Sheryl WuDunn: Why All Americans Should Care About Inequality | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sheryl WuDunn: Why All Americans Should Care About Inequality | The Last Word | MSNBC

11 thoughts on “Sheryl WuDunn: Why All Americans Should Care About Inequality | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Bernie 2020, if you vote for someone else then you’re voting against your own interests. Bernie has been consistent for decades unlike the flip floppers of today who say what you want to hear (frumpy pumpy) and then either do nothing or the exact opposite.

  2. Inequality is a tensor term that has very little meaning without a vector injunction. For example racial inequality, or gender inequality. There are things that by nature must be unequal such as the life of bacteria compared to human life, etc.

  3. These anchrs make from 6 million to 30 million a year, they are in the top1% of 1%, and they always act like they are not apart of the people who have all the money

  4. Republicans are pathetic. Dragging this thing out with b.s after b.s, and Dems letting them. Dens are like parents these days- the kid can do no wrong , until the neighbor gets fed up and complains.
    Enough ! No witnesses then they cant cry " unfair " . So typical of men like these.. always looking for a way out.

  5. Nobody chose Lies or Addiction
    Greedy Companies and Corporations
    did this to Our American Families and we have to fight back…How???
    Voting and Investing Our Money in Our Communities in Our Families Together
    The kkk murder my grandparents family
    But that did not stop them from working and investing money in the community and families and VOTING is why I’m here Today
    Let’s work to save Our Communities Our Families be the example of my hard working and Generous parents and grandparents
    That in the hardest of times
    They Made It…..
    And so can you

  6. In the previous video the author, describing the many deaths of his former school friends said: this is the despair. The Trump voter has given up on trying to find happiness in his own life, and instead Trump offers him a chance to find happiness in ruining the lives of others.

  7. Why didn't the financial institutions have to pick themselves up by the boot straps, why did the tax payer have to bail them out with social assistance? Republicans say you are responsible for your own circumstances, Right?

  8. I feel bad for them and I hope they get help. But most of these people are the same ones who vote against their own interest, and blame immigrants and minorities for their plight. Corrupted politicians have been using these very effective tools for two centuries: fear mongering, stereotyping and just plain lying to get votes while they screw ALL of us. At this point I consider this a national crisis and everything should be done to save lives and get these people back on track. I may not agree with their political views but they are fellow citizens. But hate and ignorance is also disease.

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