Scientist vs Mystic | A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality | David Eagleman and Sadhguru

Scientist vs Mystic | A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality | David Eagleman and Sadhguru

Let’s study how the brain works SAR reality the reason we know that this
has something to do with the brain is because of the brain is damaged even in
small ways your reality changes and if you take drugs or alcohol or other sorts
of things viruses in the system your reality can change so I’m interested in
finding where our perspectives overlap in this because your interest is one of
your interest is also understanding reality how we perceive it how it’s
individualized to us so can you tell us about that that is that his existence
that time and that is you or me that individual human beings we have not seen
the world we know it’s only the way its projected in the firmament of our minds
when we say mind in english language mind is just one word and supposed to encompass everything but in the yoga terminology we have 16 parts of the mind
which have distinct functions and there are a whole lot of practices and
processes through which one takes charge of this 16 dimensions of mind, this 16
for simple understanding can be brought into four sections the first
dimension of the mind is we are referring to as buddhi(a hindi word meaning wit) are what is
generally considered intellect I think modern societies particularly modern
education has become too overly focused on the intellect we got too mesmerized
by our own logic and we’re invested too much in human intellect leaving out the
other dimensions of intelligence that functions within us. the second dimension of the mind we call
it ahankara which in english language what is the identity you have taken your
intellect is always a slave of your identity what you identified with it is only
around that it functions simple things people are identified the things that
they’re not even seen and huge emotions a day of their life is guided by those
things for example all of us belong to some nation today just a moment you
believe I belong to this nation the emblem of the nation the flag of the
nation the anthem of the nation brings genuine emotion is there nobody is
pretending it’s real it’s real because people are willing to die for it it has
to be all but it’s just an identity you could just switch it anytime you can
move to another country and take that on and it becomes yours so the moment you
identify yourself with something your intellect is completely always
protecting this identity and working around this identity the next dimension
of the mind is called as manas so this is not just in one place this is the entire body manas is a huge
silo of memory, when I say you siloed memory whatever memory you may have in
your brain and your brain fan whatever memory you may have in your brain your
body has a trillion times more memory than that you definitely don’t remember
how your great-great-great great-great-grandfather look like but
his nose is sitting on your face right now it remembers how your forefathers looked at
million years ago your body still remembers has not forgotten definitely
is not the capability of your brain so in terms of memory the manas is
phenomenal and it’s right across the body every cell in the body carries
enormous memory – memory to a point from the origin of life on this planet and beyond all that memory is carried in this body so this is manas if there is no memory
intellect would be different it’s like a car without gas because there is memory intellect is on
this memory flows through the hand of identity and whatever is the identity
the memory takes on that color accordingly and then it place up in the
intellect and the intellect functions the fourth dim ension of the mind is called
chitta, chitta means it’s pure intelligence unsullied by memory there
is absolutely no memory free of memories just pure intelligence when we sip your
intelligence – intelligence, intelligence, intelligence – everything is smacked with
phenomenal intelligence beyond what our quite phenomenal brain cannot perceive
so this is a dimension of intelligence within us which is the basis of our
creation in a way if you need a piece of bread over the afternoon it becomes a
human being because this intelligence exist within your mean so if you touch this intelligence you
don’t have to think what you want you don’t have to seek what you want if you
touch this intelligence everything that you wish to know is yours is just you
have to just direct your focus and it’s all there because there is a dimension
of chitta, every human being might have accidentally at some point touched this
which makes suddenly one spark of magic in somebody’s life this is because they’ve touched this
dimension of intelligence and consciously, now the question is only
about how get there consciously and stay there so these aspects of the mind
are not entirely located here, it is right across the system. I kind of think
it is the endeavor of science to take the intelligence all around us and
across our system and try to understand the principles of that it’s a way of
going out and trying to understand the blueprints around us in a way that can
be made conscious as something that we can make understandable when you say
understandable that means we can put it into the parameter of logic what what if there is a dimension of
intelligence within you which does not fit into the parameters of logic trying
to fit everything into the parameters of logic means the surface intelligence
which is the intellect which is our survival mode if you don’t have an
intellect we wouldn’t survive in this world what is a survival instrument via trying
to put all dimensions of life through that and it has to pass through that
sieve that we can completely secure the process I take the point that there
may be limits to our intellect but I don’t know where those limits are and I
don’t know how to guarantee that there our borders there beyond which there iss
something else the science has done incredible things
in the last hundred years no question our life is the way it is today the
comfort and convenience that all of us are enjoying is essentially because
of the outcome of the scientific endeavor on the planet there’s no
question about that but at the same time the limitation of science is we’re
trying to touch a dimension which is beyond physical nature with the physical
stick something that you and I had talked about before is this issue of
time perception it’s one of the things I study in my lab and I was mentioning to
you that I think it’s one of the most stubborn psychological filters we have
by which I mean time seems to be a construction of the brain because we can
easily manipulate it in the laboratory so you think something lasted longer or
shorter something happened in a different order and there are many
physicists like Einstein who were very clear on this point that time doesn’t
actually exist but we’re trapped inside of it. In the yogic way of seeing things we just see life as
a dance of time and energy it’s a certain amount of time and a
certain amount of energy actually in the local languages the expression for that
is very beautiful with a column aeterna that means “his time got over” in normal language when we say somebody passed away we don’t say passed away as if we were saying it in English we say his time got over actually that’s all that happened
somebody’s time going over now to put this time and energy together in a
proper – weave it together well – if your time gets over when your still energy is vibrant, we said is an untimely death your energy gets over when you’re still
time is on it’s a vegetative life to the art of putting this time and energy
together so that both of them play together dance together well is a
successful life so when we said time there are many many things we can do
with energy but our time is ticking off at the same pace we may think many
things we came to this talk we went to the cinema we went to the University
went here and there but as far as physical bodies concerned it’s going
straight to the grave because it is keeping time, your brain can be easily
fooled but body is properly keeping time never
you can fool this body all the time keeping time because time is a
