Secret Temple of Toda Tribe – What is Inside?

Secret Temple of Toda Tribe – What is Inside?

Hey guys, today we are going to a very unique
site. We are going to a tribal temple. I have shown you hundreds of temples but there
are temples which are still used by tribes of India. And we are going to look at a specific tribe
called the Todas. As you can see this is a weird looking spire
and this is one of the temples of the Todas. Let’s go take a look and see what’s up
there but I have to take off my shoes because this is holy grounds. The Toda temples are shrouded in mystery. They come from pre-historic times and Thodas
are still a very primitive tribe. There is only about 1500 of them, alive. They do not interact with the outside world. And their temples are very secretive. What is inside these temples? Why are they maintained in such a secretive
manner? As you can see this is the entrance and it
is blocked with a rock and I am going to try and see what is inside. I am not able to open this. What could possibly be inside that is so secretive? So you can see this is not opening. I am trying to open this.. What could possibly be inside? Let me see if I can find an opening where
I can show you what’s inside. This has never been seen by anybody outside
the Todas. I don’t see any openings I can use to show
you what’s inside this temple. So what else is there? Is there anything? This is .. There is a hole. And it looks like it is going in really deep. But there is no light. Let me see… I have no idea what’s inside. But it is really deep and I don’t have
enough lights to show you what’s inside. What could possibly be inside? Why have the tribes maintained these temples
in complete secrecy? There must be something very important here. But we don’t know what it is? And I am not able to find it. Some claim that Thodas worship aliens. Some claim there are underground chambers
beneath the Toda temples. The thoda temples have been very mysterious
places for many centuries. Some claim there are no idols inside Toda
temples. Others claim there are 2 idols inside Thoda
temples and these 2 idols look like Grey Aliens. There are 2 Gods worshipped by Thodas. One of them is called Pithi and there is another
god who is the son of Pithik, known as Aan. According to Thodas the God Pithik created
all of Humanity. Todas have strange customs. Thodas practice something called Polyandry. Now what is polyandry? It is almost the opposite of Polygamy. Now, in Polygamy a husband usually has multiple
wives and modern-day sociologists and anthropologists think that this is somehow an oppressive male
chauvinistic practice. But Todas practice something called polyandry
where a single woman is allowed to have multiple husbands. In fact, a typical Toda woman is allowed to
marry even her husband’s brothers. Toda’s marriage practices are very strange
indeed. A typical Toda couple should have a “live-in”
relationship for at least a year and make sure the girl gets pregnant for at least about
.. she should be about 6 months pregnant before the priest can .. their marriage. So, the couple will not get married unless
the girl gets pregnant. Now, even though the marriage practices give
a lot of preference to women, women are not allowed to go into the Toda temples. In fact, I am standing inside the outer fence
of a Thoda temple, but none of the Toda women are even allowed to come beyond this fence. It is said that women can be very emotional
and they can get very curious and end up going inside the temple and see what is inside. To prevent them from getting curious, and
actually looking at what’s inside the temple, Thoda community have prevented all women from
going beyond this outer circumference. Guys, as you can see this another temple of
the Todas. But we are not at all allowed to go inside. Thodas claim that their houses, the rainbow
shaped houses, are modelled after the home of their god Pithi. Now, some people claim that there is a cave
in this area which is still considered the home of God Pithik. Is it possible that there is still a cave,
where the god Pithi actually came from? Thodas live in rainbow shaped huts known as
Munds. A typical mund would be 10 feet tall, 18 feet
long and 9 feet wide. Thodas have strange social customs also. A youngster would have to fall on his knees
and bow in front of an elder. And an elder would typically take his right
leg and put it on top of the youngster’s head. As you can see.. this monument, this thoda
monument, has some inscriptions, and here we can see the letter aum in Tamil. The thodas speak a very different language. It is very similar to the ancient language
of Tamil but it is not Tamil. As you can see, they still have writings which
are in Tamil. So how do the Todas survive in modern days? Believe it or not, Thodas still do not use
money. They only use barter system. Every Thodas family at least a dozen buffalos..
water buffalos. And they get dairy products and milk from
these buffalos and exchange it with other communities where they can get rice and other
vegetables. This is how they still survive. Most of them still do not use any form of
money. I hope you liked this video I am Praveen Mohan,
thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk to you soon in
a different video. Bye!

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  8. From Frazer's Golden Bough, 1922:

    "Among the Todas of Southern India the holy milkman, who acts as priest of the sacred dairy, is subject to a variety of irksome and burdensome restrictions during the whole time of his incumbency, which may last many years. Thus he must live at the sacred dairy and may never visit his home or any ordinary village. He must be celibate; if he is married he must leave his wife. On no account may any ordinary person touch the holy milkman or the holy dairy; such a touch would so defile his holiness that he would forfeit his office. It is only on two days a week, namely Mondays and Thursdays, that a mere layman may even approach the milkman; on other days if he has any business with him, he must stand at a distance (some say a quarter of a mile) and shout his message across the intervening space. Further, the holy milkman never cuts his hair or pares his nails so long as he holds office; he never crosses a river by a bridge, but wades through a ford and only certain fords; if a death occurs in his clan, he may not attend any of the funeral ceremonies, unless he first resigns his office and descends from the exalted rank of milkman to that of a mere common mortal. Indeed it appears that in old days he had to resign the seals, or rather the pails, of office whenever any member of his clan departed this life. However, these heavy restraints are laid in their entirety only on milkmen of the very highest class".

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