Shy vs. Social Anxiety

Shy vs. Social Anxiety

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  1. My social anxiety is getting better but still don’t talk in school. I think I had social anxiety because I moved to America not knowing English and made me very scared. And I never really got to make friends in preschool because my only “friend” used to be bossy.

  2. I have social anxiety and personally I go through it a lot I’m constantly anxious about going to school but however the way I try to overcome it is by looking around looking at the sun the trees the nature I found one thing that works for me even though there is not much trees in New York city😣 it’s a cope even the smallest things and taking pictures of it

  3. I no longer have social anxiety….I kinda forced myself to overcome it by just making myself strike up conversations with people lol. It wasn't easy. It was extremely uncomfortable at first but the more I did it, the more comfortable I became.

  4. real quick, i know im 4 years late but i want to say something that people get wrong a lot. being extroverted doesnt mean you have great social skills and introverted doesnt mean youre really socially awkward. being an extrovert means you get energy and concentrate better from being around people and being an introvert means you get energy and concentrate better from being alone

  5. I was always the quiet kid that sat in the corner when I was going to school and even when I was little it was hard for me to make friends, I was super awkward. I had always thought I would get over the shyness I was experiencing at the time, but as I am getting older I feel as though it has gotten worse. I was at least able to go to soccer practice and school but it’s gotten to the point now (I’m 21) to where I am just really scared to do anything, especially when it involves people. I’m mostly a home body now and usually make promises to my friends stating I’m going to go out but actually end up canceling last minute. I feel like everyone thinks of me as a flake and I no longer have any friends as they all kinda gave up, as did I in a sense. It’s been rough and I have tried going to therapy, I haven’t been able to find a good therapist and am just starting to feel like I’m just being stupid. I mean everyone else can do normal things like go out and have a drink with friends but to me that’s something that would give me a panic attack. Idk I’ve been feeling like complete shit lately. I feel almost held back.

  6. I have been professionally diagnosed with social anxiety and boy if I had a dollar for every time I literally started crying or threw up in social situations, I don't hear about ppl doing that much tho so is it just me or does anyone else do that

  7. I have SAD but whenever it comes to hanging out with friends i feel like I HAVE to go or they will be mad at me and judge me and hate me. I don’t want to do it whatsoever and hope I can get sick or make up an excuse. It’s weird. But if it comes to ordering food or something like that than I will avoid it.

  8. I have two questions, can you develop social anxiety? Like… If you move to a different country with a different language and then you start having every single symptom that you've read about social anxiety, including the one that you feel like you're watching everything in third person. Also… Can you still have friends? Because, I'm so confused with everything I really want to see if I have it or not. I have 2 friends, it stills difficult to me to talk with them but it's easier, now, I escaped from one of their birthdaya because there was too much people and I wanted to vomit. (she lied about inviting other people and then she invited at least 30 persons) as I said, every other sing of having social anxiety fits on what I feel and… I really want to know.

  9. Just shy (ish) for me, no SAD. Honestly I'm pretty gosh darn surface-level out going but I can't cope with confrontation. For alot of people asking for help (or even just accepting it), alerting someone of an issue or telling someone I think they did something wrong isn't a huge issue. I was supposed to talk to my Geometry teacher about getting help but I managed to avoid it the entire year by never piping up or interacting with him (I'm really chatty in every other class). I once went to the math center to get help but I wasn't sure what exactly I needed help with so I just left. I once made a really shitty edgy joke to a friend who I though might have been insulted so instead of asking him if he was ok I just acted like nothing happened even though it's still slowly eating away at my soul to this day. A friend asked me about my music taste but I didn't want to come off cringe so I asked about her's (this sucked as I desperately wanted to share). This guy on the train was making murder eyes at me the entire ride but I didn't want to offend him by moving so I just sat there. I think this is also a product of chronic procrastination. I'm currently procrastination from writing my AP World teacher an email for a retake by writing this comment. I want to ask my friend out since we get out early tomorrow but I also don't want to and I don't know why. I'm genuinely more prepared to lose a friend than beg for them to stay. I fucking despise eye-contact too, why is it the norm? It makes everything feel longer than it needs to be. The worst part is I can't explain why I don't want to do things. I just don't and let people force me to do things or lash out.

  10. My issue is that, if I miss something, like a class, then I won't go to that class afterwards because I'm afraid that people will notice that I was absent and call me out on it. It's so hard for me to deal with the idea that someone might judge me for missing the class, that I'll avoid going to that class just so I don't have to face the judgment. And then, the cycle just keeps repeating…

  11. (I have no idea if I have this issue or not but) One thing that I found when I was younger, is that it if I ever went to the shops to buy something, I was so afraid that I didn't have enough money. No matter how many times I counted my money, I was too afraid to buy anything in case I was short. Nowadays I know I have enough for little things, but if I take too long to get it from my bag my hands shake and it takes even longer. At parties or gatherings, I can't move from where I'm standing unless someone asks me to, I am too afraid to get something to eat or drink because it feels like it's not meant for me. If someone brings me a drink or food, I will be left with rubbish in my hand for the whole rest of the night. I avoid talking to most people because if I do or say something stupid, I never forget it and it keeps me up all night. I don't go places when I am invited. I also still can't answer the phone (I'm 19) and if do, I break down after I have hung up, Don't ask for details on what that looks like. But I thought this was just because I was a child, but now I am an adult and I don't know what was meant to happen to make me behave like a proper adult.
    I hope no one can relate, I have realised its probably not normal and I get sick of feeling so far below everyone else, but you believe what your parents teach you. If you read this don't worry though because I am seeing a psychologist soon for more physical reasons, but if I am brave I might be able to say something about this too ^-^ stay safe

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