Sex vs. Gender: Transgender ideology In Sports & Media

Sex vs. Gender: Transgender ideology In Sports & Media

this week the United States Supreme Court decided not to decide about president Trump's 2017 transgender military band justices deferring to lower court challenge is already in progress it's estimated that some 15,000 transgender individuals are now serving and there are over a hundred thirty thousand transgender veterans then defense secretary James Madison CERN that a subset of transgender persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria experience discomfort with their biological sex resulting in significant distress or difficulty functioning and the American Psychological Association defines gender dysphoria as a conflict between a person's physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she they their words identify what don't the rest of us understand about transgender people and how are the workplace public accommodations and sports changing let's ask Jenn Smith who has degrees in history and political science and has been writing and speaking on the dangers of that transgender ideology as it poses to women and children and dr. Colin right is an Everly research fellow at the Department of Biology at Penn State welcome to you both Jen most of what most of the rest of us have heard on this issue is just political noise right wing wedge issues like who uses what yeah that's pretty much it you know get us passing it and tell or you stand on deserts of Education and confusion and I think that starts with with the language so if like if we're going to talk about this subject I think we can what would do well to take some advice from the philosopher Voltaire who said when entering a discussion you need to define your terms so this is part of the confusion I'm talking about so I am transgender okay so if you break that word down into its component parts you've got trans and gender what's happening in society today is we are confusing and conflating the words gender and sex so starting with gender and like I say this is important to understand what's happening gender is basically a classification system it's refers to different forms of behavior dress basically social expectations that are put upon a sex in the given society and they're arbitrary they change over time they change from culture to culture but I would argue they're fluid so you basically got to box masculine and feminine I as you can tell sort of dip into both boxes and that's fine that's called transgender the confusion that's happening right now is that people are confusing gender with sex right so sex is a biological reality okay and that's in your body and you're either XX or XY and that's something that cannot be changed but when we are talking transgender issues today we have a lot of people who are assuming that because you switch genders that changes your sex who are ats not true right okay Colin just this week a South Dakota State Senate committee let's stand a policy that lets transgender students play on the team that matches their gender identity do women who used to be men have an unfair advantage competing with other women or vice versa and can we desegregate sports so I think it's pretty clear that men do have a competitive advantage over over females and sports so men on average are much larger they're taller they're faster they're stronger they have more grip strength larger hands bigger lungs all kinds of things that give them a competitive advantage over females in competitiveness in sports basically so the whole reason that we had you know segregated leagues based on six in the first place is to account for these biological differences that we have between the sexes and if we didn't have these segregated leagues then you would essentially never see female athletes competing at a high level just because they simply wouldn't be able to compete but what we have now is sort of a situation where we have biological males that are saying that they have the right to compete against females because they simply identify as a female but these leagues were never created these segregated leagues or events were not created to reflect sort of an internal way of how you feel about yourself or how you want to express some deep internal feeling of masculinity or femininity these were created to acknowledge real biological differences between men and women in competitive ability in athletics and this is something that you simply can't identify away right and in terms of vice-versa that you said I actually have no problem with having trans and men so biological females competing against you know biological male leagues because they're actually not at a competitive advantage they have a disadvantage because they haven't gone down that developmental pathway that has made them into adult males that gives them all the advantages that you would expect to come with that right right some 700,000 Americans about three tenths of a percent of us identify as transgender in the workplace half of transgender employees say they've been harassed about a quarter say transitioning has cost them their jobs and some three-quarters say they felt more comfortable at work after transitioning a dear friend of mine who is a transgender woman impressed upon me that as you suggested you both suggested we're talking about self identity more than Anatomy so I was unsurprised to learn of a journal of sexology study that pointed out that some 98 percent of transgender identified persons have not had surgery over a million and a half people have seen this YouTube video of an aggrieved gamestop customer a taking issue with a store clerk addressing her and another customer in line as you guys a term I often hear my gal pals used to address each other it's a smartphone camera video so it's fuzzy enough that I won't presume the clerks understanding as to whether he recognized the customer as a man or a woman but Jen personal pronouns obviously mean a lot to that customer how forgiving are you if a stranger honestly miss recognizes III really don't let it trouble me because we need to understand that the the whole sort of transgender craze is relatively new and people have been raised and brought up to reflexively refer to somebody who appears male as he and him so like you're showing that video there from the game stop and I would say that some but like that's an overreaction this is a person who is not appreciating the fact that people are conditioned to respond this way and you're not going to get people to change overnight furthermore there are some people who won't change their language to accommodate people because women for instance feminists and stuff are very opposed to what's going on in terms of male body trans being allowed into previously female only spaces and you talked about that Journal of sexology study where it said that ninety-eight point two percent of transgender identified persons have not had the genital surgery so when you look at these sort of super pretty fashion model trans and stuff that you see on TV on other networks and stuff that's a bit of an illusion that's a bit of a mind game that they're playing with the public right transgenders don't look like that and most people are unaware of that statistic that you cited from the journalistic sexology and that's an important stat when women are trying to decide whether they want to let them into their private spaces you know I'm glad you mention that and I want to ask Colin to follow up on that what fundamental misunderstandings does the mainstream media perpetuate reporting on transgender issues I got about 45 seconds yeah I think the main issue is that they equivocate between an internal sense of identity and biological sex and also they'll they'll talk about how they think that hormones are maybe the only thing that are giving men the competitive advantage over women in sports which completely negates the fact that what we should be looking at is the effect that testosterone and our other hormones have on the development of an individual from adolescence into an adult and these things aren't reversed when you simply start taking cross-sex hormones and Jen down to 30 seconds but we've talked about the mainstream media social media many think has coarsened our society is that a plus or a minus in telling the transgender story well I mean social media is you know it's certainly playing a big factor on what's going on because so many people are on there now and it allows for what I certainly in my experiences it's mainly being conflicts between those who sort of support self ID and those who don't right and so it can get pretty heated on social media but I sort of expect more from the mainstream media like this conflation of the words gender and sex that needs to be straightened out because that's leading to this illusion that people can change sexes they can't like I can express the only way I want I don't want anybody to tell me that I can't do that I'm glad I can't change that I'm glad you've drawn that distinction it'll help the rest of us understand a lot Thank You Jen Smith and Colin right for your time on the big picture thank you and thank you for watching the big picture if you see us somewhere else you can also watch our T America live now at slash RT we're also live and Direct TV three two one and on the Pluto TV app 1 3 2 and on dish two eight zero and all of our shows are available anytime anywhere on any device at slash the big picture Artie I'm Holland cook in Washington back here same time next week in the meantime I am at Holland cook on Twitter where if you follow me I'll follow you with federal furloughed workers missing another pay day we should all question more

