28 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek on toilets and ideology

  1. MORGENSTERN, Flavio. Por trás da máscara: do passe livre aos black blocs, as manifestações que tomaram as ruas do Brasil. 1. ed. Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2015. p. 69

  2. I lived in Germany from 1952-6 when they used human waste for crop fertilizer. The 'poo shelf' was used to check your stool for round worms and pin worms.

  3. oh i know, i was only joking… and i agree with you, toilets with bends are a lot better that normal ones, i dont think that anyone in their right mind would want shitwater splashed all over their bums everytime they have to take a shit! it really is beyond me why other countries dont have them.. though i think in italy almost all toilets were like that too.

  4. so germans have specially designed toilets that enable them to look at their shit after they've had it.. quite smart id' say. its nice to see german people making such grand contributions to world culture

  5. Ideology is an action, not a belief. Althusser said it, and Zizek has given it unforgettable examples. Zizek's strength has always consisted in the striking nature of his cases.

  6. Try to imagine this man searching a job in a freemarket… now you got it. That is why almost all intellectuals hate capitalism, because the only way they will live is by coercive taxation of the people. fuck my english, fuck the toilet… the brazilian toiltes are the most proletarians, hail

  7. I didn't know about German toilets before this video. Europeans, y u so hipster? Why don't you just surrender to the American imperialism, just like we did, in Brazil, and have cool imperialist toilets like us?

  8. That's the thing, people don't ever think how much their lives are based upon ideology that they may or may not agree with. I would argue that's how we all live – for example: the current economic system is based on ideology none of use agree with, or had any say in. Yet this is how we live.

  9. And the Japanese toilets are full-automatical, heated, make bird's voice, clean your hole, hot and cold, and flush timely. Farting triggers a honk.
    And the Chinese toilets have no seats. One squats and shits straight into the abysmal pipe, no flushing required. No paper is provided.

  10. @G3NKER its actually iztrebek 😉 but thats more like poop in english. if someone asks you just say drek 😉 so iztrebek = poop and drek = shit

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