consequence time is not a factor by itself time is a consequence of
psychical moments in the physical reality we know time if the Earth
spins once they say it’s a day if the moon goes around us we say it’s a month
if the Earth goes around the Sun it’s a year our idea of time has come essentially because of the cyclical moments
of everything that’s physical around us this is the nature of physicality
physicality is essentially cycle whether it’s atomic or cosmic everything is
cyclical the moment you’re identified with physical nature time is a big factor if
you’d associate yourself with your physical nature if you sit here and if
you have a little space between you and your physical body because what you call
as my body is an accumulator to process it is something that you accumulated is
just a piece of the planet if a little space comes between you and your body
certainly time is not a factor to such an extent we have any number of people this may be very difficult for a Western
audience to digest but i have seen Yogi’s who have not moved from the place
they were sitting for over six months seven months just in the same place by
any normal standards your body should not survive that but
once the sit-down they won’t know just like that not moving at all because once
you distance yourself from your physiological process time is not a
factor right now you’re sitting here it’s not your watch which is keeping the
time it’s your body if i make you sit here for three hours your body cells
says it’s enough but suppose you did not have a body we’re going two to three thousand years
what’s the problem so essentially because of your routing
in your physical platform which you call as the body which you build what a period of time from the
accumulations that you gather from this planet that is the basis of experience
of time if you distance yourself from that there is no consequence to of time
on you what is the you that can be separated
from the physical is it the fact that you gathered you about body or a period
of time it’s a fact that this body gathered
together over a period of time and it may be that I emerged as a consequence
of that this feeling of I as opposed to me doing the gathering so the data that
you and me have gathered however big women think it is in terms of the cosmos
it’s minuscule it’s nothing it’s really not of any consequence so from this miniscule of data that we
have gathered we’re generating some tart which could be useful in making our
lives it could be useful in creating a few things that could be useful
fundamentally for our survival and enhancement for survival process always
but it doesn’t give you access to life human intellect and human intelligence
has broken out of a certain bond which was there for every of the creature that
they could function like an automated machine through certain instinctual
process what has happened with the human being with the process of evolution is
he’s a human being has broken out of that instinctive process and there’s an
intelligence which has to function consciously but functioning consciously
means every moment of life is an exploration which is too scary for a
whole lot of people so the best thing is identified with something which gives
you some sense of what you are but this some sense of what you are which you
took on big based on your social and cultural backgrounds what you took on
make sense for your survival process but not for exploratory process it doesn’t
explore life it keeps you saying it’s a good release
it keeps you it it helps you to sleep well in the night but it doesn’t awaken a different
dimension of knowing it doesn’t make awaken the possibility of exploring
dimensions which are not yet within you so you this has to happen the most
important thing is to be able to sit here not identified with anything when i
said it’s so hard to remain uneducated in this world because everybody’s busy
wanting to teach you something this is all I’ve been in my life to remain
uneducated not to be influenced by parents by family by religion that’s
happening around you culture that’s happening around your education that
people are forcing on you just to be the way creation intended you to be simply
see I’m not to fit into the University value but I’m okay you know just simply
the way you were born not tangling up your intelligence to any particular
thing either your nationality or religion or race or creed or your family
or any kind of event your gender whatever simply to be able to view your
life just as a piece of life if one does this then you will see perception will
explode in ways that they are not imagined possible so from my perspective there’s this
issue of brain plasticity which is to say that we absorb what’s coming in and
i think it’s exactly consistent with your description about who you are in
the end is is an accumulation of all these perceptions there’s also the case
that we are creatures that go around and vacuum in the our culture’s we speak this particular language and we we are
males and we dress in certain ways it’s hard to avoid that now i’m guessing
you’re going to say but you don’t identify with it is that is that right
so what is a social requirement is one thing identity is required for survival
process to manage day-to-day situations but it is not an expertly process
because the intention of science is to know the technology is a fallout unfortunately in this world nobody would
find science if it did not spin technology which is a very unfortunate
thing because human intelligence wants to know it need not be useful simply
wants to know so technology is useful and what is
useful today tomorrow you may realize is really destructive it may take away our
life so technology is something that we have to judiciously do science must
happen rampantly mysticism must happen rapidly because this is simply
exploratory this is not about seeing how to make it useful but today modern
science has become a slave of technology if you don’t make it useful nobody’s
going to find you anymore you simply say I wonder no nobody
interested in this how can it be turned into an enterprise that’s all they’re
interested in this is a wrong way to approach science because science is a
this is a fundamental need within a human being wanting to know it’s the nature of human
intelligence it is not something that somebody made up it’s not a bunch of scientists who made
this up this is a fundamental need within human intelligence wanting to
know it is the nature of human being if you see something new he wanted to know
what this is with a small ting a big thing to
continuously sustain that wonder that sense of wanting to know is the basis of
science and mysticism it is only the fundamental approach is different in the
sense science is trying to achieve everything
through physical needs by taking physical quantities going by the
physical laws if you go through physical means you will hit the glass wall
somewhere i think in my perception i’m not a scientist I don’t know all of it
but in my perception i think the physicists are near the glass
wall they might not have hit their near that’s the unknown question right we
have no guarantee how far will get in science but by glass wall i assume you
mean we we run to a place where you can wear the president faculties will not be
good enough the present present faculties of five
senses and the brain will not be good enough that we hit a long time ago so for example things like quantum
physics quantum physics you can’t understand it but you can write it down
and equations that make predictions accurate out to 14 decimal places so we
think it’s pretty good we can build new things out of it that we we can see
things much smaller and much farther away than we ever could before we
understand the wonderfulness of the subtleness of everything around as much
better than we did before but the actual physics a human can’t understand we just
make tools to to get where we need to go with it so we’ve already hit that point
and certainly it’s the case with the human brain which is made up of a
almost a hundred billion specialized cells with thousands of trillions of
connections between them and fs I like the way of saying it with let the
passion that like some people are talking about food or somewhere brainy
