41 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek – China, "asian capitalism" and our lack of ideology

  1. Zizek has TWO VOICES: One that is positivist and enthusiastic, another that is subordinated but occassionally, momentarily arises to overwhelm the first and is spoken in a softer, lower-pitched, self-negative tone, as if being reproached.

  2. This man is brilliant. A lot of people oppose him with JBP or vice versa but I think both men can agree on almost everything. I would love to see both of them talk, not debate. Not much to debate, but at this level of thinking you bounce off of each other until something amazing happens. As a JBP listener, this man has my respect.

  3. Asia is over 50% of the world population. There is no such thing as an umbrella "asian" anything. I'm from Pakistan and we have 75 languages here and we're just one country, so it doesn't make sense.

  4. Sorry Zizek. The left's time is up for awhile. The pendulum will swing back towards traditionalism for the next 30-50 years.

  5. The trade unions in Poland have led to the toppling of Socialism in the country. So the Chinese are maybe right in suppressing that. They aren't really communist as they are simply authoritarian.

  6. What exactly is “more efficient” about Chinese State Capitalism? The fact that people equate non violence and purity with Chinese traditions. Authoritative expansion is still that. Colonialism spread and was effective mostly by its intellectual methods but it was and has still been ineffective for the majority of people and their ancestors.

    There’s way too much wealth in the world both naturally and artificially for people in China or Africa or the Americas not to have a decent life.

  7. The Chinese Communist Party purposefully made China into a state capitalist nation since Mao's death in 1976 because the Chinese Revisionists were scientific socialists who believed that society must go through an advanced, capitalist phase in order to be ready for socialism. And China never been through an advanced capitalist phase during Mao's years. In fact, as late as the 1940's, women were considered in China to be second class property, even during the Chinese Revolution! When the Communists won in 1949, millions of Chinese people still thought some of their conservative ways, such as anti feminist thought (as I mentioned earlier). In 20 to 30 years, with this scientific perspective, there is no way that the Chinese people could be ready for socialism.

    The majority of the current Chinese enterprises are state owned (public, not private). From energy companies to automobile companies that compete against private Japanese automakers. Non-Chinese enterprises in China that have industrial operations (such as American companies) are under Chinese regulation. The communist state is purposfully forcing millions of Chinese workers into capitalist struggle, so that this struggle can make them want socialism, instead of trying to conserve obsolete controlling beliefs that are used to control other people's lives, such as family or forced marriages.

    The Communist Party strongly enforces atheism. All higher ranking members must strictly be atheists in order to have state power. This is one proof that China is still on the socialist road. China has an advanced welfare system, from child support to carbon taxes! Although welfare is not socialist, it is closer to socialism than domestic, less regulated "free-style" capitalism. This is another way of proving that China is still on the socialist road. Another way of showing that China is on the socialist road is that China supports other socialist states such as Vietnam, Laos, or even the DPRK (no one else supports the DPRK, not even Cuba supports the DPRK).

    There are different ways of reaching socialism. And China's is one unique way!

  8. Liberals do quite often criticize the terrible things European peoples have done in the past, but relative to what? Everyone was doing terrible things in the past. If they had the ability to do it as much as we did then they too what have done it. You can't play a game and lose, and then criticize the winner for beating you in a game that you yourself were also playing to win. A major point is that we've, the West, have progressed past that point while the rest of the world, for the most part, is still doing those terrible things. Slavery is terrible. We stopped, but it still continues on heavily in Africa and Asia. Who is the devil?

  9. Questioner says “Indonesians are easy going and not as hard working” – moron has no idea what he’s talking about stereotyping an entire country.

