She Built a Tiny House and Found Financial Freedom & Community

She Built a Tiny House and Found Financial Freedom & Community

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  1. The thing I like about this video is the honesty. I can’t say I especially like your house; if I went the tiny home route, this wouldn’t work for me at all. But whether I like it is not the point – the point is it fits you, works for you, and you like it, and you did exactly what you wanted to do…except when you didn’t, and you were honest about that too – the stuff that you’d have done differently, and still might if you had the chance. The fact that it’s not really done even after you start living there, and you can still change things as you go along and learn more about yourself and about the process; these are liberating concepts because so many of the tiny house videos I see make it all seem so utopian, and I know that has to be hype…nothing is perfect, there are both benefits AND drawbacks whether you choose to go tiny or go large. Anyway, what I’m trying to say through all the rambling is, thank you for being transparent about your experience, and not painting it as total nirvana. I mean, I’m sure you’re at peace overall with your lifestyle decision or you wouldn’t stick with it, but you’ve also been real about the parts you’d still like to change. That is refreshing.

  2. Like the house, like the whole concept of the community….but if you want two of the skylights on the North side couldn't you just turn the tiny house around and approach it from the other side? Is there not room to maneuver it on the site?

  3. It's a lovely house but what happens if she gets arthritis or bladder problems later in life, how is she going to get up and down that ladder fast in the middle of the night? How is she going to crawl in the loft space?

  4. You're a beautiful example for me as a woman living on your own and creating a sacred space for yourself to "Be". I love what you've created and I'm inspired. Thank-you

  5. woa – that constant loud background noise from other people living there, crowded on top of each other, would totally destroy me – mentally and emotionally. "Serenity" is the last name I would give to that house, as I'm highly noise – and smell – sensitive (and there are probably loads of barbeques done). Thanks G-d I don't have to live there!

  6. What an inspiring human BEING ! Thank you for being the example for a better way to live You look very happy and alive in the true sense of the words

  7. This is the FIRST tiny home that i could actually see myself living in, but that's probably because i mirror Karin's tastes in almost every way that i can see as far as the style, the decor, and how everything looks so NEAT, and no wires showing (i've seen some cabins — by guys, generally, lol –that had wires sticking out everywhere and i HATE visible wires!! Cords, too. YUCK.) Too bad Missouri is part of Tornado Alley! I would definitely need something cemented down in this area!

  8. Written under the banjo "mè toutaliboh youtalibok " "what you want wants you too " RUMI ! Serenity you want serenity you'll get !

  9. It’s amazing what women can do, really cute, like those windows……….Especially her cat looking out of the tiny window………

  10. What a beautiful home…suggestion for the southern/summer heat skylight issue – make a slightly oversized thick foam insert to pop in for those hot sunny days. It would reduce the light, but it could be removed and shade the space while permitting some winter heat and light gain.

  11. I am looking for a place to live in like this. Also I am looking for a builder to build the tiny house for me.

  12. As a claustrophobic person with 7 cats I just wonder if I could do it? Her place is AWESOME! She's a cool lady.

  13. I admired these tinies with lofts, but juat this last few days, I'm thinking they're not right in their concept.
    The sleeping loft is dangerous, and inconvenient at night. …when one has to go down the ladder at night, to go to the bathroom. And who wants to navigate them half-asleep?

  14. This is by far and away my absolute favorite tiny house. The best, most inviting one I've ever seen. I could live here as it is. No changes. Thanks

  15. 階段は不安定、家内部ほ色使いが多色。猫口有る。暖房はどうなの?

  16. My dream is to have a tiny house. I live in a tiny appartment 33 m2 , now. I would like to leave the city, live another life in the country side. My dream. Wonderful house. Nobody needs a big house. Why?

  17. I’m Montagnard live in North Carolina I can live in that small house love the nature around so quiet, peace place to live.

  18. Your a fantastic lady by the way do you need permission to build a home like this do you need to get planning permission?

  19. I think all ppl need to escape reality for a while. It will definitely cleanse the mind. I’m thinking about doing this probably for a whole year.

  20. We found that most people wasted time on pay off city home loan slavery of real estate businessman in order to purchase home. Tiny house for land privatization system and legal possession law is very convenient for People's working and life.

  21. Is it just me or whenever I don’t look at the screen and listens to her talk, I actually can hear Susan Sarandon.


  23. To fix the sky- light heat in the summer by placing a sun-shade under the sky-lights that may the do trick, cheap and effective.

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