33 thoughts on “Sen. Gardner talks Iran policy, Trump's feud with Democrat 'squad'

  1. Disney-Fox is changing for the worse, I think. Maybe soon they'll equal Time Warner-CNN and Microsoft-NBC's audience level.

  2. What should concern many Americas is the amount of people that support those twisted sisters of hate, and that there is a huge underground movement to make the US a Socialist, Islamic Nation, Trump thankfully won, but this proves they are there, just lying and waiting to take control, listening to those hags is nauseating, talk about oxygen thieves, they epitomize it

  3. These 4 women are evil , working against America, trying to strip us of are military with this green deal … A plot to weaken America..

  4. Gardner is such an embarrassment for Colorado and the rest of the country. Please find a real statesman and patriot instead of this tool to represent the great state of Colorado.

  5. what do you mean "Presidents Fued"… it is America's Fued. Those who dislike America for Pete's Sake should be called out? Stop hiding the truth. We the People love the fact President Trump reveals truth, n speakes for them…He is their voice…

  6. best thing? Get rid of the BLM. Forest Service( Helen Chenowith) redruM by agencies over water dispute with USFS in NYE county Nevada. leave it to the States. no more Cliven Bundy, Nevada, and Lavoy Finicum (shot by FBI and Oregon State Troopers Burns Oregon). redruM .

  7. Quite actually, the Democrat politicians have been stripped of their Holy GUARDIAN ANGELS. Subsequently, many of them who were not already possessed are now becoming so. They EARNED IT.

  8. I think those girls actually hate Americans.
    This is not the U.N. this is the U.S.A. . If those representatives want to represent another country they should go to that country.

  9. I know what the Democrats are going to say.
    Trump want nuclear War!😱
    They forgot that today isn't 1970.
    That Deal is 50 years old.
    We need a new one that cover the new challenges that we face today.

  10. President Trump is exactly right! I have never seen such anti- semitic and anti-American people in Congress, EVER! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE THE PEOPLE voted President Trump in. DO YOUR JOBS CONGRESS and shut your mouths. We are sick and tired of your crap. TRUMP 2020!

  11. I may not agree with everything Mr Gardner says but he's intelligent polite and very professional.Something the white house sorely needs.

  12. cory gardener is weak and his garbage policy of high taxes / over regulation, on legal marijuana, is TERRIBLE.

  13. At this moment I am deeply saddened that the President chose to incite violence yet again. In Scripture, the USA is not God’s chosen nation. Israel is. God does not operate by the Gregorian calendar. All Christians should focus on loving Jesus Christ with their entire being, loving their neighbor (no matter what race, creed, sexual orientation, mental capacity, etc.) as themselves and listening to and doing the Will of God. Everything is to be done in love. If the Holy Spirit moves you to act in love, do so. We are not called to watch and do nothing when we see injustice that would no doubt cause even Jesus Christ to cry. This is the deception that is going on now. Either you think that standing still while the Lord will swing by to pick you up is OK, or you engage in His love. Don’t forget the song, “They shall know we are Christians by our love.” Are you a clanging cymbal?

  14. My Views on Abortion have changed because of these Four Women. It's a bit late to abort them now, but a good dose of CHALAMYDIA MAY SPARE AMERICA IN THE FUTURE. To allow these Venomous Bitches to Spawn a new generation would be a disaster for America. Prevention is better than a cure.

  15. If you've ever had to move because of job relocation you know how disruptive it can be to your life plans. It is also an opportunity. If you don't want to move, resign or petition for another position in the bureaucracy. My decision was binary. Move or be separated from the company. It hurt, but became an immense source of growth and opportunity. Regarding the squad, if they would lose the medua coverage that they're given they would be nothing, with no accomplishment beyond the value of the socialist doctrine they try to spread. Some will follow, but when all Americans wake up to their hateful rhetoric and see through their devisive rants , they will fade from the public eye. Good riddance.

  16. Oh le crétin US, le grosse pêche orange & les USA, je m'en fout!
    Mettez-vous bien cela dans vos petites cervelles de rats!! 🖕

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