Should Malta Be Catholic?

Should Malta Be Catholic?

Should Malta be Catholic? On our first night in Gozo
we went out for a pizza. And an old man was feeling chatty
at the table next to us. As per usual, we asked him if you were in charge of
our series what would you say about your island. And then after he learned that we’d been to Somalia,
he said “Okay, well, I have an idea. Why don’t you tell a story about how they
get their countries, but we don’t get ours.” And to be perfectly clear, he wasn’t talking
about race, he was talking about religion. When he was saying ‘they’ he meant Muslim,
and when he was saying ‘we’ he meant Catholic. Which I found kind of interesting. Because I’m neither Muslim nor Catholic. And I don’t really think he was talking
about religion anyway. I think what he was truly asking cuts to the core
of one of the biggest issues of the modern world. What are we doing this for? What’s the point? If we’re going to fight, who are we fighting? There is only one place on Earth that’s more
Catholic than Malta, and it’s the Vatican. These are biblical islands, and they were
first converted in 60 A.D. when Saint Paul himself was washed ashore. The constitution deems Catholicism as the
state religion, and if you walk the streets that’s no surprise. You can read it in the walls. It’s effectively been that way
for a thousand years running. On top of that, arguably the most famous thing that
ever happened here was the Great Siege of 1565, when the Crusading Knights Hospitaller held off
a Muslim invasion multiple times their size, in many ways saving Europe
from further Islamification. The church even has a feast every year
to celebrate their victory. If there’s any country that should belong
to the Catholics, it’s this one. But, that said, to claim that Catholicism is the backbone
of Maltese culture would be a vast overstatement. All cultures are amalgams, and the Maltese culture
is heavily based on a Muslim, Arab way of life. It’s rarely mentioned, but their language,
their names, the way they farm, it all stems from their time as an Arab colony. Some of their traditions even
predate Christianity completely. Times may have changed, but the people
still carry the torch. Back in Ethiopia, a man at the bar
asked Eric and I our religion. When we told him we had none,
he genuinely couldn’t believe it. He asked “how will you be buried with respect”? And when we told him that in our country respect to us
was allowing the individual to decide their own choices, he was incredulous. Us being buried differently than each other
was making him question why he wanted to be buried the Ethiopian way. And it pissed him off to think about it. And in turn, he angrily
stopped talking to us. If everyone buries their dead the same way, you can be
certain that you’re doing it the right way, too. The moment somebody changes that,
it causes ripples. Ripples that few people want. Nobody likes being pressed on their purpose. Cognitive dissonance forces us to rethink,
and rethinking can ruin everything. It isn’t just about belief in God, it’s whatever
helps you get up in the morning. Whatever allows you to trust your neighbour. Whatever group it is you think
you belong to. You need that purpose. It’s become popular today on both sides
of the fence to pretend that Western society, and the systems that go with it,
have had no purpose. But that’s not true. It’s that it threatens theirs. To those who subgroup by skin colour,
other races will always be a threat. To those who subgroup by nation,
foreigners will always be a threat. To those who subgroup by ideology,
free thought is a threat. The ability to question that is the very
essence of liberalism. Because regardless of ideology,
they often all come out in the same way. A strong leader meant to unify
the rest of us through strength. An iron fist that can make us all agree. Good Christians or good Communists or good Somali
or whatever other subgroup they feel they belong to. They believe it will make them happy. That it will keep them from fear. But I don’t really think that’s true. Personally, I don’t think Somalia’s
government should be Muslim. Obviously, I understand why it is,
and why it will remain that way. And not to say it is even remotely
the entire problem, of course, but I believe that their demand for religious governance has held
