Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest

Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest

[music playing] The coastline,
extending roughly 15 miles around the town,
is a shark-attack hot spot. There have been as
many as 20 shark attacks in a single year, which
is a tremendous number for such a small area. NARRATOR: In fact,
since records began, this tiny region has
seen a shocking total of more than 220 shark attacks. That means roughly one
out of every 25 attacks worldwide happens
here, earning the area A terrifying claim to fame. New Smyrna Beach has
been nicknamed the Shark Attack Capital of the World. NARRATOR: It's a reputation
no one in this tourist haven wants. People ask me every day,
are there sharks out there? We really can't tell
what the cause is when people get bit out there. A lot of people will not
come here because of that. NARRATOR: This
problem must be solved for the sake of beachgoers
here and across the nation. It's really important to
identify the factors that are associated with the
spike in shark attacks, because we have
a chance of using that knowledge to
keep beachgoers safe throughout the world. NARRATOR: So what makes
New Smyrna so different? Why are humans more likely to be
bitten here than anywhere else on Earth? Perhaps a clue can be
found within the species responsible for Emma's incident. The vast majority of attacks
worldwide are conducted by one of three types of sharks– bulls, tigers, or whites. But based on the pattern
of Emma's wounds, experts believe she might have
been bitten by a blacktip. Blacktip sharks are found
in warm, coastal waters across the globe. They often feed in
large schools and are easily recognizable by
the black-colored markings on their fins. And they grow up to
8 feet long, which means they're large enough
to take down a human. Dr. Stephen Kajiura
has been studying blacktips along Florida's
coast for almost a decade. Each year, he takes to the
skies to research this species, taking part in one of the
most awe-inspiring marine phenomenons in the world. This footage shows
what we've captured by doing an aerial survey. You can see all
those little dots. Every one of those is a shark. Just in that narrow band,
we're seeing literally tens of thousands of sharks. NARRATOR: This is the blacktip
migration, the largest shark migration in the United States. There are hundreds
of thousands of these blacktips
making this migration along the coast every year. They come down to
spend the winter here in Florida, because the
temperature is ideal for them. NARRATOR: Many different
types of sharks migrate annually in search of
food, warmer waters, or a mate. Most travel alone,
or in small groups. And they typically
do so in deep waters. But the potential
problem for beachgoers is that the hordes of
blacktips prefer the shallows. STEPHEN KAJIURA: These
sharks hug the shoreline. They might be doing
that to stay away from predators– baiter sharks. So we have thousands
of them so close to shore, right along the beach
where all the bathers are. NARRATOR: Any time
there is an influx of sharks in an area, the
chance of a run-in with humans also increases. So is the large number of
attacks near New Smyrna simply the result of this large
number of blacktips inshore? The answer comes down to timing. The blacktips pass New Smyrna
from September to November, then again in March and April. And only about half of
the attacks on record took place during those months. So the migration may play a
part in some of the incidents, but it's not the whole story.

49 thoughts on “Shark Attack Capital of the World | SharkFest

  1. Here’s a way to solve the problem….stop swimming in the shark infested waters. Don’t feel bad for those victims, sorry not sorry

  2. 220 attacks, 1 out of 25 attacks in the world = 5500 attacks world wide.

    Just some math to put things in actual perspective rather than the drama their trying to portray. If anyone comes up with a different number let me know, I did this on the go.

  3. I though we were past demonizing Sharks, with The music and the blood in this clip it shows sharks as threatening. Sure, if you go in the ocean, It’s the same as playing on railroad tracks,ffs.

  4. It's actually known as 'The Shark Bite Capital of the World '….not the shark 'attack ' capital of the World.

  5. I live here….sooo….as a Beach Safety Officer, if someone asks ya if there's sharks out there….just say yes.

  6. If you got bit by a black tip it's because of divers hand feeding sharks quit letting shark dives happen sharks are learning where there is humans there is food from stealing fisherman's catch to being hand fear from shark diving tours wake up

  7. i love how they presented the black tip "so she might have been bitten by a…. BLACK TIP . SKRILLEX HIT THE PLAY BUTTON!!"

  8. –> For anyone who saw that ad before the video, DO NOT PURCHASE 4OCEAN BRACELETS, IT IS A SCAM!
    The bracelets are made in China and they make little to no efforts on cleaning the ocean.

  9. Suggest that the attacking species is a blacktip shark, then show the clip of blacktip reef shark and say they are easy to identify… Facepalm

  10. Uh it's the ocean. Ocean is for fish. Not everything can be a playground for humans. 225 shark attacks since record keeping. And that's a lot? More people get attacked by wild dogs each year.

  11. Doesnt take a scientist to figure out why black tips are only half of the recorded attacks. Other sharks eat them… so they have a large food supply 2 times a year… then its gone. Clearly those sharks still need to eat.

  12. I'd like to send my ex-wife here please. If we gave the sharks a whale, then I'm sure they'd leave us alone..

  13. Because of the coral reef die offs, there is less and less of their natural prey available. So you get lots of hungry sharks , swirling around an area with a lot of humans. Well, what's a hungry shark going to do? And there are more people going in the water. And they behave like FOOD.

  14. Lol I was there with my family once, and my parents just chose to not tell me about the sharks until we had left. I mean, nobody got hurt, and we had a good time at the beach!

  15. Well.. sharks are just fish, aaaaand fish live in water, sooooo what else needs to be explained? The whole story is: humans are not supposed to be bathing in sea water, anywhere in the world.

  16. I could see the vacation house we rented for a week on this video and swam everyday in late July and had no problems. Must of just been lucky🙏

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