5 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek – The Pervert's Guide to Ideology (excerpt)

  1. And in thoes riots when they stole shit it was just about stealing shit …. To have better shit cuz they needed it there is no political shit ….there nothing do with consumerism its free we steal it

  2. I like to hear this guy but i dont get the point sometimes ….maybe my brain isnt maybe for this lol but i have to say this man knows some very good movies ….. I just think that nothing matters we are all organized konfusion thinking we are somethig special when we are nothing and the universe is nothing so i dont understand the mans point

  3. This dude's a genius. People mistakenly think what he says is pointless, navel-gazing nonsense because he's working in the incredibly difficult where so many of the concepts he's working with are beyond the current symbolic structure we normally operate under, hence all the seemingly outlandish analogies. Plus, nobody seems to have the ability to be patient and charitable enough to spend time trying to truly understand before being dismissive. Using language to communicate with other people is much like a process of trying to communicate with other people that speak a different language after each person uses a different translation dictionary. It's much more complicated than people give it credit for. No human being has the exact same definition of a word than any other human being. There are always differing clusters of associations people make with a word and the decision of determining what concepts we use is a contingent on the society we are raised in. Just because it works for most of the shit we do on a daily basis doesn't mean it's perfectly well-suited to every job.

  4. The last part about the London riots demonstrates for Zizek, though he may not have been explicit enough, that ideology is not simply a phenomenon of "ideas" or beliefs at the level of rationality, but are supported by habitual behavior. If anything, Zizek's analysis amounts to claiming the riots expressed the futility of protests that have no alternative means of expressing itself outside the dominant logic of today's society. And that this logic is embedded into our very manner of "acting out".

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