Slavoj Žižek on Political Correctness: Why “Tolerance” Is Patronizing

Slavoj Žižek on Political Correctness: Why “Tolerance” Is Patronizing

28 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek on Political Correctness: Why “Tolerance” Is Patronizing

  1. This video is bullshit and just an another excuse of a white man so he can keep making racist, sexist jokes without having to feel bad about it….

    And people like him because he makes them comfortable for saying racist, sexist jokes. Period.

  2. Malcolm 'X' : his 'genius idea' for a' free-er, more universal community' was to convert to Islam, which institutionally was/is against the Christian Imperialist slave-traders.
    [ Ironically substituting one repression for another.]

  3. Yo, Slavoj, can you hook me up with your dealer? That must be some grade A shit you're putting up your snozzle!

  4. At my old job a white co-worker, who considered himself to be good friends with a black co-worker, would crack straight up racist jokes when spoken in a circle of white employees. But when our black co-worker was present he’d crack a racist joke as a bonding aid. These jokes were said with completely different tones BY THE SAME PERSON. NOT OK! This guys was clearly an asshole!

    In order to use racists jokes as a bonding aid you have to have a deep level of trust with the other individual, a really good, already established friendship. White people shouldn’t just start spouting off racist jokes to co-workers, associations, a friend of a friend who is of a different ethnicity, and use it as a bonding tool.

  5. i really look forward to his discussion with dr. peterson.
    both are genius minds, i wonder how they will come to terms!

  6. One thing I often notice among upper middle class Americans or white liberals or political correct types is to celebrate and support other cultures in their countries (i.e. Latin American culture in the US) through ceremonies, rituals, writings and festivals on the one hand, but complain about how the world is divided and not “inclusive enough” because of cultural differences in values on the other.

  7. I swear, the weirdest and most unconventional of people who you would initially ignore or disregard are always the smartest and most aware. Very incredible.

  8. One of the great advantages of growing up with a parent with a very sick sense of humour is that you learn that the point of humour is to bond with people and have a good time together, NOT to shit on the object of the joke.

  9. i completely agree with this, honestly, i think in some sence zizek and peterson are standing in the same ground in political correctness.

  10. Sure they burned forests and killed bison, statistically more than colonial people over the course of 20,000 years.

    No Indigenous nation took more than they collectively needed. That sustained resource.

  11. I TOLERATE a spider in my rooms corner. That doesnt mean that i wouldnt kill him if he gets on my desk.

    Thats why the word tollerance may not be what you think it is.

  12. i think its rather the -making fun at the cost of other person-, which can trigger micro-aggression and have discriminating effect. the ever increasing need of human individual to be part of certain groups, making it easy to feel offended, when jokes are poked at certain group.

  13. There is only one race on this planet at this time, and that is the White Race, who invented the concept for their own gains.

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