5 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek The Sublime Object of Ideology 1 How Did Marx Invent the Symptom? Surplus Enjoyment

  1. Awesome channel. Been a fan of Zizek for a while and am going to start Sublime Object soon. I'm also tackling capital volume 1 at the moment which is a bitch of a read and also reading existential works. Kiekegaard and Nietzsche mostly. I'm returning to study a philosophy degree in September and from reading the module descriptions it seems existentialism is totally neglected, with the exception of some Nietzsche but I suppose he's kinda a part time existentialist. I really feel like a mixture of Marx, psychoanalysis and existentialism is the best route for left theory to take, which is why Zizek is so refreshing. Anyway your channel is basically a great find for me. Keep it up!

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