School Shootings: A Good Reason To Lower The Voting Age? | AJ+

School Shootings: A Good Reason To Lower The Voting Age? | AJ+

The mobilized students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High have inspired the entire country. And while we wait on legislators to pass meaningful gun control, *crickets* *barn owl* why not try to pass something else in the meantime to show these students we care about them and their concerns? Like lowering the voting age. Here’s why 16-year-olds voting could be good for democracy. Ever since a gunman killed 17 students with an AR-15 in Parkland, Florida, survivors have done a whole lot more than think and pray. They have gone on national TV and mobilized people around the country to protest walk out, do sit-ins and die-ins, and even had the guts to confront their pro-gun Senator face to face: “Senator Rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?” *cheers* He couldn’t. Unlike pretty much every other mass shooting, where Americans get shamed for talking about gun control Until we forget it ever happened, these students are making sure the country does not forget about them. “How long do you think you will keep doing this?” “We’re millennials and we love complaining more than any other generation.” “This generation is used to getting answers right away. You think they’re gonna wait for six months or a year for anybody— congress or anybody that needs to make the right call?” Yea. In a way, youth impatience and entitlement is paying off brilliantly. Think about it. These teens have never had to wait for an answer they couldn’t immediately get from Google while ordering a pizza from an app and facetiming a crush in Oregon they made out with one time at summer camp. You think they have time to wait to get weapons of war out of their schools? Uh uh. To them, gun control should be as easy as the Dominoes app. Hold the bump stocks, side of registries, hey you guys want extra background checks? But because they’re just a bunch of kids with no political clout some are wondering why they should be taken into consideration at all. Just listen to Florida lawmaker Elizabeth Porter as she argued against the Parkland students’ demands for gun reform. “We’ve been told we need to listen to the children and do what the children ask. Are there any children on this floor? Are there any children making laws? Do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says ‘no homework’? The adults make the laws because we have the age, we has the wisdom, and we have the experience. Wait wait wait We has the wisdom?! Way to instill confidence. Trust us, we has wrotten the laws before cause we is the law-yers and we are gonna brang you lawgislation And the idea that teens can’t vote so who cares about them was echoed by guy who was just told he can’t eat crayons anymore, Tucker Carlson. “So if they’re too young to buy guns why should they be making my gun laws?” “They’re not making your gun laws–” “They’re not citizens, they’re children. They’re not 18. They’re Americans, but they don’t have the full rights of citizenship because they’re not adults. They can’t drink alcohol, a lot of them can’t drive cars, you don’t want them to buy guns and they can’t vote.” Plus, everyone knows that bullets can only hurt you when you turn 18 … You know, it’s amazing, where his empathy ends is just where his stupidity begins. He truly is a douchebag carousel. And yet he and Elizabeth-has-the-wisdom-Porter manage to bring up an interesting point. Most teens can’t vote. But they are old enough to be shot at and die, not to mention own rifles and shotguns in 30 states. So maybe the question is: Should teens be able to vote? Why not lower the voting age to 16? In most national elections around the world, like in the U.S., you have to be 18 to vote. But in some countries, it is 16, including Austria, Brazil and Argentina. And in 2014 beginning with their vote on independence, Scotland began allowing 16-year-olds to vote for the simple reason stated by this lawmaker: “If we’re prepared to send people, young people, to the front line, and indeed to take their taxes, why should they not indeed have a say in what is basically about their future?” And that makes sense. A lot of teens work and pay taxes. And the injustice of being able to fight in a war that you don’t have a say in is exactly why President Nixon signed the 26th amendment into law, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. And the sick reality is that today with the amount of school shootings, it’s almost as if wars have come home. At least the weapons have. So why not lower the voting age again? Three towns in Maryland have already allowed 16-year-olds to vote in local elections. And yet every time the debate crops up, you always hear the same arguments. “I know kids in this age group and they are dumb as dirt when it comes to politics. I wouldn’t put them in charge of their allowance.” “I remember how I was at 