instead of you need on the brain yeah but the reason it’s easy to be
passionate about it is because it’s a system of such unimaginable complexity
that it bankrupts the language it-it-it we have no way that a human could
perceive a system of that complexity and yet each of us has it you know this is
310 organ that were carrying around but we’ve already hit that point. a long time ago
in science we realize we can make new strains of mathematics we can make
computer simulations but we’ll never get it all never get the brain all I can do
is take the you know the way the way that you
explain the 16 aspects of the mind you simplified it down to four I you know best i can do is take the
thousands of trillions of connections in the brain and make some cartoony model
that my impoverished intellect can sort of get its get a sense of the building
our simulator branch emulator and no yeah and their markets busy building
this simulated brain all that is fine we’re looking at the physical mechanics
of what’s happening the complexity of what’s happening is
beyond the physical mechanics the looking at the physical mechanics of the
brain the neurons function and the electric the thing that’s happening the
waves that are flowing whatever things happening is fantastic because of the
complexity of what it is the sophistication of what it is it is the
gadget no question ok this human get it is their gadget on
the planet of what we have seen this is the most sophisticated gadget on the
planet there’s no question about that keeping that aside but even this brain
can be manufactured with something as simple as a piece of a carrot or bread
so I’m saying there is an intelligence here which can create a brain why are you ignoring that intelligence i
think the heart of sciences to try to understand what that is what i mean by
that is you know so we we have different approaches and science get there but
studying the genetic code and understanding how the heck with 27
thousand genes can you unpack a human being because whatever the whatever the
truth is of what’s happening happening spiritually if there’s a separate you
are what we know for sure is that you can unpack a human being from from these
four letters of amino acids and these base pairs that make make these proteins
and and somehow that all gets unpacked and on this kind of questions have
always been on human mind it happened almost 15,000 years ago “Adi” yogi that means the first yogi
he had seven disciples these seven disciples are full of questions they are
are some of them are astronomers some of them are serious mathematicians things
like they have a million questions after sometime the Adi Yogi is bored with their
questions because whatever they ask it’s just a product of that intellect they’re
not able to ask a question beyond that so they asked what is the nature of this
your cosmos where does it begin read it then how big is it he’s just bored he says you’re you’re cosmos I can pack
it into your [a] mustard seed the entire cosmos I can pack it into your mustard
seed and they were flabbergasted by this then this it what is it made off you can
pack such a huge cosmos which we do we can’t even imagine where it begins and
where it ends into mustard is what is it made off he was completely bored he will
not want to the world he simply said like this fire elements just this
violence the entire universe is a play of these five elements if you master the
five elements you have a key to every aspect of creation if you don’t master
the fire element if you approach it from outside as you approach it it will take
on a trillion new form as you try to study it it can take on a trillion new
forms as you’re looking at it because that is what it is capable of just five
things five million things would be difficult, five I’m sure you and me can
study isn’t it? at least I’m capable of five you’re talking in millions and some billions
but I am [talking about] five. Are you going to tell me what the five are? These five elements it’s called earth fire water air space
the five things everything is just within this everything that you call as
physical creation has substance of some kind this is earth and all of it that’s in
movement that’s called air, all of it [that] ascribes to some temperature that is
fire and in everything that is water which is the cohesiveness if there is no
water, there’s no cohesiveness is in anything and all of it is held together by what
we call it akash here we’re calling it a space in english language it doesn’t
really describe what we are saying but it’s called akash maybe a more closer
word in english language would be ether etheric space or whatever they
calling it so these are the 5 things whether an atom or a subatomic particle
everything is made of these five things so you don’t have to study the trillions of
things which are manifestations of this five, if you understand these five things
if you have grasped all these five things then everything becomes
accessible to the fundamental the most basic process unfortunately the word
yoga controls completely wrong images in America the most fundamental aspect of
yoga is called “buddha shuddhi” this means cleansing of the elements so
that you can feel them separately in your own system this very body is
72% water and 12% earth 6% air 4% fire and remaining is space
if you take charge of these things what you need to know everything that his
life is here because modern physicists are saying as you sit here every subatomic
particle is in communication with the rest of the cosmos if it is so you just have
to become alive to it you just have to become receptive to it whether it is the
smallest thing of the biggest thing everything the fundamental design is
same it is only the complexity and sophistication which is improving
between an amoeba and you the fundamental design is same it is
much more complex and sophisticated but essentially life making design is saying
so if it is so the most fundamental materials which make this life and every
other physical aspect of what we see in this creation if we know the ingredients
and how they happen then you have a key to every aspect of life but if you try
to study the creation itself as you study they will multiply into billions and trillions. It seems it might depend
what your goal is so if you want to create a drug for cancer or build a
helicopter you need to do something with those five elements.. so it’s uh not
about exploration it’s about utility what is the use of life let me ask you a question. I would I
would love to know I’ve wanted that question and i get it that science
science isn’t getting me there i mean i don’t have been in science my whole out
of life but i don’t know i get much more towards that question when i read
literature which was my first love before i go into science so so a I I take
the point that science doesn’t help me on that front at all what would you say
I’ve wondered what the point is! No no when a.. when when we’re looking at
everything as it right now there’s an unfortunate reality which is doesn’t
agree with my aesthetics of life right now science has moved from an
exploratory process to an exploitative process if you see an atom how to use it
if you see a bacteria how to use it if you see an elephant how to use it if you
use a whale how to use it of course the next thing is you see a
human being how to use them this is what it’s going everything how
to use it this is not what life is about you may
get to know you how to use every damn thing but still life won’t get any better
if you know how to keep this one life will get better believe me if you
just know how to sit here blissed-out life will get better. I see that point. Let me
ask you this I’m trying to understand this issue
about knowing the the unslakable thirst for knowledge that humans have
means that there’s this ratcheting up each generation so it’s not that I’m do
it is of course the case that I’m limited in my thoughts to the
impressions that I’ve had but I have a much bigger fire hose of impressions now now that can build on the scaffolding of
the generations before me the things they’ve already figured out so that i
can start at the next to the next level and move out in the next level for what towards what end that’s good question i mean it’s it’s