them back from creating an enviable society. They’re hanging on to an old ideology, and in turn having trouble meeting
the realities of our modern world. And despite its obvious and present failures,
liberalism has been one of the greatest gifts man has ever given itself. The enlightenment gave us incredible purpose. Egalitarianism. The education of all people. The betterment of our species. It’s not just about hard science. It’s about understanding each other. Psychology, sociology, anthropology. These are the results of liberalism. Finding the truth even when it harms our ideology. Confronting history. Not as a means of hyperbolizing one subgroup,
but to see the world as a whole. To learn from the dissonance that comes
from having to question our beliefs. And while liberalism certainly comes with
its own crosses to bear, it is working. It has worked. The world, by and large, has been getting
consistently better for hundreds of years. Not for each person,
not in every instance, but as a whole. People living in extreme poverty has dropped
from ninety percent to ten in two hundred years. Half the world now lives in democracies. Imperfect democracies, granted,
but democracies still. Since the dawn of written history humans
have never been more free. Our species is the most educated
we have ever been, in all history. Medicine, science, secularization. These are the fruits of the enlightenment. And I’m not sure that I’m willing to trade those
to hand our purpose back over to religious rule. Regardless of which one you choose. I have my own personal beliefs, but I don’t think
I’m some holy warrior fighting against anyone, because I don’t want them
to think that about me. When I was in Somaliland,
most people were wonderful. They’d been abroad and they understood themselves
as part of the international community. They didn’t want to be my enemy. But for those that did,
they always cited religion. People in the streets
followed me chanting Jew. I’m not Jewish, by the way,
but that didn’t stop them. When they did come at me physically, they always
made it clear they were doing so because of Islam. Because I wasn’t like them. Because I didn’t believe. I made them challenge their worldview,
just by existing in their space. And some people simply can’t handle that. And I for one don’t believe that that’s
something we should be emulating. I don’t think it’s something
that will benefit Malta. Nations that have taken to liberalism have
on average done better than those that haven’t. Nations that have secularized have on average
done better than those that haven’t. Democracies have done better. Nations that have brought in immigrants
have done better than those that haven’t. These are the facts. There’s a reason why we do these things. They are ultimately egalitarian. They align with our purpose. And there’s a reason why nations like
Somalia push back. But I didn’t need to make this video. Prosperity is its own driver. And as religious as it is,
Malta is not a monolith. We’re no longer unified by the crusades. And over the past twenty years,
church visitations have cut in half. Divorce has been made legal. Homosexuality is no longer a crime. Wealth is increasing all around the islands,
and the new generation are sporting a much more international identity. This is now the among the most densely
populated and urbanized nations on Earth. A city state. And entirely urban nation. And as the world comes to their doorstep,
the people of this island are adapting. Not everyone is happy about it, but the
majority are speaking clearly. They’re taking to the ideology of liberalism. They’re taking to political freedom. To international prosperity. To modern medicine and industry. To equality before the law. They certainly still see themselves as Catholic,
but what that means has started to change. It’s no longer the purpose. Now it’s just a purpose. So should Malta be Catholic? It isn’t really my place to say. But to answer that man’s question on why
they get their countries and we don’t get ours, it’s because we’re leading the way. This is the road that made us into the most prosperous, the most educated and the most free nations of all time. If people truly believe,
they’d carry the torch. This is Rare Earth. And those are some very loud buses. What you’re going to do.

