Selfie Dysmorphia: How social media filters are distorting beauty 🤳🏽

Selfie Dysmorphia: How social media filters are distorting beauty 🤳🏽

the selfie card it were hated Instagram and snapchat are working to ensure they're here to stay in fact social media sites are constantly finding new ways for your selfie to evolve snapchat introduced something it calls lenses and uses augmented reality over your face instagram quickly added its own version new face filters on instagram today this is my favorite one so far nice job team these filters are of course a fun way to change your species right age or gender how you doing or give yourself a complete makeover but when you take a closer look you may notice some of these filters actually change your features bigger eyes longer eyelashes higher cheekbones smoother poreless sometimes even fair skin and then there are photo editing apps like face tune which allow you to toy with your image in real time whiten your teeth thin your nose brighten your eyes and plump your lips it's like an enhancement like it you just look like a more put-together cleaner or less sweaty or you no longer eyelash version of yourself so that like flawless kind of superficial look is what all these celebrities are like you're mentioning the Kardashians or Jenner's will look like with their full faces of makeup I think it really becomes attractive to be able to utilize filters to look that way in an instant but digital tweaks which obscure your flaws conform to an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of beauty and give some the impression that they have the capacity to look quote perfect that can take a toll on a person's self-esteem and in some cases are causing a dependence if it's a selfie I will do it with a filter it's not about like adding any dog ears or like hearts to it I think it's more just taking away all like skin coloration differences or taking away your pimples or making your eyes I guess more pop or like whatever other features that you want to like have pas I think it's more that for me just to make it look I guess more pretty Natasha is 14 years old and says she suffers from a mild form of selfie dysmorphia a body image disorder defined as a need to heavily edit one's own digital image and an intense dissatisfaction with one's own appearance after using digital filters and in severe cases it can lead to drastic actions but one of the strangest I had was a patient really wanted bigger eyes like the actual filter had given it was impossible to give her big eyes and I tried to explain many times why surgically and non surgically this could not happen that's the cosmetic surgeon who coined the term selfie dysmorphia after noticing an alarming trend among his younger patients usually before way back patients would bring in pictures of celebrities so it may be Angelina Jolie's jawline or someone else's nose and it helped him give him a way of describing what they needed to the position which was okayed what then I started noticing where people were using altered and filtered versions of themselves they wanted to look exactly like that image a phenomenon that wasn't exclusive to his practice in the UK well if you wish you look more like your doctored selfies you're not alone snapchat dysmorphia with young patients wanting surgery so they can look more like they do in filtered selfies in 2017 55 percent of surgeons reported seeing patients who request surgery to improve their appearance in selfies up from 42% in 2015 selfie dysmorphia is real I have actually had clients come in with their snapchat filters and usually I'll make a joke about how you know I can't put the whole picture together because I don't have the money years in my cabinet a lot of people don't like that Megan Kozak calls herself a face architect she believes celebrities like the Kardashians and the Jenners still dictate beauty trends and Technology is simply making people more aware of what's possible we can all think Kylie Jenner for the big massive boom in the industry so in 2014 when she came out with her lip injection everybody wanted lip injection it was lips after lips after lips in 2018 a study by the American Academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery revealed a 24% increase in cosmetic surgery or injectables in patients under the age of 30 since 2013 unlike prior generations who kept quiet about getting work done these procedures are more normalized even considered mainstream like we're bombarded every single day with these filters and adjustments so you really take a look at yourself in the mirror and if you don't measure up then sometimes you can start to feel insecure about yourself the truth of the matter is is everyone can use Botox everyone needs it right like we're working at our muscles each and every day and we're all having wrinkles but if we get Botox and it's almost like a snapchat filter right that you're walking around with a snapchat filter instead of having to filter your photos afterwards while selfie dysmorphia is not a medically recognized condition experts say it could be signs of a larger mental health issue seeing themselves through a lens that is very much tainted by you know filtered lenses that you know people are putting up on social media so I should look like her or you know my body should look like you know her body it can create depressive symptoms it can create low self-esteem confidence issues and I see tons of that we see tons of that Global News reached out to both Instagram and snapchat but neither directly commented on selfie dysmorphia what they did say was that filters were not designed to alter a person's appearance they are about other forms of fun meaningful and artsy expression snapchat has never been about being perfect it was designed as a place where people feel free to be their authentic self while there are trends out there like hashtag no filter which push for a more authentic online presence it's hard to resist the temptation of a seemingly picture-perfect ever-evolving selfie thanks for watching global news hey kitty I'm trying to work here thanks 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  1. Social media has people losing their mines! I, personally, do not think I look good in photos, so I rarely post any on social media; however, I believe the mirror and I'm satisfied with my appearance, offline…lol!

  2. Vanity they name is women. Nothing has changed except totalitarian government with support of MSM Pravda.
    Superficial snowflakes with hit the wall of reality.

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