  10. Žižek: "I think that there are great things in European legacy…"
    Me: Obviously
    Žižek: "Feminism, Social Justice…"
    Me: LOL

  11. ideology should start with standardization-the first chinese empire was small but the emperor killed any conquered people refusing to use the imposed language-the country of mr zizek,slovenia has only 2 M. people but has a distinctive language-how the hell can you built an integrated bloc w/ such balkanization ? europe is such a babel tower !!!-you can write slovenia in 50 different ways ,and it is practically impossible to understand all the traffic signs over there,for a start-even with the e.u.,asian businessmen go almost crazy
    trying to understand the different laws and practices

  12. This guy is an arrogant prick. This is why these East Asian countries are kicking the West's ass because they do not waste their time talking about Marxism and they focus on building infrastructure and growing their economies.

  13. The reason why Europeans and the west were successful in their early  capitalism is because of the millions and millions of slaves that worked for free. That's the truth. When black people became free, white people's standard of living spiralled downhill as they had to work for themselves. They had to clean their own toilets.

  14. "Capitalists got it that their best collective political representatives is the Communist Party." Nailed it.

  15. I think the problem with capitalism is that capitalism can not produce intellectual. I think capitalism's ended by the traditional meaning of capitalism. Today is like a dead body and bloodless but to continue its life capitalism started to suck others blood like a crazy vampire. If in past we had had some happy people in capitalist countries today even in their countries they faced to serious problem. In some cases these capitalist countries to escape from their dark situations some times they borrow from Marxism ideas and theories. As prime example I can say United States. Today we have many scientist who they accepted all these facts, These scientists are not typical scientists who are under stupid programs I talk about those who really know about philosophy of science and they are deep in science not as is in university. So, in future we have more leftist politicians and professors in universities the gap between 2 different part of our world will change the future.

  16. There has to be a slow shift from the traditional freedom-based Capitalism to a more totalitarian version simply because Capitalism with the ever-increasing wealth gap cannot sustain itself. Capitalism with the 1% owning everything and the remaining 99% that owns nothing can only function as slavery. It's nothing but an adaptive evolution. Opression is a natural consequence – let it be Poliburo of the Communist Party of China or what Slavoj refers to as Cultural Capitalism.

  17. "Indonesian are [unlike Chinese] easygoing Asians…"?

    Perverted 'understanding' of culture & history even from these guys, sad.

  18. Early American Puritans lived in relatively communal societies and did not believe in capitalism. In fact they considered it selfish. Where they encouraged commerce, they did so with a mind to the public interest. They had some measure of democracy, but unfortunately they were influenced by certain Calvinist views that led them to restrict the franchise to "God's elect."

    Johnuio, be assured, the capitalist spirit was alive and well in the US in the 19th century. In fact Wall Street was born in the early 19th century.

    And it was alive in American culture even well before that. Remember that not all English Colonists were looking to create a mythical city on the hill. A lot of them were just after Tobacco.

  19. +Le Roi Yeah but there are huge advances in the standard of living. 600 million people have been brought out of poverty in a single generation. Look at Shang Hai, its dynamism and prosperity. This makes me thing maybe Fukuyama was right.

  20. "this eternal marriage between capitalism and democracy is approaching divorce." Wow good stuff. Good for thought. Zikek, I think you just gave me the idea for my next research paper for international relations 🙂

  21. We often forget the roots of democracy run deep in the West. Athens, Rome, Scandinavia, Venice, the German elector states, Holland, Britain, the US etc. Even the Vatican was democratic to an extent. Although such democracies were extremely limited – in relative terms they were progressive. This I think is the secret of the West's success – not capitalism. China like other Asian Tigers – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand – will begin to stagnate after an initial rapid rate of growth from a low base.

  22. Anybody who has been paying attention to any economic writing from the past 20 years (Wall Street Journal, Wired, The Economist, New York Times etc.) would understand the ironic nature of that comment. It doesn't have to be "Sourced" when the idea is so well known.

    I honestly think that a lot of the backlash from that comment came from idiots who don;t know what they're talking about. ITS A FACT that China/Signapore/Japan have both markets and authoritarian qualities relative to other places.

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