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  1. I wonder if the 'countries that are liberal, secular, and democratic have done better' fact is the wrong way round and its that countries that do better become more liberal etc.

    It would make sense seeing as these well off countries are usually also coloniser countries, and because it is easier to colonise less liberal countries, the coloniser countries will use their armies to make poor countries less liberal, by destroying their democracies.
    I think that in general societies will tend towards liberalism, but this tendency is counteracted when there is a colonising force.
    We can see this in action with the 1973 coup in Chile, the country had moved towards liberalism, but since that made it more difficult for the US to colonise it, the US made the country less liberal (as in a total dictatorship). I'd bet there are similar stories with every poor country out there.

  2. To be fair Malta is actually very respectful of most peoples beliefs. I've lived here for three years as an atheist and a foreigner, and honestly never felt like anyone judged me for it. I feel as much a part of the community as anyone else.

  3. I was once told that Liberalism's greatest flaw was its pretention towards universality: in viewing our virtue only in understanding and accepting others, in politicising compassion, we forget that kindness is, in many cases, a temporary solution. This, too, shall pass. As leaves grow, so too do they fall; such is the inevitable way of things.
    Not sure if I believe it, but it makes me think.

  4. The narration and the message, wow! Put across so well, Malta and Somaliland are mere examples but the message is universal. Amazing work, brother!

  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I don't hate you for being a liberal, but I do disagree with almost everything you said in this video, everyone wants to advance towards 'something' some point in society that is 'better' and liberals are ofcourse front and center in that desire, and when I get the chance I always ask them exactly that, what do they want to 'progress' towards. But that is the thing, the ideal future can be different person to person, the whig historiography that insists the world is on a linear line moving straight from some bad oppressive past and towards an open better future is frankly not something I could ever agree with, and infact I would suggest it is in our day effectively academic propaganda meant to make liberalism the normal and obvious ideology, but then thats the thing, liberalism is just another ideology and acting like it is superior to ideologies by not being one is doublethink. I understand ofcourse, it is a natural development to keep it as the system in power, that is how every ideology works, it is to be expected, but it also highlights the single most dominating negative characteristic of liberalism, hypocrisy.

    You are right, people have more money then ever before, most people unlike the past are going to school, we have 'equality', we are the most tolerant we have ever been! These are things that Liberals want to see more of, sure, but the focus on this material success over everything else is exactly what most of us illiberals hate, for all of those good things, the reality of modern wage slavery means that little has actually changes in regards to economic reality of the average man, and infact there is an international rich elite with far more relative wealth and power and ability to escape punishment for their crimes then ever before in history, and that average man often is in much the same position as he did before except without a home to call his own and mass debt or foreign exploitation he can do nothing about. How about the collapse of the family? The whiny willpowerless masses of the over entitled? The fact that we have given people the power to find their own purpose in life, and that most of those people then just come to have no purpose in life? For all the golden towers we have built ourselves in modernity, there is no less misery and it is all coated in a spiritual malaise. And I suppose that is just it, a person that belongs to no faith like yourself simply will never think quite the same to someone like myself, we don't see the same things as good and bad.

    Yet that is the thing, there is so little actually accepted as subjective in the modern world, you yourself speak of democracy as somesort of innate good that cannot even be argued, you extol the necessity of egalitarianism, but these were ushered in on a tide of blood, and has our world been anymore stable for it? Democracies don't seem to prevent civil bloodshed, the clash of ideologies is the source of much of the unrest in the developing world, and so much of modern politics that is accessible to everyone has allowed a fueling of factionalism among populaces unmatched through most of history. The genocidal regimes and cased of horrific bloodshed are not the ideal states and circumstances that liberals build towards in their desire, but they are pressure valves that are only made possible in the first place because of the modern world we have all made together. Yet if I utter a word of any of this to the average person in my country, the response will be much the same, they will think I am the crazy one for disagreeing with such 'obvious truths' of the world, and when I do run into someone who agrees with me, their sense of alienation leads them to justify horrible acts of violence, they have been assigned the role of antagonist by society, and they become too happy to play up to it since they feel they have no alternative.

    And that is the core of my point, people motioned against democracy before in Algeria and Egypt, yet the military prevented democratic islamists from taking power, and the world cheered it on, because democracy isn't a good in of itself, and everyone will agree with that when we get into the theoretical, the reality is that these liberal ideologues don't just disagree with the alternative taking power even democratically, they are horrified, they are indeed ideologically opposed, they are quite clearly no different to any other group once their world view gets challenged in a real political sphere. All for what though, we are supposed to back their grounds for egalitarianism, and I understand the desire to not oppress minorities out of a sense of justice, that is afterall the classic theme of defending the weak who cannot defend themselves. But it isn't quite so limited now is it? It is also based on a fundamental idea that we are all completely equal and should be afforded the same powers, but why should political power be afforded to everyone simply because of their being a person? That is an authority to heavily effect someone elses life even if one is incompetent and non deserving of holding political power, why should the most important thing in the secular world be allowed to those who on an individual note would clearly be disqualified? This is simply another case of letting ideological world views take precedence over reality, because even if we could demonstrably prove to a tee that the less voters there were the more favorable the outcome for the country, how many people would still be opposed to that simply on principle? Just think on that.

