

    What Merkel did, was horrendous. Absolutely vile act against her own people. Those strangers did not in ANY WAY make Germany a better place for our german brethren. To say otherwise is to stand against reason. No honorable man should allow himself to cower into such low position.

    Capitalism needs to go but also unwanted and unneeded strangers have to stay out. Our societies have to start taking responsibility for that SAME society once again. Reason has to lead the way, not feelings.

  17. It's very simple. Convert corporations to democratically controlled workers cooperatives, an expansion of democracy into the workplace.

  18. He's right, but provides no solution (the think could be bigger!). We are working on one: ubi-wallet dot com.

  19. Ahh, piss off you sniveling twit, you think no one would notice you contradict yourself and try and pull a bait'n'switch about majorities from 11:50 on? You initially said Merkel 'against a majority' let 1 Million immigrants in, leading into the truism 'the majority isn't always right'. You then went on to say the 'mistress of, snnifff, not democracy as such, but the will of the majority'. But with YOU, YOU don't mind 'great leaders' going against the majority. You know, 'cause they'll 'retroactively' be proven correct and then it will 'become accepted', ie the majority.

    No you over educated loose spectrum. In a democracy, the leaders are not supposed to go against the will of the majority in the HOPE they may later be proven correct. They're supposed to convince the majority to follow their lead, or else get out of the way and let the majority deal with the consequences of their decisions. It is NOT a fucking 'part-time dictatorship'.

    Piss off and get a damn restraint for that fkn snout wiping you daffy duck sounding Post Modernist fuckwit.

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