SHE’S 0-2 NOW: Allen West educates laughable leftist about real threat to blacks

SHE’S 0-2 NOW: Allen West educates laughable leftist about real threat to blacks

Student: I have a second question.
I’m sorry for my tone previously. I was just frustrated. West: That’s okay. I have two
daughters. They talk to me like that often.
Student: Thank you. My question is… West: But I cut them off
of their allowance. [Audience laughter]
Student: Well, you don’t have that ability here.
West: I know, I know. Student: My question is about
national security. I feel like the KKK and white nationalists are
threats to black individuals in the United States. There have been
multiple shootings within the last 10 years, and there has been
an increase in violence against black people. I want to know if you
think that that is a national security issue and how you would address that. West: I think it’s a national
security issue right here on the south side of Chicago where you
have a combat zone going on, and Rahm Emanuel and everyone
else just seems to not care. As well as in Baltimore and other
places, and that’s black on black crime. That’s not KKK or whatever. Student: What about
white on black crime? I’m sorry, but that’s
what I was asking. West: Okay. Well then, have you
ever heard of Margaret Sanger? Student: You can’t just
give one example. West: Margaret Sanger and
the organization that she founded… Since 1973, almost 17,000,000 unborn
black babies have been murdered by that organization. I think that’s
something that we should really be concerned about. Based on the fact that
the United States government gives 568,700,000 dollars to an
organization that was founded by a white supremacist, a racist, a person
that spoke at Klan rallies, that referred to blacks as
“undesirables” and “weeds,” I would join forces with you in
a heartbeat to say that we need to cut off funding to an organization like
that called Planned Parenthood. Student: [Unintelligible] West: I don’t think we give
taxpayer money to the Ku Klux Klan. Student: I know, but they’re
a terrorist organization that has not been targeted by the FBI. West: Yeah, they have. The FBI
goes after white supremacist organizations. But then I would ask
you, why is it that nobody goes after Antifa? I think Antifa is also
a domestic terrorist organization. Look at what they have done at
certain colleges and universities to prevent people from going out
there and freely speaking. Let’s call a ball a ball
and a strike a strike. There are many organizations
out there that we need to be targeting. But I will tell you, first and
foremost, we shouldn’t give 568,700,000 dollars to an organization
like that. And if you do some research, I think between 50 and 55 percent
of Planned Parenthood clinics are in black communities.
That’s a travesty.

100 thoughts on “SHE’S 0-2 NOW: Allen West educates laughable leftist about real threat to blacks

  1. Its easy to agree with lies and hate on facts. Its crazy how people like her harp on such a small fraction but ignore the big picture. Its so easy to blame your problems on someone else.
    How have so many people not realized Democrats use race for their gain but don't help the races they claim to be for.

  2. Fat liberal cunt, that grew up in a comfortable libtard home, talking like she knows…the younger generation (35 and below, give or take) are brainwashed parrots that listen to the government and the "news" and believe it all without fact checking anything…LIBTARDS at their finest….Revolution time!!!

  3. She took her camera down down and thought , it’s time for biscuit and gravy with salt and pepper.


  5. Poor girl, wants to make a race issue out of everything. White on black crime? There is black on white crime. There is black on black crime. There is white on white crime. There are all colors of the rainbow committing crime against one another. It is not race, it is just evil doing what evil does.

  6. So by her logic…. Black people killing black people, and black women aborting black babies isn't a problem, but white people shooting black people is?

  7. Oh dear…
    When you cant tackle the real issues bcs you are obsessed with threats from yesteryear.

  8. She sounds racist, perpectuating a group of non existant klansman. They dont exist. Wheres the news on kkk members killing blacks? Wheres the proof there are any kkk members at all except mere posers of kkk? These dumbass kids are so brainwashed, you need to look at your real threat, the innercity thugs, IDIOT!!!!

  9. Who can defend murdering babies?
    The right to choose ?
    Murder is just that .
    Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party have blood on there hands.
    May God have mercy on the souls of the innocent, and vengeance on the wicked.

  10. The TV and my teachers have told me the white supremacist are killing black people. But your TV and your teachers are killing 1 million black people for every so called white supremacist murder of a black person. That doesnt matter because the TV and my teachers say it doesnt matter. As a matter of fact black lives only matter to the TV and your teachers if they lose thier life to a white man. How racist is that?

  11. hate another stupid liberal that has only one talking point and they're about to wear out the Klu Klux Klan and white supremacist which is probably a half of a half of a half of a percentage point of the population so just how radical racist can they be not near radical it's a little fat red headed girl who only thinks she knows is the KKK was a radical white supremacist group that's all nothing else

  12. She ain’t totally black, btw. Snowflake is just focused on the stupid stuff. 10 yrs plus as a cop I have never seen a white on black crime but many incidents of black on black crime.

  13. She was simply race baiting. She doesn't care. She only cares when it fits her narrative. It is truly tragic that so many babies have to be killed due to irresponsibility of the women who make bad choices. I'm sorry but to me it comes down to that. Stop having unprotected sex. It is your body and the choice should be made about having that sex. Choice should not be about choosing whether your baby lives or dies. Thats not choice to me, thats murder. I believe that the babies choice trumps a woman's when it comes to abortion. Let it be born then ask it. At least give it a chance to be adopted. The black community is being decimated by this practice. Yet the left in our country says this is progress. We are killing our young.