  6. People of Malta should be the ones to decide upon that. In Somalia, people of Somalia decide what they want. By the way, NO NATION needs a classy LIBERAL to tell them what to do and how to live their life. . Malta definitely should not be muslim. Mass immigration, 4 wives , halal food and banking, corruption, loss of freedom of speech and eventually other freedoms gradually takes place, In meantime, set a discord inside the country, by turning groups against each other, etc.Can you imagine asking a question 'If Somalia should be muslim?'. By the way, how many catholic churches are there in Somalia. With all your liberalism, my dear sweet writer , have you ever heard of RECIPROCITY? Unless, someone wants to SUBMIT the Christians as the creatures of the lesser GOD. You know very well that will never happen.

  7. It is understandable that people who have grown into liberal democracy consider it the best of all possible systems. What they want is what liberal democracy offers, because liberal democracy has taught them and their preceding generations what they should want and hold valuable. But advocates of liberal democracy often seem to think their favourite system is objectively the best and the neutral option to all 'ideological' systems, and that people who prefer something else – most likely for quite similar reasons – are ignorant, nasty, and brainwashed.

    This belief in One True System sui generis above all other ideologies follows the same pattern as exclusivist forms of religion. And, perhaps just coincidentally, modern ideologies have been born in a Catholic and Protestant cultural atmosphere, both very exclusivist religions in the past centuries.

    What is my point, you ask.

    I have never had a point, and I am not going to start now.

  8. liberals often forget that part of the freedom they want includes the freedom to disagree with liberalism.

    intolerance for intolerance is still intolerance.

  9. Should Malta be catholic? No, it should be secular. There is already enough death, suffering and destruction caused by belief in sky gods.

  10. And we've seen nothing yet. You see so far Authority has been the Truth, through the might of religion or politics or whatever. But with the new generations already appearing and those yet to come, it will be more and more the contrary, "Truth will be the Authority". They will stop taking in anything that doesn't make sense. Also I would like to add that there is no difference between those who believe in a God and religion and those who do not believe in anything of the sort. They both "believe" something. They also have another thing in common, both don't "know". (Teachings from Sadhguru)

  11. Liberalism doesnt mean having total secularism, you can still have your religion and be liberal at the same time, many countries (such as Japan) do exactly that.

  12. An honest and upright man loves the truth and hates lies. If Chatholic Christianity is a lie them Malta should not be Catholic. If Islam is a lie then Somaliland should not be Muslim. And if liberalism is a lie then it should not be any nation's religion either. Now we know they'd beat you up in Somaliland and they cut your throat in Libya while citing religion, and they will kill you in any liberal before you breath your first in the name of liberalism. We know they do their best to shut you down if you think LGBT is wrong and if you dare think that there should be limits for African migration into Europe. These are blasphemies in the modern liberal countries and like any blasphemy they are punished harshly. Liberals know they know better and have little respect for democracy: impeach 45, 2nd referendum, and coalitions with your political "enemies" to avoid another election in Italy.

    A very religious person will get cross when he hears blasphemies. If you do get cross hearing this and similar, examine your self: you are as religious as the Maltese, you just follow a false one.

  13. "How do you want to be buried with respect?"
    I would prefer to have my body used for organ donation, and after that perhaps as material for science research, preferably not as a source of exploitation by the richest of rich people. My dream would be that someone, somewhere, after my life has ended, gained some constructive use from my existence here on Earth. Whether anyone would be thankful for me doing that, would simply be a bonus to them, since I would not be alive to receive the recognition.

