Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

33 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

  1. Great video.

    Too bad you're a russian bot trying to ruin the 2020 election!

    Just kidding of course. 🙂

  2. 'Racist' and 'racism' are vacuous terms that have no meaning in science.

    Ethnicity and phenotypically expressed differences make us nonetheless human, related, and the idea of bringing charges against someone for making a mockery of someone from a different ethnic background is an insidious act of stupidity and ignorance.

    Political correctness, and the act of limiting, altering, and preventing peoples free expression is an affront to free speech and should be done away with. It in itself is a crime against humanity and human nature, ironically employed to prevent 'hate crimes,' which are little more than distasteful, offensive remarks.

    On point, I liked this talk, but I must admit I did lose track of his points. But he is a funny guy and insightful 😂

  3. I can’t believe he called a deaf guy a “crippled” person. Redards hate being called that. Mutes have worked very hard to be destigmatized and it’s so important to get it right

  4. This is what I discovered after I finished my degree and switched from working as a legal secretary at “mean” and “evil” law firms to working at a “nice” and “kind” non-profit university hospital. Turns out the purely capitalist lawyers who were more honest with their blatant heirarchy were much easier to work for than the faux “friendly” academics who insisted we call them by their first names, because, “Hey, we’re all in this together and equal!” yeah that’s why you make $300K and I make $50K). Give me a pure A-hole boss who tells me exactly where I stand right to my face and doesn’t treat me like a fool than one who tries to shine sunshine up my @ss all day

  5. holy shit tbh he has problems as a public speaker. its been 3 mins and he is not going anywhere thats actually relevant to the title of the vid.
    He is fine, he is a good writer but really needs some more straight on social skills.

  6. Very interesting. The message I took away was that by intentionally prohibiting real conversations, they are keeping all groups separate and grouped with their own identities. One more time the golden hearted liberals make things worse by imposing their moral correctness on everyone else.

  7. Drink every time he touches his nose… and you will by shit-faced by 5:11, truss mme, i cann ssure yu…

  8. He's exactly right about political correctness and racism. In the UK we managed 19th century Jewish migration under the common law. There were Jewish jokes, fights, freedom of speech, and we discovered our common humanity. The end result was that the Jews joined the British tribe. The 'New Commonwealth' post war migration has sent the culture mad. We have passed Orwellian laws against free speech, which accentuate difference, fly in the face of natural justice and have thus been massively counter productive. The left has gone utterly insane and was on the brink of inflicting a disaster on us until the current reaction set in

  9. lol I still remember the time my parents tried that we'd like you to go to your grandma's but it's up to you thing on me. I said I was tired and decided not to go that day. I thought it was great, had a good time relaxing at home, only to get scolded that night for not going. I was so shocked that night, cause I assumed they actually meant what they said. When they yelled at me I was like a deer in headlights, "But.. but, you said it was up to me"

  10. Seems he is more interested in his coke habit that improving his speech impediment. I was born with one and put in the work to fix it

  11. It's so hard for me to take him seriously. I keep thinking that this what Daffy Duck would sound like if he was a coked up philosopher.

  12. Politcal correctness is what fucks the work place. But i cant comply, because my self does not allow lies. If i accept a job for a wage i do not agree (but i say i agree) my soul will rebel and i will quit soon. So when it comes to myself and probably society, political correctness is not going to save society.

  13. I remember something that was said by leftist women in Europe, she said that to avoid racism, black people in Europe should be called Afro-Americans.

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