39 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek: Political correctness solidifies hatred, it doesn't work

  1. People who suffer about Oksana being interruptive, pushy, one-dimensional, etc., is it the first time you watch an interview for politically engaged media (pro-Russian, pro-European, pro-American, pro-whatever) or what? These journalists are meant to be provocative and pushy while defending the line, that's what they're paid for! While the role of the non (or, should I say, less) engaged guest (like Zizek) is to answer with what made his/her influential – ideas, logic, deep knowledge of the topic, etc.

    That's kinda journalism 1.0.1, you know

  2. When i click on an interview, I'd like to hear the perspective of the interviewee, not the interviewer.

  3. The Russian woman trying to cut across him on multiple occasions. I think she was more interested in pushing a political line (which is incidentally identical to the Russian state's) than exploring ideas

  4. Political correctness, LGBTQ, academic cultural Marxism; all funded and actively promoted by international finance & transnational corporations.

  5. My issue with political correctness is that people use it to just muddy up what you are talking about
    I say to my friend "Did you see that girl at your recital, right infront of us, that had the mw3 shirt on"
    She says back, "They're trans mark, THEY had a mw3 shirt on"
    What fucking difference does it make? Pronouns are literally pragmatic place holders for conversation based on apperance. There is nothing inherently oppressive about the word. Now when you take the context that being a girl means you have to wear pink and play barbies and like boys, NOW we are talking about oppressive standards put for on kids and people by parents largely and society slightly less but also a substantial amount. The oppression didn't come from naming your child with a vagina Tiffany, it came from shaming their wardrobe and romantic life. I am all for pulling shame back from peoples choices and making more gender neutral products, but to say that I oppressed and offended my friends friend when simply trying to talk about them without their name is so absurd. Does anyone see some misstep in my logic about how I'm actually being a prick?

  6. Zizek avoids hierarchies in a conversation where hierarchies should be mentioned. People are group thinkers because we categorize based on traits that share patterns of being, if that wasn't the case people would have harder times trusting people. By that I mean the human condition makes the complexities of the world irrelevant by focusing on values, that is the structure of a dispossession of ideals while trying to mediate with the inclusivity of the dispossessed. You pursue ways to perceive a group by adhering to commonalities, to make the world more bearable.

  7. This interviewer does not have her facts straight. The protesters in Tahrir Square didn't rape anyone. This is absolutely disgraceful what she just said. She tried to play a trick on Zizek and he didn't fall for it—good on him—but she should apologize for that horrendous lie she nonchalantly said to hurt the image of the freedom fighters who were falsely accused of being drug addicts and decadents by Mubarak's government. Shame on her for trying to mutilate history in that perverted and obscene way.

  8. Esta mujer debió de entrevistarse ella misma; con lo que le gusta hablar e interrumpir 🙄

  9. dave chappelle, def jam, and other racially charged comedians were so important for race relations.

  10. I think her main point is "if it ain't broke don't fix it" because in doing do so you will actually break it. And I totally agree.

  11. they totally agree with each other a lot, i totally sense a certain sexual energy in the air and so on and so on and so on

  12. why did she make her job to disagree with him on all issues? you can be a good journalist without trying to discredit the guest.

  13. She tried to promote some right wing "rape" propaganda and then backs of when she racists Zizek can refute her propaganda.

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