  14. Malta – unlike eg. Brexit Britain – has seen more than its fair share of armed invaders of islamic origin.
    I do not think you can fault the Maltese for not trusting those people ever again.
    Mind you, much unlike eg. Brexit Britain, which has usally been the armed invader rather than the innocent victim.

  15. Interesting how he constantly mentions escaping one's own idology but ultimately fails to escape the (heavily) ideological worldview of western liberalism and acknowledge his obvious bias.

  16. Unfortunately, intolerance is always the go-to weapon of the zealot. The juxtaposition of arrogance and fear has always amazed me. When religion, any religion, is used as a weapon against another human being, I immediately dismiss it’s adherent’s claim of morality. It’s just another bully in the school yard.

  17. Homosexuality was also not a crime in many ancient civilization that welcome it in with open arms and then they got destroyed.

  18. Well you're speaking from an external point of view without knowing how things really work. I'll exercise my right to disagree with you but interesting video work nonetheless.

  19. I'm maltese, why shouldn't it be catholic? I was born and raised a catholic, so are most of the people I know. However, we are also raised to ask questions, to even test our own faith and in turn, fate, because the 2 are linked. So I find it strange, when people of no faith, look at us plebs, and say things to the effect, that we don't ask questions, or think. Oh trust me, I think, I think real hard and wonder how things are going to be in 20 years times, when we enter the dystopian phase of human life on this planet, with all the social non-sense going on.

  20. I have to ask, is the hotel you stayed in, the one you filmed "sunny coast". If that is the case, we stayed at same hotel, and probably spoke with same person who owns the cafe by the shore.

  21. I like how this video makes me think about some things differently. Fundamentally we need more data before we assume mantras like "diversity is strength" are true, but we equally cannot reject them outright. I wish that people would grow the courage to question more assumptions on both "sides" of politics.

  22. And to think this channel (sort of) started off because of a stellar rendition of Space Oddity on a space station and has made it so far in such a small period of time. I hope that your father is proud of what he started and what you've so effectively driven forward.

  23. My country, the Philippines is not truly secular, it's theocratic & oligarchic in disguise. The Catholic church is one of the reasons why our country regressed, the others being the political system inhabited by corrupt nepotistic dynasties and the people's lack of will and determination to change that system and release themselves from the hypnosis of an illusion. They stole our money, they feed us lies, they excacerbate poverty by their opposition to divorce, condoms, abortion among other things (like anti dynasty legislation and reviving nuclear energy), all in the defense of God.
    We do need a leader who's likeness is similar to that of Lee Kuan Yew or Park Chung Hee, that at whatever the cost, the prosperity of the country and that of the people will eventually lead to the path of freedom and meritocratic democracy comparable to that of the Asian Tigers, the Nordic nations or Switzerland.

    Pragmatism is what I advocate, not pointless abstract ideas that are talked about but not applied, irrational and dangerous. Ideologies are just another form of escapism.

  24. Liberalism was caused by the wealth we have dredged out of our planet. As the planet’s resources become depleted so will we witness the death of liberalism.

  25. This is kind of cute, because you really spent a 9 minutes dragging Malta and Somalia (and in extension, religious and “ideological” folk) without taking a look at your own ideology, which isn't, necessarily, liberalism. Or, at least, not liberalism for everyone. That also, is a legacy of the Enlightenment — the creation of systems of colonial exploitation that continues to this day, in one form or another.

    Gentle reminder that your liberal democracy jailed, beat, and abused children of indigenous children within living memory. That your liberal democracy continues to do that to indigenous women and communities, despite the fact that Prime Minister is the poster boy of hot, buff, shirtless liberalism, and espouses liberal values. Usually for nothing more than profit.

    The trick that “liberalism” has managed to do is elide it's own force by pretending that everyone has the right to live their lives, but then hides its abuses by pretending they don't exist, or that if they did, it doesn't matter any more.

    I mean, hey, what you said isn't wrong, per se? But if you're going to turn your commentary to others, you must turn that commentary on yourself.

