Seed Funding for Startups: How to raise venture capital as an entrepreneur

Seed Funding for Startups: How to raise venture capital as an entrepreneur

33 thoughts on “Seed Funding for Startups: How to raise venture capital as an entrepreneur

  1. Excellent video. Hit all the high points that founders need to know. I am going to use it in an entrepreneurship class I teach.

  2. I’m a one person team so far. A couple of friends helping (as much as they can) and this video provided some realism to me. I did meet with an angel, first investor I have ever met, and she absolutely loved my idea, and said I was to early, but on the right track. Glad to have some next steps due to your videos, and excited to see where this goes

  3. Really great videos, thank you. I’m setting up a Slide Beam account after watching this. Question… is there anything else I should have ready before sending out a pitch deck to investors?

  4. Too Bad Too Sad For me. All I need is a working Functional Website — I dont have money — WORDPRESS will not suffice – WIX does not have the functionality I need and I have no money to PAY ANYONE to build what I need. The Bad part is ( just as he states in this video ) MY IDEA NEEDS a ND/NC contract because NO ONE is doing what I have planned to do on the internet.

    Sounds silly but I have spent 5 YEARS searching for a financial partner – a developer partner – a deep pocket – a mentor – the SBA – SCORE – WOZNIAK – Gates – CUBAN ………….. This goes on and on and still 5 years later NO ONE IS INTERESTED In FINANCING THE START UP.

    Hell I even was willing to risk my own home and get an equity loan. My house is 100% paid off My Car is 100% paid off My Bills are all paid off BUT I STILL CAN NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EQUITY LOAN NOR A PERSONAL LOAN.

    VERY Frustrating 🙁

  5. I am so grateful to lutherangrants/org .They helped me financially for my business funding .With their grant schemes i received $45,000 just yesterday .

  6. This was really good I recently joined as a Marketer in an angel investing company called Tenmou here in Bahrain and it really help me alot. Thank you🖒

  7. Great video Caya, we worked with Gilbert Corrales on Leaf who I believe has helped with Slide Bean. You are absolutely on the money and echo what a lot of the guests on our podcast say. Not to mention you have a great looking product.

  8. Once you have boot strapped successfully….I would avoid equity rounds all together. Success takes time…

  9. Great video Caya! Very insightful, short and sweet which makes all the difference…. We will be looking forward to checking your other videos in regards to the difference between convertible notes, safes & equity rounds…

  10. SO are investors just taking easy money? I am more interested in how you actually get to see the investors and pitch them. Already come across angel sites who only send your idea to investors for a fee. Complete ponzi industry.

  11. Getting funding is only hard if your business ideas suck and the issue is that most business ideas these days suck.

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