Sci-Fi Short Film "The New Politics" | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film "The New Politics" | Presented by DUST

26 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film "The New Politics" | Presented by DUST

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  2. Really? Can an ending get more obvious? Thumbs this comment up if you totally saw that ending coming like I did and weren't surprised at all 'cause we're wizards of the New Politics. Otherwise, If you're normal and living under some trumped up regime just leave a comment.

  3. [SPOILER] All that build-up for it all to just be a frikkin game of Pong! Quite hilarious! A lot of the rest of it felt a little bit campy, half the movie was just about the process of waking up and getting ready for the day with as much future-tech gimmick cliches (hologram everything, automatic digital clothing, automatic makeup – speaking of which, why did she put on her makeup before the shower?) they could possibly show, but given what it was all a build-up to I wouldn't change a thing.

  4. This is why we need men in politics ! Another reason why the Democratic party is in the shit hole, it has only women like Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton, AOC, beto o'rourke and Pete Buttigieg

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