14 thoughts on “Selena Gomez: Social media 'been terrible for my generation'

  1. 👸👑🌼🌼🍃🍃🌼🌼🍃🍃🌼🌼🍃🍃😍😚😚😚😚👌👌💕💕

  2. well she's right, but people ahve been talking about the psychological impacts of social media for a while and nobody has done anything so…too little too late.

  3. I'm no fan of Gomez, always thought she was just another shallow good looking elite. She's right about this, and I can tell she's not doing this for attention but because she's concerned (as anyone with a brain should be). Don't understand the negative comments.

  4. Social media has helped the spread of disinformation. The left use it to their advantage to push more hated and chaos amongst Americans, to censor voices on the right or really anyone with a different ideology that doesn't align with the Pc/sjw culture narrative.

  5. How is this news? Here let me see if I can make the news with my super broad statement. I think life sometimes is not perfect. And can be devastating to people every once in a while. How's that? Is that breaking news? 😀

  6. Social media is a horrible experiment and we have no idea what it does to their young minds. We should have an age limit on cell phones and social media…16 or 18….notice all the mass shootings by young white men since the combo of social media, pharmaceuticals with suicidal side effects and the family unit break down…..

  7. Selfish people always cry about "poor me" instead of giving back, life is about loving people, not self-pity

  8. This is the price you pay for being rich and famous Gomaz! Stop Crying, and start giving back
    to the community.

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