Searching for Saraswati: How a Mythical Indian River Is Fueling Hindu Nationalism | Op-Docs

Searching for Saraswati: How a Mythical Indian River Is Fueling Hindu Nationalism | Op-Docs

47 thoughts on “Searching for Saraswati: How a Mythical Indian River Is Fueling Hindu Nationalism | Op-Docs

  1. Heavily loaded against scientific facts and thoroughly motivated upload. Get a neutral perspective from Newsx Rishab's discussion

  2. What a beautiful story. When the guy said, "once She flows we will become like America and other nations." I couldn't help but remember what the goddess Saraswati stands for. Wisdom, knowledge, the arts, music, and learning. I feel that he is so caught up in the idea of an actual physical river, he seems to be forgetting the underlying truth of what he is saying. When wisdom, knowledge, learning, music and the arts are flowing, they will become strong like other nations.

  3. Fake Brahmin, an agenda to get water from bakra Nangal dam and resources of Punjab and Himachal.
    Why doesn’t you create small water catchment like like what pain foundation is doing in Maharashtra.
    And plz explain feasibility and how will this affect Punjab’s water.
    And plz stop mata pita drama

  4. Please view my video just published:
    In this video I have proved that Ghaggar is not Saraswati but Ghaggar is actually Ganga river.
    And I have put forth several evidences to call ancient Sapta Sindh Valley region as Brahmavartam of Hindu lore. And ultimately River Sindh is proved by me as legendary saraswati river.

  5. Bollocks. Saraswati river did flow in the past. There is no word called Hindu.
    Nationalism yeah we can use loads of that

  6. I would like to know how much money goes into the pockets of these so called gurus. Regardless of whether the river exists, I bet someone is getting rich from the generosity of the ‘believers.’

  7. Looney leftist NYT Do you have any sense or honesty? Why do you call it "Mythical"? It existed and it is proved by appropriate research. You rascals will never speak the truth.

  8. It's patently silly that despite satellite evidence, of cities lining up along a now dried River-bed — that one has to name Saraswati as a 'mythical' river.

  9. This toilet paper is saying something myth that is already proved to exist.if these idiots gave got guts they should call Sanjeev Sanyal for a debate on this.

  10. Abe chutiye scientist hai ki congresia hai? Nahi hai to proof karenge, hindu virodh ke naam par har cheez ko lie lie lie proof karte rehte ho!!! Jaise Ramsetu ko kehte the ki exist nahi krta aakhir NASA ne Jab kaha tab phir maan gaye

    Untreated sewage flows from an open drain into the river Ganges in Kanpur, India.
    for more detail :

  12. ok if we find saraswati river that's very good, but what will be happened with them later and how we sustain this river flow ? on what cost ? who pay this cost ? – obviously the Farmers who lost his/her farmland & ground water to entertain few Ponga pundits & Khattarland Politicians. with this she also may become second polluted, Toilet mixed – YAMUNA/GanGA with Very high level of BOD. what is happening with our Holy river Yamuna – it is become NALA in Delhi and the water whatever we took in Aachman in Mathura is actually the Toilet water of Delhi's people. if you dint know this please google it before comment.

  13. Im offended!
    But at the same time Im sad that Hinduism is going directionless, in this way we will vanish.
    These govts who claim to be devoted for Hinduism are actually doing nothing but politics to be in power and people like idiots trust them.

  14. Time to reverse the same mythical observation, gaze on the abrahamic religion…. clearly what we understand is anything to do with nonabrahamic is myth…only abrahamic religions beliefs are nonmyth and has a history… this is clear Orientalism….it is this exclusive claim that is causing all the trouble violence in this world… clearly – its the politics of religions…thats the root cause…

  15. कुएं मे से कौन सी नदी निकलती है भइ कर दिया ५०करोङ का सत़यानाश।

  16. I mean no doudt Swarswat river is somewhere there but main point is rather wasting crores in digging up dried up river, you rather use that money resurrecting already flowing important and hugely polluted rivers like Ganga and Yamuna. That will bring rather more porsperity to the Indian culture.

  17. Qutiya people. I'm worried about those school kids. They are passing all false information to kids. Human can not 'resurrect' river. We can make artificial​ source of water in form of river that too with help of hard work, labor, mind and technology not by these stupid superstitious tricks. Why do we need this river? for water. Then govt should focus on river(ganga) we already have and they failed to clean it after 'spending' 700 Cr.

    RTI activist said very very important thing. How current govt is trying to lure votes by distracting people to useless self-made problems so we do not ask questions on real problems which they failed to solve.

    Comments are hilarious. People need to wake up, see and accept the reality. This is not attack on your religious belief or they are not trying to defame something. It is just a wake up call that we need to think out of the box, independently and not support such stupid ideas behind which main intention is looting tax payers and innocent illiterate people's money.

  18. Jabtak INDIA mai aise CHUTIYE bhare rahenge, INDIA kabhi develop nahi hopayega. In this lifetime we can never see a developed India

  19. 12:57–14:00… Ye kaley chashme wala banda yahan jo itni badi scientific aur logical baatein kar raha hai ki ye paani se hospital ke mareezon ko theek kare aur paise bachao… yahi baat ja kar in hazaaro ki sankhya mein isayi log jo illegal conversions kar rahe hain unhei kyon nahi ja kar yahi poochhtey? In logon ki philosophy isaayi wadi hai jahan par ye ho raha hai:
    ye log to CARODON DOLLAR LA KAr YAHAN GANDAGI phaila rahe hain… aur inka kaam jkar rahe hain in do "padhe likhe" aadmiyon jaise log jo chand rupyohn ke liye HINDUON KO PHIR SE GULAM BANANEY KI KOSHISH MEIN HAIN.

  20. Please Report this video
    false claim of "mythical river" , please refer the article published in Scientific Journal the Nature
    this video is pure propaganda and does not belong to a platform like youtube.

  21. everyone please report this video as spam and hateful against hindus. it is filled with hinduphobic agenda run by church.

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