Simon Ostrovsky Questions “Mayor” of Sloviansk: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 29)

Simon Ostrovsky Questions “Mayor” of Sloviansk: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 29)

we rinse lavance because there have been reports of a shootout on the outskirts of town today we don’t know exactly what happened but we’re here to find that out because if this is true then it means that things have escalated again over the weekend when it was supposed to be a truce looks like that truce isn’t happening so these are the cars that were allegedly shot up at a checkpoint in which locals are saying about four or five people were killed but nobody’s actually seen any of the bodies yet and for some reason the cars were torched which seems like something you do in order to destroy evidence but the pro-russia forces are already blaming right sector I just called a man claiming to be the owner of the Mitsubishi SUV that were following he put out an advertisement in the Internet to sell it he says he sold it on Saturday but can’t give me the name of the person he sold it to or described him and says that the police haven’t even contacted him yet emotionless procedure Mushu what’s our problem – mr. Morris is keen on we stay we’ve large stock of Nepal prowess chapter is spoken with a per Ghibli’s Gastner well the police say they don’t know what’s happening yet but the russian media have already drawn their conclusions were we in eastern abid ali by three privacy crack facili no possibly Creech LaRocca menisci audience can shelter beneath reassured through a random X Y a pasta too much in Amira’s uber Kitson good religious Tauruses Confederates Michener do dementia putin my pricing for machine is the wind emoji TV stimulate torches que busca from a heated product mep Tanya oh my ETA arusian Palma he teach immortal national route at Ostia the cancer poor running so easily but for Cisco a necessity emergency because I stood him in a private sector Nawaz Nepal Thomas de éstos ever see atoms to Yakubu Simon a sedan Hippolyta worst about privilege resist key Sudan Mira tours oh yeah utrom protests I’ll relay the casados to his erosion documented Kotori brunette easily by comparison let abuja to polonium watson privacy a sample images return the a new community Yahoo Sun is dear Vanya East visit na cartage meet Rihanna’s new positional leadership documento what no will you be her outside the city administration in slovyansk it’s where the pro-russia forces are concentrated and the self-appointed mayor as just as Putin to sign these papers and if you can’t then peacekeepers to send guns and food he says after what happened at the checkpoint last night they feel like they’re under attack and that’s how they’re playing the situation they want Russia to step in you

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  1. ATMs "Privat" if you insert a card in them Yarosha give flag UPA and automatic gun)
    From the destroyed reactor Fukushima got a card Yarosh)

  2. Huh. Who knew cars blew up if you shot the door. In fact, I think, now stay with me here, the Russians, keep following me, are trying to silently take over Ukraine. Minds sarcastically blown. No need to thank me, because you really shouldn't. I really do feel for the Ukrainians though. They want to live without Russia breathing down their necks and they get exactly that.

  3. I live in Russia and for me the Ukrainians as relatives . Almost everyone or our friends have relatives or acquaintances from there . And we face foreheads . Raised an army against the people but rather against the opinion which is different from the current leadership of Ukraine ,although you need to remember how this guide has risen to the top (and the way was not fluffy ) but it don't notice

  4. All I know is whatever Vice is paying Simon it isn't enough!  Glad to hear that you're out of holding Simon, hope you got a chance to catch up on sleep.  Keep up the awesome journalism and stay safe!

  5. Does anyone know background of Simon? Where is he originally from? I feel like he's not reporting the facts but is trying very hard to make Russians/Pro-Russians look super bad. Was he born in Western Ukraine?

  6. Poor simon was kidnapped and held hostage apparently he's ok now man the crew on vice sure puts there lives on the line to document reality mad props to you guys

  7. Yeah right the right sector. The car has totaly burned down but somehow a paper visit card of the right sector survived. 100% fake Russian news

  8. Also I want to add that in Odessa there were people arrested that wanted to beat up world war 2 veterans on purpose for Russian news channels. 

  9. OMG i watched entire series on single night then i saw Simon on my dream as a major on U.S. Army… We were at somekind of fight aganist someone

  10. This is going to play out like ww2. Putin Is acting like hitler. getting all of the peoples support then turning on them. China will play as japan and then going to attack us like japan did in the 40's

  11. I need the next episode 🙂 this is the only source, where we can see what really happens on ground. Too much propaganda, especially from Russia side.