the toward the end of of knowing in the way that in the way that science cares
about knowing so putting aside usefulness of technology just the way
that scientists asks questions. If knowing is the purpose because wanting
to know how much time and energy somebody’s willing to dedicate to that
may be questionable from person to person but everybody wants to know
there’s no question about that but knowing everything by intellect we will
know the surface of everything but never the real source of everything all the
core of everything because the only piece of the only doorway to our
experience is this human mechanism you don’t know the world any other way than
the way this one is projecting right now within itself, yes? Agreed! I don’t know
how you are really i only know the way your picture is right now projecting in
my brain of my system and how I am perceiving it as you know you have drilled
holes into people’s brains and impact something-something and a and put
electric current [laughs] and whatever you’ve done i’m not saying you as a person i’m saying
these things have been done you’ll definitely know by interfering with a
certain physical process the whole perception could change the world is not
changed but perception has changed so in his experience everything has changed so
that dimension of life is only useful for survival when I say survival
everything that we’re doing is survival to survive a better to enhance our
survival to a better status or in a enhanced way of survival process but
once you come as a human being it doesn’t matter how well you survive, still it is not good enough, isn’t it? it it’s never going to be good enough
because survival is not going to fulfill a human being it doesn’t matter how big our homes get, how big our cars get, how energy efficient it get how better we dress how
better we eat still will feel it’s not enough because that’s not the direction
in which the life wants to go. So here’s the part of trying to understand is this
issue about knowing this issue about seeking knowledge let’s say either in science or in
mysticism we depend on our senses for that yes? Are you saying… I’m saying they’re
not dependable. Agreed! For example suppose you and me were lost in the jungle
as infants, ok, if something edible came we definitely would take it and put in
the mouth, we wouldn’t try our ears first then nostrils and then sudden that by
accident discover the mouth. No! We just know how to eat no question about that so I’m saying everything concerned with
our survival is in-built, it’s there, this is millions of years of memory which is
there within us we know how to survive but we will know how to read we will
know how to do so many other things that you become a part of our life do you remember when you’re 2 or 3 years of
age when they try to teach you that alphabet the damn A how complicated it
was it was so complicated just to get it right you have to write hundred times to
get it today with eyes closed you can do it because of a certain striving isn’t it similarly anything beyond survival if we
have to have it in our lives are certain striving is needed as I said striving
for inward perception is something unfortunately that’s been banished in
modern societies because we are under thrill of technology it’s a
fantastic thing but you will see as time progresses as technology becomes better
and better human beings will become more and more
frustrated if you have not noticed this just look out and see you will see
eight-year-old ten-year-old kids bored in your generation and my generation
would have never seen you never knew what is damn bordome means when you eight
to ten you were just bubbling with life and on but today you will see 10 year
old kids are just bored with it because they’re seeing the damn cosmos through their
phone screens they know it all so I’m saying all this access may not lead
to betterment of life in it will not comfort and convenience will come but
well-being will not happen the purpose of enhancing human
experience on this planet will not happen it will only entertain us
intellectually big-time which it is no question I’m not saying it’s wrong but
I’m saying it’s limited. For now yes, but.. No, I can.. do .. see right now it can happen
right now with the phone I can talk to somebody in India it may technology may
come I can smell the food that the cooking in India, if I am missing home they can
turn on the phone and I can smell the food from India it may happen i’m not
saying it’s beyond that it’s very much but will it happen but I can do it
without a phone also look I think our science is too young still to know
whether we are always going to confront a multiplication of problems or not
going I don’t say their problems question your modeling study thats all. yes but into sometimes people call that
weenie science by which i mean once you understand the structure of the atom and
so on you could measure the neutron to finer
and finer resolution but who cares because that’s not the fundamental
problem anymore and we’re still at such a young age that we don’t know whether
science will keep bifurcating into more and more interesting questions or
whether it’ll just become weighing things in it doesn’t matter because now
we kind of get the core of it we might not know that for a hundred years or a
thousand years but I don’t know for certain that we are
doomed to infinite complexity it may be that we can put together a
very clear what I’m saying is you’re fundamentally implying sense organs I agree with that sense organ is the
basis of all scientific pursuit I’m saying sense organs are not reliable
instruments lost all I i just i think that the pursuit of science is really
trying to surmount our sense organs is trying to figure out this Howard this
amount by understanding the laws of nature that we don’t know why they’re
true but they seem to be correct like quantum mechanics like basic Newtonian
physics by you know figuring out why force equals mass times acceleration why is that true nobody knows but that’s
the way that people pursue trying to understand it’s a way of reaching into
the cosmos and figuring out that there are laws that go beyond my sense organs
I’ve have no way to to smell or touch f equals ma and yet it seems to hold and
that’s the sense in which we go beyond the little peripheral devices that we
come to the table with and try to understand what’s past that it is true
that we have to translate things into equations and equation we might write
down or we might hear it for a blind person but in theory that’s something
that’s beyond our basic sensory apparatus by this convenient i’ll make
it into form ok we look at creation as for different
damages Tula which means the gross physical creation sucks man which means subtle that means you cannot
perceive them through sense organs but if you harm your attention to a certain
level then you can perceive that so this is always michigan which means an
extraordinary perception or it’s called began today in india in local languages
the word for sciences began ok that mentions vicious got this is gunman’s
extraordinary perception so we are perceiving things that our sense organs
could not perceive but still there in the realm of physicality and all
physicality is possible through sense organs if they are harmed well if you may not be able to perceive
some other creature on the planet is able to Percy so what is called a
stroller is gross reality which all of us can see hear and smell what is
considered a Sushma still physicality but so subtle that your eyes and ears
are not good enough for that but if you’re willing to pay attention you can
perceive then next is called as shown here which literally translates as
emptiness in English but emptiness is not the word it is it is physicality
without form there is no farm all physical has defined form but Sunni
means physicality has reached a place where there is no form to it it’s just
physical or its fundamental material of physicality the next is called as she
were which means that which is not that means that which is not physical at all
so existence is seen as these four component and how to perceive this four
dimensions there’s a whole methodology why I’m
saying this is if only scientists were pursued things so far into physical