16, I couldn’t have voted for a dog catcher, I was so naive.” “Young people are stupid. Have you ever spoken to them? If we let them vote, they’re gonna vote for the party guy in the Hawaiian shirt.” Sure, and when we let adults vote, they vote for the guy in the baseball hat who needs a cheat sheet to show sympathy. Remember, this is the generation that had to sit on the sidelines as the country elected a corrupt reality TV star with no political experience. And if their parents couldn’t protect them from that, why should they trust them to take care of them at all? For all kids know, there *is* a monster living under their beds and masturbating actually *improves* eyesight. Maybe part of the reason teens are seen as not caring about things that affect them is that adults keep telling them they’re too stupid and too young to care about things that affect them. When the reality is, they do care. Just ask this 17-year-old who campaigned to lower the voting age in San Francisco. “It really matters to me when funding for parks gets changed. It really matters to me when the minimum wage gets changed and that affects my community.” Our country has a history of smart, politically active teens. Like in the 60s when teenagers and children marched in Birmingham to protest segregation. Or the 15-year-old who recently developed a system to detect early stages of pancreatic cancer. He explains why teens are ready to make change. “Teenagers we’re at this epitome of creativity where we can dream up wild ideas but we have enough knowledge to make our ideas a reality.” Yes, not to mention the knowledge to make exquisite dishes every week on Master Chef Jr. “On top you will see the puff pastry, and then under that you’ll see the crepe, and then you’ll see the mushroom duxelle, the prosciutto, and then the meat.” OK, but I make a mean bag of Trader Joe’s Gyoza… I cook By the way not only is the discussion about lowering the voting age patronizing and stacked against teens, but those who vote on whether or not to lower the voting age are already of voting age. Which is a cruel Catch 22. And also makes you wonder who in these 30 states voted for the age of consent to be 16? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess not 16 year olds. And having teens vote might mean good things for democracy. Studies show voter turnout is habitual, so perhaps the earlier you get someone to vote, the more likely they will later on. One study even showed that when young people vote, their parents are more likely to vote too. In some ways, teens might be more equipped to vote than adults. Think about it: they just went through the unit on how a bill becomes a law whereas their Gam Gam just went through a red light. It makes sense that entrenched political power would be afraid of the youth vote. Because young people tend to be open-minded and vote liberal. It’s that crazy thing they have … what’s it called? Hope. Polling and voting trends suggest that if 16-year-olds in the UK had been allowed to vote whether to exit the EU, Brexit wouldn’t have happened. And in the 2016 U.S. primary election, more than 2 million voters under 30 voted for Bernie Sanders. That’s more youth votes in the primary than Clinton and Trump received combined. Bernie woulda won Yet we shouldn’t assume that all young people are necessarily liberal. In Kansas six teenagers are running for governor, because they were smart enough to figure out that the dumb adults who wrote the laws didn’t write in an age minimum to run. And only one is running as a democrat. The deep-state globalist shill. No matter what side of the political spectrum they’re on, the one thing all teens have — that adults lack — is the ability to not give a f*ck about authority. “One of the best things about our generation, sure, people think we’re lazy and on our phones all the time. We don’t respect you just ‘cause you have Senator in front of your name.” And that’s really helpful in pointing out the bullsh*t around things like gun laws. “What do you think about this idea of arming teachers?” “It’s stupid.” “Why?” “Douglas ran out of paper for like two weeks in the school year, and now all of a sudden they have $400 million to pay for teachers to get trained to arm themselves? Really?” Really. Teens are the realest. And considering the world they’ve been handed — with massive inequality, rising sea levels, and a president who the NRA spent $30 million to elect, perhaps we should make it easier for them to have a say in the world they’re supposed to inherit. “To all of the generations before us, we sincerely accept your apology, and we appreciate that you’re willing to let us rebuild the world that you f*cked up.” Mm. So if conservatives are so upset by teens in the streets demanding their rights, give them the right to vote. And if they manage to pass laws banning AR-15s or banning homework, more power to them. Cause it will have meant that in a way, they did their homework.