  12. fuck putin for deceiving his people and telling them false words with his evil tongue. 

    Russians who follow Putin you are slaves of a lying monster who destroys his own country for his mad ideas. You are slaves of putin now set yourselves free and start to think for yourselves.


  13. There is way to much evidence that West Ukrainians carried out that attack. I think this was a hit carried out by the Slovianskians on themselves to draw in Russia.

  14. In his series of 29 (I think) reports, S.O. gives plenty of time to the myriad of factions involved here, but by far the Pro-Russia side got their message out more than anyone else. So, it seems strange to me that the Pro-Russians are the most against him. This would be typical of a dictatorship or a Fascist takeover, but we all know that isn't happening. Right? 

  15. it is a disgrace that still this Simon guy is allowed to report. is this the same guy that was taking side of the no-Nazis in Kiev? So much for Vice TV & their masters.

  16. Middle finger to the Zionist stooges @ VICE. An even bigger middle-finger to NATO and the EU… At-least Putin has balls enough to stand up to your bullshit. 😉 

  17. These Russians terrorists in Eastern Ukraine doing the same thing as the Chechens doing to Russia…step children of Putin.

  18. I love how they say "major" but when it comes to the self-declared government in Ukraine they don't say shit. Stupid propagandist.

  19. The Russian propaganda is so transparent its laughable. Apparently the Red Sector was behind this attack and they left behind American dollars, their insignia's, and even the leaders business card lol. This is ridiculous, thats equivalent to a bank robber committing a crime and leaving behind his license, cell phone, and address of where he is staying. 

  20. I think that whole "they attacked themselves to make the enemies look bad" thing is only true like 5% of the time. They probably were attacked.

  21. "self-appointed mayor" – really, Simon? How about the self-proclaimed government in Kiev? Or that's not on the agenda!? You've got so much potential man – you don't need to use these CNN audience manipulation techniques.

  22. Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s
    Albania 1949-53
    East Germany 1950s
    Iran 1953 *
    Guatemala 1954 *
    Costa Rica mid-1950s
    Syria 1956-7
    Egypt 1957
    Indonesia 1957-8
    British Guiana 1953-64 *
    Iraq 1963 *
    North Vietnam 1945-73
    Cambodia 1955-70 *
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    Libya 2011*
    Syria 2012

  23. pussy riot was right! putin will teach you to love the motherland! whether the innocent ukranians like it or not! DA

  24. people help! the power in my country has zahvalio the Nazis with the help of foreign mercenaries, they steal and kill people protesting against the junta, only in the East of my country they still resist. Russia help the neighbors!

  25. Aa hm, Peeps Mayor?? Wants the Food,Weapons,and money ,(he didnt say it but it means money) A fucking nobody , nowhere registered wants weapons and money, lol i hope u wont get it u fucking criminal,, we had same like you in our war in ex Yugoslavia, where al of sudden everyone is some kind of mayor, policeman, politician ,and all fucking STEAL,,fucking War profiters,,P uuu MAJKU VAM JEBEM BRE

  26. Шикарный сделали жетон, забыли только свастику добавить.

  27. саймону пора вспомнить, чья кровь в нем течет, иначе, как любят выражаться наши западные партнеры, он может оказаться, не на той стороне истории. вспомни саймон!!! в тебе же русская кровь, она должна тебя будоражить, даже через поколения!!

  28. Kremlin’s propaganda slowly turns Russia into a second North Korea by creating to its people image of numerous outer enemies (USA, EU, Jews, West, Ukrainians etc.) and blaming them of all possible sins. That strategy failed in Soviet Union it’s going to fail today…

  29. So just curious. If the groups of Pro Russians living in Ukraine love Russia and Putin so much, why don't they just pack up and move into Russia and leave the Ukrainians alone?

  30. Hey VICE, great work. Is it your press releases on behalf of the U.S state department that got you access into that presidential drinking club the other day or are you just really good friends with those who run your country?

  31. Vice = soulless sellouts to CIA money.   Any of you ever follow me with a camera I'll break it over your fucking head.

  32. Russian propaganda. OMG a pendant. where is the bodies dumb ass??? where is the blood?? LOL at the MG 42, OMG the Russians are trying to push the nazi line to the extreme.

    the good earth maps on pieces of paper not laminated nor folded. this is complete staged propaganda. Easy to spot lie.