  14. I am right winged and agree with all of his point, however I feel his answers were disingenuous. He didn't answer her question straight on and missed an opportunity to properly educate the lady and audience

  15. Very informative but sad but she tuned out as soon as he said black on black crimes and that's the core of the problem "willful ignorance" spoiler alert, she looks to be part white.

  16. Another misinformed SJW ahole who doesn't realize she is stupid and irrelevant. A bigger vibrator would be a good start for her.

  17. I don't think young people know anything about the history of the United States. It's very clear that it was never taught in her generation.

  18. This fat fuck only wanted her world view validated. Zero interest in his response. She might as well have just said "Orange Man Bad!" and sat down again…

  19. how can PPH get gov funding and still make donation to DEM politions ? and then still expect the tax pays to pay for there baby killing ?

    that money would be better spent on the wall

  20. I hope the idiot liberal reads the comments… When was the last KKK (a Democrat organization) murder of a black person? Then ask how many black on black murders were committed in Chicago this month?

  21. The klan is irrelevant. White supremacy is irrelevant. Its a "white" herring. A smoke screen to distract from the real issues and problems.

  22. Democrats love to try and scare people about the kkk which has almost no members. Look up and compare the thousands of black on black murders yearly compared to the kkk which is almost none excesstant but that doesn't fit the Democratic narrative for votes

  23. Allen did not get the memo that gave him the accurate response she was looking for. Shame on him for not obliging here beliefs.

  24. " I wanna talk about white on black crime " Far more pressing issues are not important to me because they don't fit my narrative about feeling like a victom.
    01:55 takes away camera because these anoying facts don't fit my narrative about black people being victoms of white nationalists.

  25. Ah yes! College kids. All that “knowledge” and no life experience. Poor girl will likely leave school with a degree, tens of thousands of debt and no decent paying job. I have no college but I make around 100k. College is not worth it for most people.

  26. West knocked it out of the park with routine logic and fact. Please note that Ms. SJW repeatedly ignored him, talking to others, played with her camera, interrupting, etc. College students, especially women, are gulled into this foolishness and factual illiteracy by the legion of leftists and far-leftists that infest our colleges and universities.

  27. National security threat? What are the statistics on black on white crime vs white on blacks crime? I can tell you that the numbers of black gangs/ groups outnumbers the amount of white gangs/so called supremists exponentially. Why is no one talking about that?

  28. How cute the way you turn things. So Planned Parenthood is a problem to you because they offer people of color a chance at a safe abortion? So the difference between white nationalist and Planned Parenthood to me is white nationalist don't care if you are not light bright called White you are the enemy and if they can they will do you bodily harm up to and including the taking of your life. When you look at Planned Parenthood they offer a service no one is taking any one by force strapping them to a table and performing an abortion they are not putting a gun to the woman's head the women are doing this voluntarily. Oddly enough wow you and others want to tell women about the Reproductive Rights and choices how do you expect these women if they feel that they are not mentally and financially ready for child why do you think you have the right to tell them otherwise? You cry about giving welfare to women you cry about giving food stamps to women who are able body you cry about giving assistance to Able Body women. But when these Able Body women make a mistake that whines up with them being pregnant with a child they do not want and feel they cannot afford you make them have the child anyway but you're not willing to assist in the raising of this child because it's not your problem. Strange I remember as a child hearing it takes a village to raise a child, so why is it that you demand the child be born and then the village turns his back on mother and child.

  29. Blacks kill whites at a higher rate than whites killing blacks decpite blacks only making up 13% of the population and whites making up 60% or so.

    Black Americans commit over half of all murders.

    The largest threat to a black person in America is another black person. Not police and not white people.

  30. This is why I dont play team politics, I don’t care what side a group thinks they’re on if your about suppressing people even with violent means your wrong. The left obsesses about creating these boogie men and stirring people up with fear. I’m against all terrorism.

  31. What about Tyler Wingate? You know, the White guy that was beaten to death by a black man in Detroit the other day? How about after Michael Brown was shot, many whites were threatened. There was a recording of a black woman yelling..If you see a white person beat their a$$.
    Wish she could tell us what crimes against blacks she was talking about.

  32. I wouldn't doubt it that there are those in the left-wing party that donate to the KKK, just to make sure they show up every now and then so there will be something that can be pointed at as a problem, even if it's only around a half dozen of them.

  33. His comments about Planned Parenthood could be true. But nobody forces people to go there. Who's fault is it that almost 80% of black children are born to unwed mothers? The men who got them pregnant, or the women who had unprotected sex? How about both of them being at fault. It's nobodies fault but their own ,I'd like to know how racism could be the problem with Planned Parenthood.

  34. Being black in being a hypocrite and a racist !
    Go to group/hate group & races group !
    Buy dog and …..
    Seek help … it’s out there..

  35. This white kid don't get it. This is an intelligent, educated black man (adult) trying to explain to a naive, just getting a little education (child) that the major threat to black people is not any kind of white supremacy. It's liberal policies.

  36. In all big population centers up north New York, New Jersey Chicago, Baltimore, etc. there are more black babies aborted than are allowed to be born. Does that fact tell you something or are you merely complicit.

  37. I like how she just assumed that the increase in shootings and violences are caused by white nationalist, or the KKK if they even existed today lmao, when they are among the minority of the minorities. The kid is really brainwashed for a college student.

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