26 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek – Nationalism and Fundamentalism

  1. I'm glad he brought up how America is probably Zionist rather than let's say pro Jewish. It's a big problem over here and is a big reason why the media and what not is the way it is

  2. This is probably the only theory I haven't fallen in agreement with Slavoj, I dont see what he sees in immigration or how a strong moral center or laws built around a commonality among citzens

  3. Im just finished your book, violence.. There are some word that im not understand.. But its awesome.. Please check up ya nose..

  4. The difference being that this 'catholic' pedophilia also exists in the Muslim world. It's a systematic issue anywhere were "wise men" teach young children religion. We have this problem here in Israel too. Just that the muslims made it legal … And Buddhist has pedophilic traditions for so long that the japanese samurai adopted it 600 years ago and spread it in their military traditions.

  5. Anti-immigrant Europeans are "usually more conservative" than muslims who are coming here? I'll believe that when I can find non-muslim men dating and holding hands with muslim women, instead of the opposite, which I see regularly. European non-muslim women can date, fuck, and marry whoever they want, but what about muslim women?

  6. " (abortion is permitted) if an unborn child is a monster or a freak" – is there a way to determine this? cause at least half a human race falls into this category

  7. I wish I could tolerate Zizek's voice. I would love to listen to him, but his voice and accent make it so rough.

  8. Zizek says the "real threat" are the "anti-immigrant" and "anti-refugee" crowd, the pro-Israel-but-anti-jew crowd. Then he constructs this cartoonishly racist straw man to prove his point. WEAK fucking argument Slavoj!

  9. This problem of nationalism should be easy for Slavoj to resolve. The idea is that every "people group" has a nation. So they say, "Get out of our nation, because you are not one of us…and go to your nation, where you belong". Isn't this easy to understand?

    And interestingly, early on the Germans did send Jews (voluntarily), with the support of German military, to settle in Israel. Awhile back I watched a documentary of a jewish man researching his parent's "secret" lives. His parents participated in this settlement, and they remained lifelong friends with a German officer they befriended during that time. It is an interesting story that is hard to reconcile with history.

  10. To sum it up. Homo Sapiens generally suck. Do your best to have a decent life, be a decent person, and stop being judgmental. It's bloody annoying and makes you much smaller than you already are.

  11. I don't like 'isms' either. Unless it's whore-ism, not the corporate kind. That's just corporatism-careerism.

  12. Zizek has read the Koran? It begins by attacking nonbelievers (the book called Cow). Buddhism does not attack unbelievers at all. And Christianity has always been as bad as Islam. We don't see it because of the separation of church and state. Both Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic religion, and Abraham was the guy who was going to kill his son because a voice in his head told him so. Today, he'd have been in a mental hospital.

  13. "I can't think of a murder that is not cultural". Not a fan of evolutionary psychology, I take it. What exactly does she mean by "cultural"? I doubt that she knows.

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