Secretary Jeh Johnson | Trump's Foreign Policy is NOT Preferable to Obama's (6/6) | Oxford Union

Secretary Jeh Johnson | Trump's Foreign Policy is NOT Preferable to Obama's (6/6) | Oxford Union

high knowledge effects EJ Johnson to close the case for the opposition tonight good evening good evening madam president mr. secretary future secretaries in this room of students I compliment Admiral Blair miss Heinrichs Cameron for doing your best to you make sense out of non sense I oppose the motion that is before you tonight I speak as Cameron referenced from the vantage point of having served in both the Obama and Trump administrations I served as designated survivor On January 20 2017 in the presidential line of succession I had to absent myself from Washington DC on Inauguration Day and therefore served for seven hours in 32 minutes as the entirety of Donald Trump's cabinet I do make reference I do make reference frequently in my public remarks that I am therefore the first person to resign from Donald Trump's what what was President Barack Obama's foreign policy it was not revolutionary it was not new it was based upon a traditional fundamental American ideal that the United States of America should occupy the role as a leader in our global community and as a beacon for freedom for human rights for gender equality for the right to choose one's own leaders for freedom of religion freedom of speech those were the things that for eight years the Obama administration championed in a very complex and often unpredictable world as I mentioned those principles are not unique they go back to FDR Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Reagan Bush so in this sense tonight's proposition is who do you favor Trump versus every other modern President of the United States and their policies what is the Trump foreign policy there is no policy let's be clear about that there is no policy foreign policy in this administration is day trading driven by emotion ego tweet after an hour of Fox and Friends impulse peak or a New York real estate deal driven by bluster threats in a drive to get a deal tariffs are slapped down like playing cards without regard to the consequences of American businesses that depend upon tariffs goods for their supplies and without regard to the American consumer for whom the expense is passed on it is schizophrenic on the one hand our president tells us no more foreign no more deployments of ground troops yet threatens intervention in Venezuela it is a policy that rejects our best friends and offends our best friends and coddles our enemies we all heard Rebekah say that the Trump administration has gotten tough on our enemies I heard that and I asked myself who is she talking about perhaps some acting assistant secretary of state somewhere or an Assistant Secretary of State of Defense in the d-ring but she's not talking about the President of the United States who manages to spend 90 minutes on a phone call with Vladimir Putin and not once defends our democracy against foreign influence in that conversation perhaps aside from the safety of the American people is the second most important job of a president of the United States at its most coherent the Trump foreign policy is simply if you serve my interest or if I think you serve my interest I don't care what you do to your own people or to your neighbors let me focus on the manifestations of the Obama and Trump foreign policies in three distinct specific areas number one as has been so eloquently mentioned before the number one issue for my 23 year old daughter and for I suspect a lot of you in this room who are going to inhabit this planet for the next 65 70 or maybe 75 years is climate change in 2016 the United States government signed up to the Paris Accords with a hundred and eighty-five other nations that wasn't hard the Paris Accords basically say create your own standards and live up to them write your own report card and just live up to it and by the United States and China together signing on 40 percent of carbon missins carbon emissions had signed on to that deal in 2017 our current president withdrew the United States of America from the Paris climate change Accords he quoted he said a great line that his speechwriter must have written for him I represent Pittsburgh and not Paris except somebody forgot to tell him that Pittsburgh has moved on from hard industry and is now remaking itself into a financial and high-tech Center and the mayor of Pittsburgh said excuse me I support climate change addressing climate change 80% of the city of Pittsburgh voted for Hillary Clinton if su to issue two which we haven't talked about much tonight refugee resettlement refugee resettlement we are in the midst now and we were four years ago in a worldwide repudiate 2015 early 2016 just when candidate Trump was making the illegal and unconstitutional suggestion that we should ban all Muslims from immigrating to the United States our then president decided to up our game and admit 10,000 Syrian refugees and 85,000 refugees overall I must tell you from my homeland security standpoint where we want to buy down risk I greeted that with some trepidation but understood that the most powerful nation on earth can certainly absorb a fraction of 1% of a worldwide refugee crisis and we did and we met and we exceeded President Obama's goals without shortcutting our security issue 3 last but not least this is an episode that we don't talk a lot about but it is probably the thing for which I am most proud during the Obama administration in the fall of 2014 our nation was gripped by an Ebola crisis the viral deadly disease the virus from West Africa people were nervous every time a passenger on a commercial flight heading into the United States from wherever got sick in the restroom it became a matter for the Secretary of Homeland Security to address my daughter was put out of her college room by her roommate because she had a head cold and she'd never been to the continent of Africa we were wrestling with what to do we sidered suspending visas from the three affected West African countries I must tell you as the homeland security secretary of our nation I considered as a matter of buying down risk suspending thesis from the three affected West African Nations Samantha power our ambassador to the United Nations convinced me of a higher purpose and she was right I'll never forget I looked at the list of Nations that had suspended travel from West Africa and then I looked at the list of nations that had not and I said to myself the United States of America belongs in the latter category not the former and if we go to the former a whole lot of people in the latter are gonna follow us the United States has to set the example and lead and we did instead of suspending visas we've funneled travelers from West Africa to five airports where they received heightened health screening and after that point not one person affected by the Ebola virus entered our country without our knowledge receiving our treatment like other nations represented in this room we sent our health care community to West Africa we sent our military to West Africa the United States saw the higher calling and lead and we stamped out that deadly virus now you can be for America first Americans can be for Americans first the British can be for Great Britain first Canadians can be for Canada first but each of us are not the only nations on earth all of us must realize all that in addition to being proud citizens of our own countries we are co-inhabitants on an increasingly interconnected and smaller planet while our landlord looks down upon us wondering whether this great experiment Humanity on earth is going to succeed or fail I am an optimist my law partner my late law partner Theodore Sorensen who was John F Kennedy speechwriter used to say democracies self-correct democracies have the capacity to self-correct I am an optimist every time I come to this university and I come to this room this is my fourth trip here and when I see the energy and the passion of you future leaders in this room I am incredibly optimistic about the future of our world thank you very much you