reality if the pay looking attention to the most fundamental physical reality
which is themselves if the turn inward rather than constantly looking through a
telescope and microscope you spend equal amount of time turning inward I think
something phenomenal could come out of it many scientists the reason they turn
outward is as a way of of understanding what what this is all made out of which
would include which would include understanding something about what a
piece of life is this at let me ask you this when you say
I am piece of life you are a piece of life i hear that and understand that a
particular way but I’m i want to know what you mean by a piece of life because
what you drink is life watching it is like what you breathe his life all this
regathering and this is a piece of life which is acquired a certain level of
information beat its own kind of software and consciously and its own
tendencies in his own character and its own personality but that’s a bubble it’s
like if you’re blowing soap bubbles each bubble has a character if its own when
the worst the most essential ingredient of the bottle was the air where is it
it’s all there so this is all air and the bubble is a
piece of air similarly this is all life this whole
cosmos is a living cosmos here i’m a piece of life and that this is life has
given me this privilege that I can hold this piece of life within myself and
experience it as if I’m by myself everything is a fantastic privilege but
we should not abuse this and do you see that as being illusory the idea that
your piece of life and I’ve a piece of life given that we share adams and when
I breathing out your breathing in and so on were exchanging Adams to you do you
do you see that is an illusion that there is a you and me or is that are we
all the same life see the thing is right now and all these
apps have come and different kinds of software some cum so this is easy to
understand today because people are using this thing all as if their life ok they’re alive and they’re only
because a certain amount of information has been calibrated in a certain way to
do certain things and it’s almost alive i think most people have a better
relationship engine with her what’s happened within
with your family ok yes people i was so engaged with it
because it has a character of the job and it’s even predicting what’s the next
word will type which are your family cannot do your friends cannot do
probably so this is just like that it is accumulated a certain amount of
information this was– life that’s available around it to be formed a
bubble this is my bubble that’s your google
what is the content of the bubble it’s the same stuff but what is the surface
of the bubble myself is entirely different from yours and it has its own
characteristic it has its own flavor it has an own tendencies so this is an unconscious software that
everyone has a building with phenomenal amount of information that we’re
acquiring as we sit here the five senses at a gathering of phenomenal amount of
the amount of information that one gathers in 24 hours of time if you spend
a million years you can’t process it that much information we are gathering
this is what traditionally real effort to s karma is all twisted out in America
I’m seeing the world cup my everybody’s calling themselves carmena know people
named karma I heard some people named the cover so we will suppose we see
right now the we don’t know how the outside with also is quite good i think
in the evening at least their conditioning is good everything is nice you’re fine everyone nobody is troubling
you here but you’re sitting here miserably then we say ìoh his karma
what it means is the word karma literally translates as action are doing
so we say who you are right now is entirely your doing the way you have
structured yourself knowingly or unknowingly the kind of woman that you
were born in is also an unconscious choice because you created a certain of tendencies that’s where your moon in
search of that kind of tendencies what what facility takes that so this
software is building up all the time and consciously so only thing that I want to
say now he’s whatever you can do unconsciously if you are willing if you
are willing you can do the same thing conscious if you can build so much
software unconsciously if you’re willing you can restructure that consciously i
can show you millions of people who research
themselves in a matter of a few weeks i can show you few people where the very
sort of the face will change in 24 hours time simply because they start a certain
process and darling their whole personality is altered within a matter
of one or two days of doing certain processes because distancing yourself
from your genetic memory there’s an entire process most Indians
have forgotten either way it was there in every family whenever somebody dies
or even when your bed into the life there are processes how to distance
yourself from your genetic memory because this is very important if you
want to be a unique fresh bubble of your own then you must distance you’re from
yourself from genetic memory otherwise you’ll see 818 you’re a great rebel you
don’t want to be like your parents and this and that you see when you’re 45
suddenly you start walking like your father talking like your mother stuff is
happening to you you don’t know because I don’t underestimate these people yeah they won’t give up so easily your
grandfather may be dead and gone but the guy wants to live through you so the thing is to distance yourself
from the genetic memory so that you don’t become a cycle pattern of
representativeness you want to be a fresh life that means you have to
recalibrate your software consciously anything that you can do unconsciously
you can all go also to consciously if the necessaries driving is there what does it take for people to have
that level of striving depends how far they want to go you feel if somebody
comes in ask if i want to know the entire not the new physics what has
happened till now if I want to know how long does it take for fresh student
comes in ask is there a time you can say not you can say okay start on a science
undergrad let’s see if he does undergrad and he thinks he’s beginning to know
everything then you start telling him this is not it you got to do your
masters if it does that you would say then you have to do your PhD after your
PhD your declared that you don’t know much that’s right that’s the path of wisdom
experience is the most the most basic thing that one can do how long does it take means the most
fundamental thing is first of all to know that there is another dimension of
faculty within us that there’s another way of perceiving things that there is
something beyond not as a belief not as a conclusion not as something that is
said in some scripture always some guru or some teacher or whatever but by
yourself to know beyond this body beyond this mind there is something within you this experience if this has to happen I
would say if you are willing to dedicate just 30 hours of absolutely focused I’m
if you give me in 30 hours time we can bring you to a place we can give you a
tool through which you know something beyond your physicality what that thing
is you don’t have to jump into conclusion but something you beyond your
physical nature will become alive within you and you know there is something
beyond physical nature if that is enough inspiration for you to continue your
pursuit then how long it will take the entire pursuit you cannot say individual
mrs. home so what would it be like if you could
get beyond the physical trappings you know we started a school a few years ago
and this eight-year-old boy I just walk into the school’s eight-year-old boy
comes and our single is life really is the dream i lost the 80 you have to come
in the truth you know I said life is a dream what dream is true also a little
your legs only but that’s affect life is a dream the
way it’s happening within your right now it’s a dream but the dream is true in
your experience but this dream you can make it whichever way you want whichever way you want and we can make
this into a fantastic dream for ourselves and for everybody on this
planet trance and technology has done wonderful things for us to enhance their
dreams but I want the scientist to meditate thank you very much thank you

