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  1. I got an invitation from Tom. In the last sentence of para. 1., he says"….you will never get another letter from us again". Guess what! This was the THIRD time I have received this invitation!

  2. I got mine today; same thing EXCEPT they changed it from "The League" to "The Society" and instead of "Bill" it was "Tom". LOL… this is still going on after all these years? Wow. His friends & family members are the "happy members", lol.

  3. i got one from a group called “The Society”. I looked up the zip code and it was from Dallas, TX., but the letter said “Par Avion” which mean by plane in French, and I tracked it back to Albania. These people are scammers, and they should so convincing and promise you a life of fabulous wealth, meeting all the rich and famous, attracting rich men, etc. I reported them to our police station, and I crossed off all the places where they used my name, and it is now hanging in our local post office. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

  4. at least it is not a 250 thousand dollar check drawn from a non existant foreign bank- theres a sucker born every second

  5. Mark Hamilton is the same person who wrote the Secret Society Books for the Nouveu Tech Secret Society and the Secrets that he now shares with the public are probably not the same secrets that he shared with those of us who had the real books before the Society went public in 2014. Among those facts are the fact that over five million people are involved and those people run companies whose revenue has not ever been taxed by any government on Earth thanks to a program known as Company without a Country. As of 1984 these companies had made over five trillion dollars in profits. At least one former president was a member who knew about this tax fraud, probably president Reagan as far as I can tell. Church leaders are involved and brag about still having their inheritance. This is part of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy that Hillary Clinton talked about while being laughed at. If you want to see the original books I posted one of those books in a youtube video. Search for "Actual Secret Society Book displayed on YouTube." The reason that I posted that video is that this Secret Society also does not believe in any god but themselves as god and they call those of us who believe in a God that can talk to you as bicameral and crazy. I inherited the books from my dad and I refused to have much to do with them once I realized that the only god they worship is the god of money. Jesus said: "You can not worship god and money at the same time." For more about me and to find out more about the only true god visit http://Jesus.bio

  6. Also don’t worry about the due date on the book I used to worry . They have it in kindle also. I can give Brenda a number to call and a password to get in contact with other people

  7. This is to add to Brenda Richardson response I’m going to keep it real with you. The first is a story which is called a faction for without that first book you will never have compassion for people or the work that you do. Of course you are going to accept because it’s a natural reaction but it also mean that you are ready to take the next step. P.S take it slow and one step at a time.

  8. Really what it is every thing you and I believe the story was told in reverse. But before believing in me you must do your research or and by the way the that’s selling you the book is a billionaire

  9. To answer you back from that comment You have to do more research. I been to the clubhouses. If this society didn’t exist then other societies wouldn’t exist either. There are unexplainable things happening every day with no answers only to find out that the people that have the answers either missing silenced or dead what you think of the world is not

  10. I m with the society we are real and we have our differences on how life and things should be. We been lied to in schools and stories told in reverse. This channel 8 footage on this you tube channel I believe is a perfect example. In which the actors are the newscasters.🛫♉️

  11. Is very real. It is a very good deal . There is too many wolfs dress up as sheep . Only through that society and authors people can realize all the games and to be fair with the world and specially with itself .

  12. I just got a letter from this hack. I immediately skipped to the last page of the letter to see how much money he was trying to get out of me lol.

  13. Yeah, my husband got the invitation too from the "Secret Society". I am putting a letter in the return envelope telling them NOT to send any more correspondence. I also inform them that we are on the DO NOT MAIL registry.

  14. Technically. Its still a secret for those who haven't taken the steps and orientation into such groups. The information is there, but successfully percieving it will not be the same if the psycho/physio/emotional factors are not set in place in which marketers, promoters and strategic advertisers do. Did you catch it? If you didn't…that's why YOU GOT IT!

  15. I have been part of the the society for 20 years now… Yes it's real yes it's powerful and yes it's for only those people who are accepted personally… And yes immortality is there as I'm nephew to two past presidents of the United States. And I have called your news team before. And denied to here my call about the neo cheaters of the Florida legal system… from the nephew for to former presidents.. And his rights. And still gets cheated by the illeagal legal system illeagaly under merchant law formally now known as.law.of the land.

  16. please this crap is nor my style the scams are insane we have enough real true problems in the world today we dont need all Scams liars that is childish Grow Up get a real Job

  17. The secret to a better life is to never stop trying to succeed, and never forget how powerful inspiration can be. A kind word can inspire someone to do great things, and help a great many people as a result. You already have the keys to this old minivan we call life, fill it with gold, or garbage, your choice.

  18. I just got my invitation today! But mine came from "Tom". I'm so honored! Just don't have time for everything I ever want in the world! LOLOL

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