38 thoughts on “Sen. Lindsey Graham on trade and Trump's foreign policy

  1. Graham is a two faced liar. He talks bad and then talks good things about Trump and then golfs with him on the weekend. WTF

  2. Senator Lindsey Graham stupid, the Russians shit on your sanctions, choke on the deer with shit.

  3. Lindsey Graham is a MEGA THIEF! Lindsay Graham and his buddies breached the SOCIAL SECURITY trust fund and stole more than 1.3 Trillion dollars from SOCIAL SECURITY. Get rid of this RINO! Lindsey and McCain and Kasich and their buddies started the THEFT from AMERICAN citizens SOCIAL SECURITY! Put THEM in PRISON and seize their millions and billions of DOLLARS of assets! Remember they all have OFF SHORE accounts in addition to the millions here in the USA! Crooks and CRIMINALS! Get RID OF GRAHAM! Asap!

  4. UHHMM….Does Trump know that the European Union has a ban on all GMO crops which soybeans are the number 2 on the list of U.S. GMO crops (corn being #1). If he said they are going to buy them then he is FUCKING LYING because if the EU buys any soybean crops from the U.S., which are ALL genetically modified (except organic products), the european countries have to indicate that GMO ingredients are used on the label and NO ONE in Europe will buy them because europeans do not want to eat genetically modified foods. It would be economic suicide for them. Once again THE EUROPEAN UNION BANS ALL GMO FOODS!! And you can thank MONSANTO!!

  5. Little Johnny McCain, aka Lindsey Graham, is a war monger…he never met a war he did not like…he is as dumb as a box of rocks.   Little Johnny, how is your war going in Syria?   Your terrorist boys are about done, and I see Trump has taken the credit.  Everyone knows Russian air power tore the guts out of the ISIS.  What lies are you going to spread now?

  6. I would like to see cars assembled and manufactured by Ford, GM, BMW, MBZ in China stamped "Made in China". I will not touch a car made in China!

  7. But neither one committed. There's room for Trump to simply wake tomorrow and ReTweet that he re-thought it and EUROs to say, I see that and there was no Commit.


  9. China did not have to steal intellectual property. Bush #1 GAVE China our secrets on so much of our jets etc.

  10. Lindsey Graham is trying to use Trump’s pronunciation of “China” but he’s falling short. It’s more like, “Dgynah!”

  11. "There are no more than three rules in carrying out the duties of government office. They are ; first one must be clean, second be prudent and third work diligently. When one knows these three, one is able to know how to conduct oneself." ☘ God bless America.

  12. Lindsey Graham has been lying to the American people and have been lying to the people of North Carolina or South Carolina over the hell he's from, she is a tranny and she needs to come out of her closet and quit lying to the American people, just like Ovomit manwife.

  13. There's a trojan horse within the gop and is advising POTUS to impose tariffs on China and the EU. The good times could well be over by Xmas2018 when inflation sets in, QE, petrodollar sinks, losing in market share due to this self-imposed isolation and more US factories moving to China, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

  14. Hey Shannon, when is f Mueller going to get sorted out?…you look as gorgeous as ever especially with the fast talking rodent across the table…god I can't f stand him.

  15. lolz. You know Graham, to win the tariff war we could just go to real war with China. I bet you haven't thought about that one.

  16. I'm surprised Lindsey Graham has almost come around. I thought he was going to be John McCain's sock puppet for the rest of his life.

  17. We need to get out and vote so we can get rid of those democraps and socialist out of our government. Once we get full control of congress then we can get rid of all those SOCIALIST programs. We will start with food stamps, let them get a job if they want to eat. Then we will get rid of Medicaid, they need to get a job to pay for their doctors, why should I pay for their medical. Then, get rid of that socialist medicare program, then the medical cost will go down. Last, get rid of SOCIAL SECURITY, that is the biggest socialist program of all. GET RID of ALL of these communist socialist programs from our government. We are a capitalist country, not socialist.

    Trump 2020

  18. Just support the president not the swamp please Lindsay. Why would Hussain lick their boots and send them cash?um let me think.