  33. Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka urged her colleagues to support her motion to put the Ukrainian radical group Right Sector on the terrorist organizations list, reports ITAR-TASS.  – See more at:

  34. the most coruuption is in the US. Corruption is everywhere you find people and money. Its not a russian story its global idiots. 

  35. i love how simon always plays a sherlock holmes…. comes up to random people… asks serious questions…. receives stupid answers… formes his biased opinion…. sells it to the public is ready to consume this bullshit! hah! genious!

  36. Симон Островский – автор видео, украинец живущий в Канаде. Изначально предвзятый "типа" журналист.

  37. the worst blinds are the ones who don't want to see, like these people of "vice news" who should first before going into a country at war study a lot before going there with preconceived ideas

  38. Ааааа, визитка Яроша))) в огне не горит, в воде не тонет))) сепарики как-то без фантазии совсем, печалька)))

  39.   Donbass n'est pas comme Ecosse. Ecossais, Catalognais désire avoire souveraine Ecosse, souveraine Catalogne poure se sentir  comme digne natione, poure porter leur drapeau nationale dans Lesq Jeus Olympiques. Mais il ne faut pas tourner Donbaqss en seconde Russie, Karabah en seconde Armenia, Transilvania en second Hongarie. Ukraїnais ne désire pas avoire la seconde Ukraїna ( Ukraine c'est mauvais prononciation, c'est bigre! ) ils ce contente avec une (1) Etat souveraine. Quelque part d'Ukraїnais habite hors d'Ukraїnа mais ils ont l'Ukraїna.

  40. But Simon Ostrovsky has the last laugh. His brothers own West Ukraine, some 40 of them defined as "Oligarchs" and they control the government . And they will not let in any ethnic Ukrainian in their Oligarchic group, or in any of the key cabinet posts.

  41. Ostravsky is a Jewish/Zionist/Neocon and a spy for the CIA. Notice the anti-Russian bias of ALL VICE videos pertaining to Ukraine and Syria–a sure sign of a Zionist agenda.

  42. I mean i know Russias media is a massive propaganda machine and their shit gets a little crazy, but really? Youre going to try and tell me they carried out the attack with an MG-42 AND happened to ~800 fresh US dollars? Get real.

  43. Pro Russia forces lol You mean Russian forces in civilian clothes. Russians think everyone buys into there constant lies. What a gross Govt

  44. Simon is anti Russian and he is trying to blame Russia all the time. I saw some of his video which looks absurd

  45. Don't believe this reporter is spy working for US and Ukraine right wing ,, simon tell fake news ,,, stoop low for money bad news ,,,, report lie ,,shame on him

  46. Funny that Russian State media comes out with a theory and has "evidence" before anyone else does. They managed to get hold of Right Sector paraphernalia out of burning cars and none of it was damaged or burnt. They must be magic

  47. Wait, so Russia invades Ukraine, uses unauthorized forces including civilians and militia, but claims no responsibility because those people ''acted alone'', lol, they didn't act alone, they acted with your forces, they acted for your regime… and so far the list of people being killed unnecessarily, shows your favor for blood
    and then this Russian guy, is asking for more forces to stop a fascist invasion…?,
    im confused…
    Ukraine government falls, Russia steps in to take over, without saying, hey, um, you guys can just become Russia, no hassles,
    no need for take over or anything, just change your flags gg, sweet as…
    but instead, organizes his forces to take over Ukraine, not that they needed to, Russia seems to have a capable and hostile public force, not to mention gangs and militia… seems excessive and weird.

  48. Dude you did one helluva job explaining the ambiguities in this conflict. And so far Ive gleaned that alcohol and revolution DO NOT GO TOGETHER WELL!

  49. Whoever needs to lie or hide the Truth is on the side of treachery. I wonder if after all these years and all the deaths and destruction, is these morons, these absolute naive SLAVES, think it was worth it. It's not like they were fighting a despotic government who had a program of genocide against them. No, they just "want(ed) to be part of Russia", cause they speak Russian (and probably have completely fallen for Putin's cult of personality).

  50. what if he was held by the fascists? It would be the same as that plane they shot. war is a sad and terrible game where everybody lose someone they love. I hope that one day humans become civilised. peace!

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