29 thoughts on “Sex vs. Gender: Transgender ideology In Sports & Media

  1. This is BS and fake news. Since the late 19th century, gender has been described in psychiatric literature as the psychiatric symptom when men say that they felt as women trapped in a male body. There is no gender existing but it is a mental state of some individuals. Ideologists and political activists only want to erase the term 'gender' from old psychiatric literature, for instance from "Psychopathia sexualis" by Richard von Krafft-Ebing. Mentally healthy people only have a sex, not gender. Stop falling for ideological propaganda!

  2. I watched  the big O   for years   but never again   they will  loose viewers left and right      ……     anyone with any brain  would know a boy with no pp  is still  gonna beat  a girl LOLOLOLO L       what a crock a shit

  3. Also homosexual gender feel offended with this media madness. Today society knows and respect sexual preference.
    Why to make a big parade about it. Why to involve children? Social demonstration.
    Then homosexual lose my respect. Because they don't respect kids or straight people don't want to see this.
    We all know you are gay, Why you have to show your private life? On parade, for children? Nobody cares your private life but you need the show…

  4. Well done to Jenn, but also a serious shout out to the professor who is putting his professional life on the line here.

  5. Be prepared for the outrage mob accusing the participants of being Russian Bots.
    But seriously, a good discussion.

  6. Excellent, Jenn. Let's hope we see more of you on these types of debates. Clear, rational and balanced.

  7. Thank you. Jenn you make Crystal clear sense. You look fantastic, and best part, you're not demanding I kowtow to the cult dogma that you have changed sex.

  8. Jenn, I appreciate you shining some light on a touchy subject. We need people with knowledge and courage to speak out against compelled speech and indoctrination. People are free to express their gender in whatever fashion they want. Children must not be coerced into actions with possibly disastrous consequences because they are confused or uncomfortable with their bodies. We are supposed to protect children not feed them to the lions.

  9. So refreshing to hear the truth from Jenn Smith! We need to have more of this. It's impossible to change one's sex.

  10. I find it ironic that people may claim that Jenn can't speak as a trans person on behalf of the trans issue when trans males are speaking on behalf of women on women's issues.

  11. Someone commented that Jenn was dude in a wig. Transgender "women" are male. Self identification is at the crux of this issue. It is not up to us to define whether Jenn is "really trans" or not. That is the way policy is heading in the UK.

  12. Thank you for having  a Trangender from the LGBTQ community who is articulate and  finally the voice of reason .

  13. Thanks so much for bringing some clarity to an issue that effects the rights of women to privacy and dignity.

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