22 thoughts on “Sen. Paul on Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Foreign Policy – May 24, 2018

  1. Riyadh is not an ally. Riyadh is a client. Even if Pompeo is disingenuous enough to say otherwise, then he should at least acknowledge Senator Paul's point when he says Iran will attempt to rely on China and Russia.

  2. Pompeo is a shill for the discredited neo-cons of the Bush years.. How can Pompeo continue to speak of Iran as a terrorist supporter without mentioning the House of Saud, Qatar, Turkey continued support of the most radical, destructive terrorist organizations in the world.

  3. I never think I would say this! But Rand Paul really speaking like someone with his head on his body with brain functioning well. Thank God for Jesus!! This is the problem of the world you can't tell one set of people that you don't like to do something but the ones you like and get alone with you can't speak truth to them and apply the same measures. This is why unrest will continue around the world. Because other countries being scold and others are left to do as they want. Its unfair and the world sees it. And I'm glad Rand Paul sees it too. Heavenly Father , I ask that you intervene in these crisis of this world. These players who continues to take things into their own hands and never consulting you about anything and play with the lives of your children and built up unnecessary things to have people believe others are not playing fear and instill fear in us and to possible to push a war. I ask that you give these men hearts of flesh and remove their hearts of stone so they will be kind to each other. Save us from any war that could destroy millions of lives. I pray today that we humans will seek you above all else in everything we do. Amen

  4. قوم يهود را ٣٠٠٠ سال پيش ،كورش بزرگ از اسارت و بردگي نجات داد.
    پيوسته تا كنون هركجا ،اسم اسراييل ، كشور يهود به زبان ميايد ، ناخواسته در ذهن مردمان ، رهايي انان از بردگي توسط كورش و ايرانيان تداعي مي شود! و مهر بردگي تا ابد به پيشاني انان مانده است و اين است علت دشمني و خصومت اسراييل از كشور ايران يا همان ( امپراطوري پارس).!!!!

  5. Senator Paul ,you have a dozen MKA members sitting there with yellow jackets for his support ,you missed those ? Wasn’t that a clear picture that he will start a war with Iran ? Then you climbed the reason you voted yes last minute because privately he convinced you he is against it ?!! Really ?!

  6. Sorry but you are talking to some one that has no intention to make peace ,he is specifically by someone to start war on Iran ,he is probably laughing inside thinking does this guy have any idea who I am ?!

  7. i never think that are people in USA KNOW THE TRUTH, I THOUGH they are all lairs. thanks Randpaul to speak the real truth, tell the world.

  8. Rand Paul is a dumbass iran wants to take over the world they want to take back their long lost Persian Empire while the Saudis want to have it fo protection.

  9. Dr. Rand Paul 2020 for 2020 vision in American gov. Love joy peace wealth & abundance for all. Accentuate the + eliminate the – .

  10. …what's with the sleepy, uninterested intern in the background!? …that woman doesn't seem to understand what's going on… how did she get into that room!?

  11. Finally someone talks the reality of what is going on with Iran. I believe Trump and his cronies are going create a crisis by attacking Iran just before the election. No one wants to lose their jobs and putting fear into the people adds up to votes. Even if it means killing a few million people. Wake-Up America Iran hasn't attack another country in over 200 years. How many has America attacked?

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