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  1. They're brain is not fully developed to understand politics at 16. They still live with they're parents and have no idea how the world works. Put it like this, you're not the same person you were 10 to 20 years ago. Look at boomers, they started liberal then became conservative. Democrats just want more votes cause they're losing ground big time.

  2. The only reason why you're pushing for 16 years olds to vote is because they currently side with your point of view that will not always be the case understand how highly influenceable a 16 year old is versus an 18 year old there's a significant developmental difference between the two ages that is unless you're willing to lower the age in which we allow them to enlist in the military to 16 the reason it was lowered to 18 in the first place is because we shouldn't send people to war that can't vote for or against politicians who will send them to war and I feel it's just as inappropriate to allow someone to vote on people who have the power to make the decision of whether or not we go to war who are immune to the consequences of that choice
    With that being the case may be lowering it to 17 at maximum but even that age is still susceptible to manipulation

  3. So is News Broke back?? Or is this a special edition one or two time episode? Come on guys make it official. Give us an announcement.

  4. 18 year olds are morons. 16 year olds are even bigger morons. I don't think we should give the power to vote to people who don't even know our geopolitical situations anyway. When I was 16, I thought I knew everything too. I was a Republican christian. Now I'm a lefty atheist who would never want 16 year old me to have any power over others. For every 1 smart well-versed 16 year old, theres 20 moronic ignorant 16 year olds. Seriously, think about it.

  5. 16 year old citizens have a real grip on international relations and the economy. And what's more, they've all read all the classic literature and are very articulate when it comes to philosophy in general.
    Let's make it twelve years old.
    Has anyone seen the movie "Wild in the Streets?" You can't even find it on YouTube.

  6. Firearms have been used for centuries, but only in the last few decades have been used in mass shootings…Firearms haven’t changed as much as people have, and until you address the real issue which is the mental instability in many of today’s youth, at the same time, you may want to look closely at the effects of pharmaceutical drugs that many of today’s youth are being prescribed that may also be linked to the problem of mass killings … Someone can inflict just as much damage using a vehicle as with a firearm. So when the first mass killing is committed using a car or truck and runs over 20 people, are you going to ban cars and trucks??? The answer is no! That’s because you are not stupid, and have common sense, and you know just because a few mentally unstable individuals committed an atrocity using a motor vehicle, that you should not have to give up your right to own a car or truck! Why should this be any different than owning a firearm? We here in the USA have over 300 million firearms owned by responsible people, and yes there are many injured and killed by firearms in accidents, but no where near the amount of people injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. So let’s address the cause of gun violence instead of blaming guns, find out what is causing the youth to commit horrific crimes against innocent people! You will never solve anything by blaming the weapon used as opposed to the person who used the weapon. How many guns and knives are in prison for assault or murder?

  7. As a European I believe that whoever voted CLINTON should never ever ever be allowed to make any decisions for others. I would vote for a mass migration of these lemmings to Easter Island,including this presenter & Bernie Panders.🤣peace out.

  8. News Broke back? Nice!
    A hateful fool named 'little marco' (done by a bigger douche aka #45), don't we wish he'd go back into that whole he crawled out of?

  9. Voting at 18 is fine. Exercises better judgment, and is the age where teens are considered an adult. Voting at sixteen yet when a crime is committed, they are considered a child because they aren't 18 is lopsided. The handful of courageous teens doing great things are bundled with those throwing chairs off buildings, doing the fire challenge, and a host of other things that are ridiculous. If you lower the voting age, lower the drinking age with it. Getting a driver's license, dropping out of school, voting and drinking will all occur at sixteen. Don't cherry pick the rights which fit today's political climate; bestow all of the rights together. Do you want them drinking at sixteen? If no… then the same applies to voting.

  10. So…we need more emotionally-charged, impatient and impulsive opinions being shoved into our democratic process?

    What if this is just a cynical ploy to throw in millions of new voters who haven’t even finished puberty, but can be easily swayed and conned into voting however you want? We’re talking about human beings who light themselves on fire for a meme, haven’t held a job, don’t pay taxes, aren’t eligible for military service – what investment do they have in keeping society stable? Beyond what others tell them to think, I mean.