100 thoughts on “Scientist vs Mystic | A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality | David Eagleman and Sadhguru

  1. Science has proofs and logic which allow for progress in medicine whilst the Guru perceives far more dimensions but can't develop medicines to cure. Perhaps we need more science with a Guru's insight .

  2. We know so little and yet we reflect God in every Atom of our body.. I suppose the ultimate reflection of creation is to reflect the words and the actions of Jesus Christ.

  3. wow! just blows my phycial mind how deep his thoughts and understanding are! I only wish i could meet him.

  4. Look i was a gang member who was stabbed i died then i was revived momments after and i seen how i went from this body i now possess into another but this body im living in now has a task to acomplish and i ask myself what can it be see i am not suicidal but THE SECRETE TO IMMORTALITY IS REALY DEATH thats what im understanding here see ever since that death experience i feel awakened more at peace is like something in me is awakened see i never spoke of intelect and all of soudent i desire more and more knowledge can you give me any advice Sadhguru sir i would apreciate if you can give me advice im curious now i want to know more but what must i do is intelect for everyone i apreciate it if you do give me advice sir thank you.

  5. Ok the guy on the left might as well be reading mad libs lol – utter nonsense and no legitimate basis for most of his claims

  6. as mentioned, we know what to do with food, we put it directly in the mouth, its ancestral memory lying in us…. similarly over the years, writing an A will become a memory and infants will be born being able to write? even education can be a survival instinct over millions of years from today? just a thought. everything we do repetitively should eventually become a memory passed generation to generation.

  7. Sadhguru is such a con artist. He bullshits people in the words they want to hear and usually uses others lack of factual knowledge to push his bullshit

  8. Sadhguruji is simply saying 2+2=4, no contradictions whatsoever. Immense knowledge garnished with loads of wisdom and simplicity.



  11. Im a huge fan of Sadhguru and I’m an Indian but I would want to crack a joke (just in humor)

    In this particular video, I’m dead sure that both of them are high on weed of the highest quality and have decided that we’ll both crack open the minds of the poor audience today!!🙂

  12. Guru are mostly philosophical which science proves things and gets result big differences. It is like a guy talking about so many ideas but does not create anything which of course is not much use vs sciences which proves itself

  13. Great for these two guys to get together and agree that life is a great mystery, taken from different angles and say….let us continue in wonder

  14. 20:35 Eagleman – "this three ton organ that we are carrying around". Sums up the emphasis of his stance succinctly. And sheds light upon why many of these concepts simply flew over his enormous head.

  15. God is Mystic Scientist together in Your hand life presence God everything💝 only Youu God exists is💝 Youu God is alone God everything💝 Youu God never left💝 all thoughts come from is Youu God💝 only Youu God can💝 only Youu God can eat💝 Youu God can do anything💝 Youu God is living for everyone everybody for free💝 Youu God can live die as Youu God decides chooses free wills creates to do be💝 only Youu God can deny self💝 only Youu God is belief faith💝 Youu God is why reason meaning human💝 only Youu God💝

  16. I think time is relared to motion, if even one thing in universe is moving then time is ticking. If nothing in the universe is moving then you can say there is no time or Just, time freezed.
    So, time is created when motion happens.

  17. I really like the points of Sadhguru. I don't wish to be like him, but lots of valid points and wisdom there.

  18. It is funny how the scientist is ecstatic about his experience and almost feels some way a kind of light instability of sorts liked mixed feelings you can see it all over his face and the mystic provides the stability in a sort of humble understood manner seeing the interpolation the flow and ebb of these two is really beautiful… well i was entertained…

  19. Only 1:52 "modern education has become too overly focused on the intellect,…to mesmerised by our logic" THAT is all you need to hear. Yeah you have suspended logic and intellect and that is why you believe in fairytales. EDUCATION is key, without we have nothing. Education and logic is the enemy of fairytales because it gives the opportunity to focus on reality and not all the bs.