  26. Malta should be Muslim historically it has a history and deep rooted culture of inhabitants moving and settling there

  27. Individual persons can be religious or not. Nations have the duty to protect religious liberty while establishing no religion.

  28. Sure sure… mandatory believe in GodX and ReligionY for glory and honor and live for generations in poverty, hate, ignorance, prejudice and denial. Look at the "wonderful" Balkans – Croats and Serbs – same Slavic people, Croats are Catholics, Serbs are Orthodox, both Christians, both hate each other for centuries, both were slaughtering themselves throughout the history. People some Slavic people in Bosnia turn to Islam and call themselves Bosnyaks – addition to the regional hate yet again same people and to add the insult to IQ – all speak almost identical language. Yeah sure – religion is the way to go…

  29. Never smashed the Like button so hard in my life… Make this video trending worldwide, and world peace will be achieved within 24 hours.

  30. You claim youre not religious but you follow liberalism like the dogma it is. Many things have gotten better sure, but many things have gotten worse due to it. Like destruction of the family , cultural homogenisation , destruction of the social fabric of our societies . Which they try use rabid consumerism to replace . The west is in decline and it's because of the dogmatic belief in liberalism.

  31. You are talking about purpose.
    What purpose?
    Homo Sapiens, like all earlier versions of the human species, has, as all other living creatures, only one purpose:

    To continue the species.
    Homo Sapiens has succeeded big time by overflowing the world by its species.
    Pollution might be the big problem, but the root cause is that there are too many Homo Sapiens on the Earth.
    This specific species does as all other species: Multiply.
    This multiplication is only limited by a few factors:
    – Famine
    – Deadly deceases
    – War
    Adding to the problem is, that the politicians and industrial leaders only talk about growth.
    Another problem is religious fanaticism, that prevent people from having sex without children as a result, – STUPID!!!

    This line of ideology does nothing to limit the growth in the Homo Sapiens population.
    In the end, this species will die as a result of its own success.

    I've seen it coming for many years and thus, I have no children.

    /John Due

  32. thanks: there is only one "Truth", he established a Church and it's headquartered in Rome. Catholicism made Europe great, not the pagan "Enlightenment". "Liberalism" is the worst fruit of the "Enlightenment", we are not "free" and more people have died in the name of "freedom" than all "religious" wars.
    Islam is a Catholic heresy and currently we are in a mess, our Lord Jesus will fix our "Little Red Wagon"; then we will get back to His work.
    To not believe in almighty God demonstrates the inability to form thought. His Creation shows His Work.
    Pax Christi
    – I converted after about thirty months of Iraq during the "no fun" times; that war was for "democrapcy" also…… We still have our boot on their throats, when they rebel. I love my Muslim enemy, as they drove me to Rome.

  33. Even an atheist like me doesn't particularly care if everyone becomes one. I just wanna be respected. In turn, I'll respect you : D

  34. I think Evan's statement about immigration being economically beneficial is an oversimplification. Immigration definitely benefited the US economy as it was a (fairly) sparsely populated country in 1600 when European settlement began, although it probably was less beneficial for the GDP of the various native american civilizations. The most significant economic growth in Europe took place before the age of mass immigration and has stagnated over the past 10 years. South Korea, China and Japan have all become wealthy without a significant amount of immigration. Complete isolation is bad for GDP, but that doesn't mean that immigration is generally good for GDP. The type of immigration volume, timing and timescale will all determine whether immigration is good or bad for the economy.

  35. I'd really like to see Rare Earth go to the U.K. and interview people about that liberal-secular society. I'm genuinely curious because I hear horror stories from Americans, but I don't actually know any Brits, Scott's, Irish, or Welsh people. Do they really have freedom of speech and religion across the pond? I wanna know if my American friends and family are enlightened or jingoists.

