17 thoughts on “Silicon Valley: How Stanford, science, and war made tech history | Margaret O'Mara

  1. reason there is shortage of good crop growing regions – cities are built on them. Get science to figure that out.

  2. Her civics are off. It’s the not government that just prints money out of thin air that supports a startup; it’s the people who elect officials that put a purpose in their own tax dollars.

  3. All the while Reagan's war on drugs and poverty gave birth to one of the worst ghettos in America right next door to all of this. Often left out of the conversation is that Palo Alto's neighbor East Palo Alto became the nations homicide capitol in the early 90's. And it's not over, gentrification is pushing the local residents out.
    Collateral damage to a booming local economy that continues to thrive.

  4. James Corbett made a way better documentary about this, where he exposes all the shady, racist, and authoritarian practices of the folks in silicone valley. Check out "The Secrets of Silicone Valley" for a more accurate picture of what that cesspool of indoctrination and propoganda is really all about.

  5. The US military funded the rise of silicone valley, with eugenicist frederick terman managing it all from Stanford with the butt loads of funding he was getting due to his ties with he military.
    Then you look at today with all the propoganda and surveillance managed by silicone valley, as well as the massive troves of data they keep on each and every one of us, and "muh private company" argument goes out the window.
    Regulate. Censorship.

  6. This sounds similar to China and their merger of private tech and government influence. Same drink diffrent flavor.

  7. William Shockley also advocated for eugenics and studied the link between race and IQ scores. Interesting how someone so smart can also have such radical ideas and concerns about protecting the human race.. he basically predicted the movie "Idocracy" in real life.

  8. A more accurate version about why Silicon Valley is where it is can be found in Steve Blank's lecture series "Secret History of Silicon Valley".

  9. Are there two different histories in the world Tech and the other overall history? He loved his mother, not the same thing as the "smarmy" "mother's boy" smear you tried to use. Why slam him for taking care of his mother? For a woman to use that sort of slur gives feminists a bad name. Who are you anyway? Margaret O'Mara an academic, what actual experience do you have? Perhaps you should start your Big Think pieces by identifying yourself.

  10. There's more information in this 10 minute video that can help me with my project then all these stupid internet articles have been looking up.

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