  20. David eagle man doesn't understand it. He definite doesn't understand but quantum physics is observable by your eyes.
    The purpose of life is theosis, all other creature are toys that are there to teach us how to become a God.

    India is NOT a democracy!
    Because it has UNTOUCHABLES!
    Now fuck off & "clean your room"!

    India is NOT a democracy!
    Because it has UNTOUCHABLES!
    Now fuck off & "clean your room"!

    India is NOT a democracy!
    Because it has UNTOUCHABLES!
    Now fuck off & "clean your room"!

    India is NOT a democracy!
    Because it has UNTOUCHABLES!
    Now fuck off & "clean your room"!

  25. Science has two faces with one is more real, eg bacteria and fungi are more important than fertilizer, bacteria transmute uranium into gold and every other atom on the periodic table in 2weeks – 6 months.

  26. when I saw the heading "scientist vs misitc" i thought it was going to be a debate between both of them. what i saw was an old man schooling a little boy.

  27. This science educated person is trying to seek the secrets of life and the universe that science cannot unravel alone. The more he sits with this person the more confused he is going to get. Let him best study Holy Quran to get the ultimate truth.

  28. The first Menas (is Manu or Menu our father thru the Flood), when he died they declared Nimrod as Mena or Menes in year 350 when Pharaoh of 42 kings of 42 cities was created. But Nimrod died at age 500 in Noah's year 1200, so that in year 2400 of Adam doctrine shifted the 1200-year to claim Mena Manu Menus Menus is Adam. memory back to creation. This is not the wisdom nor origin of Sadhguru but rather fact since Adam thru Noah isnceNoah thru Nimrod since Nimrod and since year 2400 the death of Babylon's king Amizaduga in 1626bc. He could be the wisest man of his tight small circular culture and he is but a fraction of the whole current world's memory and all our dead forefathers.

    Consequence of moments meaning your fated days and hours will only become fated by what you do. You lengthen life, you shorten life. You lengthen or shorten the deterioration of things. His idea of distancing is like saying ignore it and it cannot effect you. False. Jesus showed that control or no control determines if you die and when you die and what you accomplished or did not by it.

  29. His philosophy is ignore everyone and everything. For him you do not build Noah's ark because you will never die even if you do die.

  30. He's an old man… But not wise enough.. ..very certain about his position and knowledge.. Thats the problem when you dont really understand about science…

  31. What a shame…i thought he would be a wise old beard man about his belief or so whatever…tsk tsk…see what happens, when misinformation corrupts your knowledge on understanding things…the manner of so certain on about things…hahahah being uncertain is very uncofrtable but being so certain on things is so absurd…

  32. Hes sharing his knowledge on everything is like a story on a mangga or an anime story plot…hahhaha nice to hear or imagined doz story he shared but we all know that reality doesnt work that way…hahaha nice try uncle beard man…hahhahha

  33. Chitta should be described as consciousness,why the fuck this old moron is calling it pure intelligence.Bloody idiot.

  34. David the only way to understand what Sadhguru experiences is to go in to a deep meditation and be silent and see what is around you what an instrument can't detect or measure.

  35. The deep and incontrovertible irony, is that most of us will be watching this video………… and seeking out further videos like this one……. in a futile attempt to increase our knowledge on the topics discussed…… to give deeper meaning to the existence we perceive …….. which if Sadhguru is to be believed, can never be fully realised within the confines of our limited intellectual anatomy. Perhaps the lesson here is very simple………. we need not know why cat videos are funny, just enjoy the fact that they are.

  36. Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru, is a false prophet. Anyone who thinks he's an enlightened being, has lost their mind. This guy literally lies through his teeth.

  37. Just because you hit your head doesnt mean that gravity stops working as ot always has. Your reality doesnt change, but merely your perceptions. God is still the creator of all things and Jesus Christ is still lord. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. In these last days the world will continue to become more and more dark, lost and confused. Jesus is still the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father, but by Him. He is the light in these troubled times. Seek Him. Give Him thanks, praise and glory.

  38. All this is = bullshit and nothing more for the human mind to come up with any kind of solution to avoid the hard reality of life which no guru or scientist can explain or understand other than sharing what they think or believe. Since scientists can not come up with nothing in the last hundreds of years now all want to become spiritual hopping they can sale some books regarding their assumptions. As far as other Yoga practice or other bullshit oriented on self deprivation have been a best seller for last hundred years and became an industry for the ignorant unable to achieve the basics of life which today all are speculated and sold by corporation at top dollar. Those gurus and reinvented scientists they have graduated in convincing people about their old made up crap since are no facts to present their nonsense. Scientists today are not into science but studdy the niche for desperate people looking for some form of salvation or a comfort zone which is world wide and all of you up here eating up their bullshit are so predictable, no wonder why the world of Darwin's evolved from primitive assholes into educated assholes easy to control and manipulate by the very individuals that turned this world in a monkey business telling you what you wanna hear.

  39. This conversation is a good step in the right direction. What we need is a better insight into who and what we are, this knowledge will lead to better questions and these better question will lead us understanding what we don’t know or what we haven’t even perceived. Channeled.

