Scooter People Are a Menace to Society

Scooter People Are a Menace to Society

scooter people are wild after this I want to I want to go right into the testing bel spit but I want to first prove to you guys the people you know these people that ride scooters mobility scooters on the street mm-hmm they're crazy they are crazy mm-hmm and I'm gonna prove that and a thesis here today I have documented proof here's one dude is going a hula hoop fire a girl and the whole hula falls the fire having trouble all right having some trouble with the flaming whoo little and yeah Oh me honors no me on a mobility scooter came to the rescue that was thick what's that say so homie on a mobility scooter came jamming Annie just took it out I guess then after to put out the flame I'm not sure why he figured that would help anyway if anything he would just spread the fire her you know [Applause] this guy's so easily like I've got this I've got this yeah I don't care what anyone says he just destroyed all the right questions yeah it's stuck in his spokes and he's trying to back out and get out he's that guy definitely saved the day okay what a hero you know what makes me want to watch that fireman clip that was in the goof stock can you pull that for me down yeah I can yeah surprise he passed that over actually well it was just too short but I think in the context of this clip on fire it works really well oh wait that link didn't work sorry hold on one sec oh did you change the name of our chat to a lady nice are you talking about Oh dance trying to Paris one fused about it so ela speaking of fire this is some kind of demonstration I guess there's a lot of people around in cameras there's a man in a red suit who is presumably a fireman so Matt yes it's a guy I think yes and there's lots of Cameron impressed so presumably he's about to do some kind of feat here with fire and Technic I would assume and so what pursues is especially incredible which you'll find out as I play this but maybe ela you can attempt to explain this clip to me because I have a hard time understanding it [Laughter] so he goes to light the the log and explodes in his face but then Danny's got like a cup of fire he just he just gradually rose you know and I know there's a dude on fire so like I was watching this last night I kept laughing like I know this dude on fire I have a feeling it's like it goes right out it's like boy he just the guy at the end of the clip literally running in circles like imagine your fire he's on fire and he calmly takes a cup of fire any like just pours on so mommy next and lights on fire I mean that's the for fire fire fighting right there from the getting the end words firefighter he just scooped it right on him by the way I'm sure they're both fine why is there so many people gathered around he's just setting some love like it's a fire safety demonstration I just wanna say like you know how when you have fluid it burns the fluid off really fast so I'm pretty sure those guys were fine they must have been totally fine but just the way he scoops the fire on this reporter he just he's so practically gonna separate fire all of it it looks like a firebender from it's true but like this firefighter like I can't imagine you being worse at firing fires first it blows up in his face he's on fire then he goes out of his way to light as many people on the fire as possible and he just rip annex Oh mate is so funny I'm never like being on fire it's never been so fun it's just everything about that's that's a fire-training video right there good good so there you have it fired safety 101 folks I think that was a fire safety video why what did he have like something so flammable and liquid in his hand was like a cup of fire I'm assuming it's whatever he put on the stack of long guys he put like a ton of fluid oh that guy did his job anyway it's back to the scooter my thesis about scooter people being crazy here's one right here you tell me what you think of this dude I'm telling you like this lady first of all she had plenty of time to react the doors open and she still came slamming out and I bet you anything this lady in the scooters pissed at her don't you know what I mean they're out doing their own thing it's to happen does it for some reason like crazy scooter people just not they go fast yeah and they don't care like the whole world's got to look out for you therefore these scooter people they go so fast dude and they just don't care and it's everyone's fault is in their way they're super defensive too like excuse me sir like you're in a big-ass scooter going through a tight aisle and it's like excuse me sir excuse me and I mean this is proof right here I guarantee you anything she was angry at this girl what are you doing watch where you're going you know I can't hear and how much time did she have direct that how fast was she like assuming she did react how fast have to be going right and it's just like a pedestrian sidewalk like she's really boning out yeah so my in conclusion scooter people are crazy right right I'm sure plenty of people that use them and people but no but what I was gonna say is is I personally have okay you're supporting my thesis yes because I don't want him to hear any logic or rationale I'm trying not to paint too broad there's no there's no a coalition of scooter people they're gonna come out there in a neighborhood I used to live in there were two women two very heavyset women that would roll around the neighborhood all the time just in the middle of the street it was two of them side-by-side and yeah they would they would like scream at cars for going too fast by them and stuff it's like what are you funny doing you're like that reminds me there was there's a scooter later who does that and films herself yelling at cars then they saw yes yeah she's she's sort of infamous not just cars pedestrians everybody I'm wonder if this is her [Applause]

50 thoughts on “Scooter People Are a Menace to Society

  1. Omg I died watching the first clip, I was wondering how the hell does a performer using fire have anything to do with a person using a mobility scooter? How wrong was I…

  2. Aw come on the second guy is clearly protesting the Vietnam war.. sorry poor taste.. couldn’t resist he looks like he’s wearing a modern version of a Buddhist monk robe

  3. There's 4 scooter ppl in my area 3 morbitly obese ppl and a nice lady who has m s or something she's nice the other ones at ass hats will honk there horns if your ahead you on the side walk or if they think they got room just overtake you

  4. im at work and the phone just rang and I could not stop laughing while I answered the phone xD the person on the other end must have thought I was crazy hahah scooter omg im crying WHAT the fuck was that dumbass in the second video doing!? he could have fucking killed someone jesus! omg running in panic circles I cant breathe xD damn… i hope the person who got hit by the scooter was OK… i wish i hadn't saw that

  5. People behind CARS are the true menaces! Old people need transport to get to A-B too!!!! If you cant SLOW DOWN and take your time instead of everyone ALWAYS BEING IN A RUSH then maybe driving behind a vehicle isnt for you? Maybe WALK!

  6. Anyone have a link to the original fire video 😂 there's another video that was in a documentary and has watermarks

  7. I understand some people need these scooters. But I HATE seeing people use the ones in stores that don't need them. They'll use them because they're lazy or want to have fun. . Cripples be damned, you have your fucking retarded fun.


  9. You had a crazy scooter segment and didnt include Mobility Mary?? Please for the love of god react to the compilation video on stream, shes next level.

  10. maybe she didn't see her because she is blind and thats why she needs a scooter… just think a little more next time

  11. Haha it looks like that gross fatty sped up and leaned into the hit! I'd definitely be pushing that stupid bitch off her "medical mobility device"

  12. There’s a woman in my town who just stalks the street in one of those fucking scooters. Middle of the goddamn street, going like 10 MPH, her 15$ wig flying in the wind. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t almost get hit.

  13. That was not normal fluid.. That stuff holds flame and is like nitroglycerine.. That is why you see it burning and staying lit wherever it falls.. The guy who got hit buy it is fucked. It will burn damn near until he gets his clothes off.. it's not funny but lmao.. 😂

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