  11. Here’s how you make cheap propaganda:

    1) Make an argument based on nothing but emotional appeals
    2) Play a clip of an argument against your position.
    3) Tell a terrible joke
    4) Quickly move on before anyone notices that you didn’t actually refute what they said
    5) Repeat until the video hits the ten minute mark

    It’s so mechanical, I can practically smell the Qatari oil

  12. yeah stop age discrimination let 10 year old drink alcohol drive cars have sex with anyone they want. liberals 100% would normalize pedophilia in the near future like gays and trans people

  13. We have enough uninformed voters. If you want to give teens the right to vote that is fine. Ageism is a real thing. But we need better barriers to entry when it comes to voting. If you cannot name the four branches of government you should have zero influence on how it is run. We don't take investment advice from some random off the street. Why would we give that same random a say in how the greatest super power is run. Tribalistic, uninformed voters are why we have the dumbasses we do, why we continue to bomb foreign countries And why we don't have riots in the streets over the billions wasted on spilling innocent blood.

  14. Nobody should be able to drink, smoke, vote, or fight in the military until age 25 when the brain has fully developed

  15. And saying "children are the future" means they are what comes after us. It doesn't mean they're ready NOW. It's called the future, not the present.

  16. There are adults who dont even vote, so what makes people think every teenager is going to vote? let alone vote democrat. If people care and want to be involved, I say at least let them have the choice to participate. I also feel that lowering the age would get more young people to pay attention to politics critically and actually follow some of it whatever their views might be.

  17. Meaningful gun control is knowing gun safety. Also I feel that the voting age should remain the same if not be raised to 20. Studies show that a brain isn’t fully developed until you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. Aj+ is the funniest YouTube channel.

  18. They are not mature enough or responsible enough to vote. Take a good look at the influences they experience , learn , & , live in. Finally why are students killing each other ? Their problems are caused by the society you the adults have created , and your suppost to be responsible adults !!!

  19. Just about every person over 70 I've had a political conversation with has been willfully ignorant, uninformed, and openly bais. They choose only to get their news from one source, to believe propaganda that pops up into their Facebook feed and blindly follow their party in every decision. So if we're going to make a hard line age restriction for young people to vote than there is equal if not more evidence we should have an age restriction on our oldest voting block. You are legally allowed to vote between the ages of 18 and 70. Agreed?

    Which means people above the age of 70 in Congress…. you wouldn't be allowed to be there either.

  20. Children litterally don't possess brains capable of fully understanding the consequences of their actions. This is stupid.

  21. 2:54 First of all, countries doing better with education than USA do actually ban homework. (Hi, Finland!) Second of all, wisdom comes from having specific experiences: school shooting wisdom belongs to the kids.

  22. Politics is challenging for those who are interested, nevermind the uninterested masses. And you want to lower the voting age? What a joke.

  23. 18 is YOUNG AND RIPE. OR AT LEAST A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. STANDARDS CHILDREN, this naiveté will lose the 2020 election

  24. yes. raise the age to purchase a firearm based on the science that claims the human brain is not fully developed till 25 yrs and 18yr olds do not have reasoning skills for ownership…. and then lower the age to vote because undeveloped and unreasonable children should help determine public policy. GTFO

  25. You cant vote away the constitution. You cant even vote for legislation. The vote itself only selects representatives who themselves cant draft legislation against the constitution. Seems AJ is both ignorant of the cultures they are trying to suppress and a useless propaganda arm. Also, school attacks are infrequent and minuscule when you compare to all other types of violence, more people die from fist fighting than firearms.

  26. Lets give voting rights to people who have no experience of trying to be a financially independent adult and can't help but feel entitled because their parents still provide them their every need, what could go wrong? HONK

  27. Bernie needs those votes coz you know these kids don't wanna pay for their college. Don't wanna repeat 2016 ey? That said, I can't wait for the day republicans rebrand themselves!

  28. No.
    If you aren't old enough to be drafted you aren't mature enough to make an informed decision on the direction of this nation.
    That said, they should be tax exempt until they are draft eligible.