  40. What I find really amazing is around the 30 min mark, Sadhguru, asks David what is the meaning of life? David wants to know, and Sadhguru tells him that it is about understanding everything for what it is, and not what you can use it for, because you will eventually learn how to you can exploit everything here, but you still won't be happy. And, I notice that the more they both talk, Sadhguru seems to be more and more confident and at peace, and super knowledgeable with what he is saying, but David seems to be getting more and more confused, because even being a classroom educated scientist, he still has no grasp on reality, the things around him, or the harmony of all things around him as Sadhguru does, because he is looking at it in the wrong way. Unfortunately, that is mostly the case with Western educated people. Just to be clear, I am an American, born and raised, white man with Cherokee Indian, Irish, and some Viking ancestry. And, I am completely at peace listening to Sadhguru. It's like just to listen to him for a short time can open your eyes to truth. This is super intriguing stuff. I love it!

  41. The Case for the Soul (Neuroscience) series answers this question pretty well with more scientific evidence.

  42. A turtle was jumped, beaten, and robbed by 3 snails. The cop asked the turtle, "What happened?" The turtle replied, "I don't know, it all happened so fast."……

  43. Love the way David conveys the path & passage of science…through questioning & hypothesis….and love the way Sadguru entertains his questions…

  44. please somebody make the debate between zakir naik and sadhguru……zakir is ready to debate…waiting

  45. YESSSS, finally science n spirituality r understanding they talking bout the same shit jus in different ways. Religion needs to realize this as well!!! We r in a time of great awakening n I for one am so happy to be alive rn. That beIN said on the day I die, Ill be excited to expierience wuts next!!!!

  46. The Guru view is fuzzy and inciteful , it relates to how the everchanging and endlessly variable human behaves. Do you adequately understand how IMMENSELY variable the human race is. It shows WONDERFUL insight into how humans behave. BUT it comes from before a great deal of modern analysis and research.. AND The scientist is looking at the fundamentals of where all of this human variable behaviour comes from, the workings of the flakey biochemical brain,. This research will eventually explain all. ~All of my life, in every challenge I have faced , there is no truth other than looking at the fundamental level of facts that cannot be debated . Anecdotal answers are interesting but always up for more debate, never definitive.

  47. Mysticism is shockingly limiting. And convolutingly confused. It makes good points but contradicts itself massively through its self-limiting factor. So I'm out. Science is a better teacher.

  48. The five elements Sadguru is referring to came about with Zoroast, the first profit of Persia, currently called Iran. Zorosterians are called 🔥 fire worshppers, though that is only the outside appearance of zoresterians. Even today there are small community of zorosterians in a iran, and those who immigrated to India a few hundred years ago.

  49. watch at 12: 24, professor David Eagleman asks a very important question, the answer given by sadhguru is gibberish, this shows what a fraud he is

  50. I got a question that I'd like to hear other people's opinions/answers:
    At around 40 min, Sadhguru says something on those lines "if scientists were willing to spent the same amount of time looking inwards, as they do outwards through microscope or telescope lenses, imagine the amazing things that would be discovered".
    Sorry this may not be literally what he said but the main message I believe is correct.
    So science is normally undertaken by specialists on their fields, people that spend most of their life investigating a subject (just a general comment to get to my question). Applying the same principle, guru's would then be the scientists of meditation or in other words "inward looking". Hence, I think it would be fair to say that both science and meditation have been undertaken for a similar amount of time.
    Thus my question: We can easily mention a great many things that resulted from science endeavors. On the other hand, what has the meditation endeavors brought about that we can see ? Apart from the relaxing feeling it provides and also helps with depression/anxiety. Which I agree are great things, but seem to pale in comparison to what science has achieved in many other fields.
    Please bear in mind this is actually an honest question and it's not intended just to "stir the pot" per se.
    I practice meditation and it does have a relaxing and "anti-anxiety" effect that has helped me many times.

  51. Mysticism is the absence of logic and reason! of you want Mysticism / spirituality to be the pilot lf your thinking faculty why bother studying higher education?
    This is why our western counterparts are laughing at us from our back!
    Science is based on fact, evidence , observation , experimentation etc …
    Every word that comes out from this so called God man Sadhguru is utterly rubbish.. He is the sitting on the cock pit of a plane called Pseudo-science…
    And dont tell me whatever scientific invention made in the past 600 years were all pre invented in the vedic age in India
    ..utterly rubbish…

  52. Decent conversation and beautiful demonstration how to make peolpe to thkink that you talk about something but in same time you really don't say anything during entire hour with so many words. Sadghuru is truly a genius.

  53. So life's a dream (a simulation) can't be understood or properly perceived through the basic human senses and science as David said has hit the wall where it's unable to explain all the discrepancies.

  54. "You may not counting time But your body is doing at every second" what a realistic line this made me to think about my body and encourage to respect and take care of it.

  55. The funny part is they are both saying the same thing but one wants to "be" the "thing" and one wants to "explain" the thing.

  56. It's crazy that they both said "time" but they are explaining two different "times"… making time circumstantial.

  57. He is saying that studying what everything is .. it is impossible to study because it will continue on to billions of possibilities…. but if you "are" the begin then you can reach the beginning and the end. To just exist in that "time". Like an absolute 0 space. Where 0 is the absence of possibilities but it is the "beginning" of all possibilities like 1,2,3, infinity….

  58. I think the app discussion was great but I would added that all app are on hardware and all leads to a storage space.

  59. That explanation😍.. what is life.. its like air bubbles.. air is all over the world.. and our body is like the soap form

  60. Spinoza was accused of being an Atheist, he was kicked out
    of the Jewish community. Spinoza realized thru reason and intuition that “Nature”
    is “God,” a Being comprised of infinite attributes and expresses infinite laws.
    The law of self-preservation, the law of necessity, the law of inertia and the
    law of cause and effect, ETC. Learn more…

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