  19. If I do not start hearing a resolve to the problem I have been put in, It is an absolute Promise I WILL EXPOSE EVERYTHING with PROOF of the WAY I have been TREATED by this GOVERNMENT, and SCR3W your POLITICS, and BS your SELLING the WORLD, I will EXPOSE the REAL COVER UP of the REAL TRUTH this GOVERNMENT has been doing, and WHY, it's a FAMILY, and it's DIVINE, THE known facts covered up by this GOVERNMENT are unbelievable, but the GUARDIANS over this WORLD, that have also been covered up have had enough of the LIARS here as WELL,especially when it comes to their ANOINTED, patience in Me is fading quickly. Especially when RIPS was done to cover this up without mine CONSENT.

  20. Fox=CNN=MSNBC: Fox: I hate Russia more than anyone!! MSNBC: No way, hey! Nobody hates Putin more than I do!!  CNN: You guys don't hate Russia anywhere near where we do!!  Fox: Liars, we're tough on Putin!!  CNN: Bull!! Obama told Putin to "Cut it out!!!"  Fox: "Yeah?? Well, Trump is tougher on Russia than any other President!!  MSNBC: "Sure!! But he never told Putin to "Cut it out!!!'

  21. Holy Crap!………..I never thought I would see the day that I would agree with Lindsey Graham, but his statement that we might have to endure a little pain to achieve the goals that the President has in mind for trade is correct. We should remember the sacrifices that our grandparents and great grandparents made during WWII, to make sure that we came out winners. The sacrifices that we might have to endure now are very small in comparison.

  22. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the Shah of Iran. Mohammad Reza came to power during World War II after an Anglo-Soviet invasion forced the abdication of his father, Reza Shah Pahlavi.

    During Mohammad Reza's reign, the Iranian oil industry was briefly nationalized, under Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, until a US and UK-backed coup d'état deposed Mosaddegh and brought back BP oil.

    The CIA was instrumental in deposing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh [Mosaddegh and the shah were pro-western allies of America.] Iran was considered to be a strong stable ally of the United States while the Shah was in power

    Mohammad Reza gradually lost support from the Shi'a Muslim clergy of Iran as well as the working class, particularly due to his strong policy of modernisation.

    In 1963, Mohammad Reza launched the White Revolution, a series of far-reaching reforms, which caused much opposition from the Islamic scholars. They were enraged that the referendum approving of the White Revolution in 1963 allowed women to vote with the Ayatollah Khomeini railing in his sermons against the fact that women had been allowed to vote, saying the fate of Iran should never be allowed to be decided by women.

    American politicians and businessmen thought that the Shah's social reforms in Iran were too slow.The Carter Administration abandoned the shah in favor of Ruhollah Khomeini. Members of the American press presented Ayatollah Khomeini as a fresh start for Iran – a new era of social and political justice. STUPID!

    After the Shah was deposed; the Iranian monarchy was formally abolished, and Iran was declared an Islamic republic led by Ruhollah Khomeini.

    The United States government should NOT be involved in the overthrow of governments – regime change. The CIA was instrumental in removing Mosaddegh for the financial interests of BP Oil. The Carter Administration's backing of the Ayatollah Khomeini – to replace the Shah led to the chaos which now exists in Iran!

    Graham – You really are theologically, historically and politically IGNORANT concerning the nature and goals of Authentic Islam!

  23. With Trump and the US Treasury taking control of the central banking system, China will go broke very Quickly , China will come around very soon !

  24. Perhaps we could replace the Iranian leadership with Trump and his White House. Everybody wins….Trump gets to be a dictator, he can have a parade when ever he wants….and most importantly it gets him out of America. Then what ever American leadership is in office can bomb Trump and his new state Trumpran back to the stone age…one bomb should do it.

  25. Yo PedoZionist , please tell us HOW Iran is evil?, you are an Echo Puppet for Israel, and a dangerous man, rather cavalier with the blood of American youth. If he wants a war with Iran for Israhell, give the tough little bitch a rifle and a parachute and send him on his way. Do the American ppl not realize these Zionist Warhawks are seriously bad for American interest, and why would Fox invite this pedo on, Tucker should punch this man in the mouth!

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