12 thoughts on “Senators Say TikTok Should Be Investigated By U.S. Intelligence For Potential “National Security Ris

  1. Remember Edward Snowden disclosed the PRISM Project that NSA conduct global spying (including Angela Merkel mobile phone) ??
    Now we know who is spying who..!!!

  2. Im king of shy of being spied by CIA. I try to hide my wishes by doing some wirde actions. And Ive noticed that some of them are taken by CIA to the strong control. I am the way to be surprised that we could have the same points of view and perposes.

  3. I agree… Fucc Hackers. These type of MUTHAFUCCAS are known to hack your youtube profile via account and say some dumb shit under your profile… And get you into a ( DO LOW ) twist.

  4. So every police dept and google all work for China? Are senators sending a message to intelligence agencies not to engage in the same practice?

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