15 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek about toilets and ideology.flv

  1. far out….. all I could think about the whole time is what on earth is the philosophy behind Iranian toilets then :))))))))

  2. My girlfriend recently visited Ireland and told me that she was frustrated that their toilets are so weak and always take many flushes to work, etc. I responded that the inadequacy of the toilets was actually intentional and that the Irish plumbers were channeling their frustrations over many fruitless revolutions against England into their work, hoping to remind the Irish public of the rage-inducing experience of witnessing failure after failure to remove the shit/English, and so on and so on. sniff

  3. The platform toilet bowl in The Netherlands is also useful for the old Dutch custom — when someone doesn't like you, they mail you you-know-what. Surprising Amsterdam! I'm American have been in France about 20 years. They like toilets apart from the bathroom — and there are seldom sinks with the toilets — not even little ones. It isn't very hygienic. There will likely be a bidet, but in the other room. But the French are very slow. Really, I like them, but they are slow.

  4. Those French toilets are old style but you do still find them. They do use very little water. The squat toilets in France, or "Turkish toilets," are still around, so be prepared, people.

  5. exactly like the Austria author Thomas Bernhard: Always criticising toilet cultur πŸ˜‰ But really fucking funny – SERIOUS points…

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