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  1. Watch the full debate here:

  2. And not once did he provide any example or explanation for why Trump’s foreign policy isn’t better. Just tugging at the audience’s heartstrings about Ebola.

  3. Secretary Johnson seems to be a charismatic speaker but there was little substance to his argument

  4. So Obama was prepared to risk the lives of USA citizens to play fucking 'saviour' hero to the Africans during the Ebola crisis? Typical mental leftist freaks.

  5. It amazes me that the opposition with 2 prestigious members of the Obama administration couldn't mount a better attack of Trump or better defense of Obama. This debate is a great example of why history will see Obama as a terrible President while Trump will be Mt Rushmore worthy.

  6. Libtards talk shit….and the baby libtard clowns all fall for it …..feelings not thinking is the mantra of the libtard. I spotted a at least three straight lies in that load of bollox.

  7. I do apologise for my Islami-facist hyper-sensitivity to bare skin but could the Union not request members to dress to cover down to the knee like a gentleman and lady should do. The lady at 11:15 may well wish to have an amateur career on Pornhub but I came for a mature and reasoned debate not a flesh show. Oh the moral degradation of it all!!

  8. No one on either side addresses the real unspoken Trump policy: the world is a lot more dangerous than the post cold war consensus presumed. Trump's foreign policy is better than Obama's because it is an adult policy rather than a childish one. Instead of saying that we should all get along, it starts from the premise that we don't and won't. Obama's is for the world as we wish it was. Trump's for the world as it is.

  9. He's full of sh*t!
    There's not ONE!!! EX-muslim country in history.
    When it gets the USA the states will be muslim forever and all freedom will be lost!
    Second: Climate change IS a hoax! Every statistic from the last 80 years prove there's nothing weird going on, ice caps are NOT melting more than before and the last time it was as hot as these last uears there was very much less CO2 emissions than now.
    If anything: more CO2 = lower temperature.
    Sinds measuring the Arctic ice in 2008 there's NO difference in average in amount of ice and on the south pole ice is growing 20 cm or 8" every year.
    He has an agenda that suits the narrative of the real BIG MONEY that runs the democrates.

  10. Muslim ban? what mussie ban? funny that this looser didnt mention that this was barry's idea. you are fake news, good riddance!

  11. Wow, that ending was pure communist dog whistle and misses the point.

    America first is easy to understand. The elected officials in any given country should be acting in the best interest of that country. If your country is thriving you can afford to help others through buying their goods. Giving pity and charity is like holding someone up with a noose as they are trying to climb up a cliff. It can help for a little while but unless they can climb faster they will atrophy and die taking you with them.

    If your politicians care more about helping people who didn't elect them than the people who did elect them why should they gain your vote? Take a flight in an airplane and they will tell you to secure your own air supply then help the people near you.

  12. Really…..As an English working class person, I believe that at the moment there is no GoVernement capable of supporting us……Are the working class reprensentive in their true form……NO, Those that work thier balls off are left behind and those that lick are are disgusting…………..

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