  36. I don't know, even Iran has Jews and Christians, maybe they don't get their own countries even, except maybe in spirit of their Constitutions: like Costa Rica has the Catholic Church as it's sole state religion, yet a Lliberal Catholic persident who breaks with the Church on same-sex marriage beat an Evangelical Conservative

  37. I feel that you have a very Amerocentric understanding of what the Enlightenment was about. Liberalism does trace its history back to the Enlightenment but it is just one of many different ideologies were created as a result of the Enlightenment. It's a falsehood to claim that prosperity, education, and freedom are exclusive to liberalism when there are many ideologies based on those things which diverge from, and in some places conflict with, liberalism.

  38. Liberalism has worked? lol, someone overdosed on the kool aid again, tsk tsk. Don't mention how the west was shaped and created by a civilization deeply grounded in Judeo-Christian values. Must be nice to have ur head in the sand as western europe goes down the pan……………thanks to liberalism…………

  39. This may have been the best episode you’ve ever made. Thank you so much for carrying that torch! Keep up the wonderful work. Love.

  40. Malta's position at the centre (literally) of the Mediterranean
    has made it, through history, be both a citadel and a melting pot….
    there may be much wisdom buried in the cultural DNA of all Maltese

  41. Hyym, Liberalism as a society model need lot of precondition to really work.
    Strong monopoly of violence and trust that people in government doesn't use it to enrich there families and allies.
    General notion of public/general good over tribal/clan/extended family/oligarch/identarian needs. Justice system that people can trust being impartial.
    Culture of compromise solutions over zero sum competition.
    Liberalism without at least theses precondition lead to very easily anarchy and then backslide to dictatorship or authoritarian rule.

  42. I love your vids but dont particularly agree with your 'those are the facts' segment at the end as the countries that you listed tend to be the ones that have been the most powerful throughout most of A.D. history of course after their founding but not because of their democracy but their pillaging of other lands and use of slaves and people generally want to immigrate to better-off nations so they would generally be the ones with higher rates of immigrant acceptance. Like you're right but not entirely for those reasons although I assume they've helped.

  43. At approx 2:00> “ Malta’s culture is Heavily influenced by Islamic/Arabic culture……their names” Are you serious? Joe, Tony, Charlie, Frank….are typical Muslim names? Their laws are based on Christian fundamentals going back, as you pointed out since St Paul…2000 years.

  44. @7:08 “Nations that have brought in immigrants, have done better than those who didn’t” In fact, nations bring in immigrants BECAUSE they’re doing well, not the other way around. 😏

  45. Keep asking the hard questions man, I love these videos. While I don't agree with you most of the time on the rare occassions you make your politics known, I really appreciate your open mindedness.

    Every time I click on a Rare Earth video, I know I'm going to hear a totally unique viewpoint, something no one else has said before. I hope that never changes.

  46. Really dislike the massive oversimplification that "some nations have chosen liberalism/secularism and therefore done better" (loosely paraphrased). At times you sound borderline colonialist and I'm quite disappointed to be honest.
    How you can visit places that have been absolutely ravaged by Western colonialism and the unsustainable global economic system, but then proclaim liberalism as sacrosanct (outside a few vague references to "it's not perfect") simply because it does well in already wealth countries, I have no idea.

  47. Liberalism is a religion that has it's own brand of intolerance. It is the delusional belief of people who think that we have reached the end of history, that we will not have to define and defend ourselves against a totalitarian aggressor or an intolerant religion like Islam. Will Islam conquer the West through subversion and ceaseless violence? Or will liberalism first dissolve Islam?

  48. To those who group by ideology, free thought is a threat
    The ability to question that is the essence of liberalism.

    Liberalism is an ideology you overexclamative quinoa salad bowl…

  49. I always enjoy watching your videos Evan, thank you. Free, unbounded and overflowing love will bless humanity far more than millennia of conflict. It was Jesus who preached this message: ‘You have heard that it was said, “Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.” But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.'
    Matthew 5:43‭-‬45

    The message of Jesus was radical then and is radical now. He calls all of us to follow Him and love lives of extraordinary love towards everyone, just as He did. His message is more freeing than any ideology you or I could devise. He is the way, the truth and the life.

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