32 thoughts on “SE Cupp: Trump's White House is political ipecac

  1. Demarats don't play by the rules of LAW double standard it's going to be devestating for the demarats

  2. See instagram neeringdawn see the serious crimes hillary clinton has committed in an effort to attack trump in hopes she can take over oval office. Castro Brothers collude with her helping her to excute her convoluted plan that includes the pipe bombs to attempt to make nation turn on trump also castros invented Q conspiracies

  3. Zinke leaves 2 days before the House Dems can investigate him. Actually, the DOJ should investigate him and all the others.

  4. This government is not for Trump's leisure…no! Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. The legislation branch of government are the people…hence, the people of the United States of America want answers Mr. Trump.

  5. At the rate Trump is running of swamp creatures to fill cabinet positions pretty soon the WH will be using real alligators.

  6. SE was popping those Cupps in dudes face at the 8:00 mark. The dude basically said F it I'm a man and this is what I'm supposed to do!

  7. Trump not only has the record for cabinet members leaving office during his administration, they're all leaving under scandals.

  8. can't say it's only Democrats when s.e cupp has been a secular Republican forever.
    each day Republicans who've been put the picture for a while are hoping their heads up spouting facts against trump
    purple vs orange now

  9. Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  10. Why didn't Ronald Klain keep his tweet mouth closed?? Why is he you giving Trump trap door escape routes? What is wrong with him?

  11. The wicked left-wing and the dirty feminist and LGBT the lying media ie BBC CNN MSNBC etc and Evil judges are abomination in the sight of God of Bible

  12. FBI will be knocking on MANY House, Senate and Trump administration republican doors in the month and perhaps years to come and drag them to prison !

  13. Trump this and Trump that Trump Trump Trump!!
    Hey CNN why don't you do a full scale investigation into the allegations of the homeless from disaster areas being held prisoners onboard the FEMA prison barges?
    Seems like that is an important news story that should be investigated in the full light of day ,don't you?
    Youtube search: FEMA barges
    I hope we are not treating our homeless people like this,do you cnn? Surely you can understand why I would like a full investigation regarding FEMA prison barges done by your news group.
    To imprison someone simply because they are homeless is appalling to me .
    Or do your journalists really not care about the homeless ,the displaced from disaster areas.

  14. Payback is an angry Time-magazine wielding pornstar, Republicans. You had your time to run amok, but we have the majority, and it will only get worse for you. Mandatory Mixed Race Gay Marriage is coming to your church just because we can make you do it now.

  15. This woman used to be slightly amusing way back but she’s nothing but a carpetbagger and has to wear glasses to even look remotely intelligent.

  16. Question: Will Zinke leave work on his horse, waving his personal flag? Might as well go out with a bang…

  17. I'm curious to know exactly how Zinke discovered that he was leaving the administration. Wonder if that was his decision. Just wondering…

  18. He wants to shut down the government wow he wanna be mafia don j dictator in America is what I see his diaper is on 💩🤭 pence/chuck facial expression n behavior was priceless Nancy showed him his manhood

  19. 2019 who wanna see trump's TAX RETURNS tumbs up #justfollowthemoney you will find the hole where the rats where hiding tick tock⏳no sound person wants to be involved in this crooked administration

  20. Trump this just the beginning buckle up for the ride make sure you put on your adult diaper tea time ☕

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