  29. I don't want to say "I hate Republicans" because I know most regular people want the same common sense reforms as Democrats do. That being said, I hate Fox and I really hate Republican politicians. My one true wish is that the people vote them out just for one term, just one, (which is only 2 years) so they get the message and change their ways.

  30. The brain finishes developping at 26. Just saying.
    Besides the examples listed of countries with 16 yo vote are hardly inspring.

  31. I am a teen I have right to be shot down by guns made by adults but I don't have right to vote to stop this massacre. I would rather live on mars with Elon Musk in future.

  32. Interesting that the same people that want to raise the age of legally owning a firearm because people aren’t mature enough, want to lower the voting age. Really make you think…

  33. This is all good ideas that are worth exploring.
    But… One of the problems with North American Democracy (I'm Canadian by the way) is the Voting Pattern.
    Put the Blue party in; They screw everything up.
    Put the Red party in; They piss us off.
    Put the Blue party back in: They screw us over.
    Put the Red party back in: They annoy the hell out of us.
    Put the Blue party back in… Are you seeing the pattern yet?

    If you want change… Actual Change! You're going to have to pick a different colour!
    Green, Orange, Gay Pride Flag… I don't care! Just pick something different for a change! Something else than the other than this Red vs Blue banter match!

  34. If voting made a difference it would be illegal!!! Wake up.
    You must be a paid goon reporting this bull$h!+. We know David Hawg was a false witness as well as a big liar! Let's work on keeping illegals out first.

  35. Did I just hear that they are waiting for gun control to be passed because there are statistics that show states with gun control for example Chicago have crime rates through the roof there are other ways to do things

  36. When my father turned 18 in 1957, he couldn't vote but he could legally purchase and consume alcohol. When I turned 18 in 1989, I could legally vote, but I couldn't legally purchase and consume alcohol. Just because you can vote, doesn't mean your interests are going to be represented. And obviously it was not in the interests of 18, 19 and 20 year olds after the late '80's in college to be treated as criminals for drinking alcohol at parties like their parents did.

    There are already a lot adult things 16 year olds can do. Like drive a car, and drive a car to a job. It would be good to have a general single slightly age for the full legal rights of adulthood. Unfortunately, the law is both compassionate about this issue, like with the 16 year old driving age, and stupid about it with the 21 year old drinking age.

  37. The ONLY reason the leftists want kids to vote is because children arrogantly believe THEY can run the world better then their parents because "THEY KNOW EVERYTHING" don't ya know and therefore would vote for a bunch of "holier then thou" b.s just like the social communists do.

  38. OK first things first I'm gonna run for Congress in 2026, I'll be twenty-five by then. Also, did you guys notice how the old congressmen were interrogating Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google? They did not know a thing about technology. Why do we have congressmen who are above seventy. The average age in the Senate is sixty-four years? Just imagine how many of them are older than sixty-four. We need the younger generation to come forward. These old people just won't leave. Dianne Feinstein ran for re-election at the age of 85? Could someone tell them that the Senate is integral part and that these senators should just sit back at eighty-five.

  39. … dont use angled frames unless there is a good reason for it. This video just look unprofessionnal

  40. Every single example of smart young people are clearly exeptions… they wouldnt be so surprising otherwise.
    At 16, most people struggle to find themself and with their emotions..

  41. Nooooooooo nope nope nope. Children are not a method for you to get the things you want, stop trying to use them. It's disgusting.

  42. Things were going well until 9:29 when they said "never mind, we really don't want you to let us vote."

    They proved why they shouldn't vote.

  43. Yeah in Austria the right lowered the voting age because populism works better on kids. Not sure if that's a good example.

    EDIT: "Referring to millenials and my own generation. The kids now are amazing, protesting against dehumanization of refugees, against corporate greed destroying our planet and more."

    The US have different problems. It's an elite sucking the poor the dry. Education is hard to come by and minimum wage is low because hungry stupid people don't protest.

  44. I think we should raise the voting age to 25. Here’s why:
    The prefrontal cortex is the last to develop. It is the part of the brain responsible for planning and reasoning. You do not fully develop that part of the brain until you’re about 25. It is why young people are more prone to poor decision making and risky behavior. (That’s why automobile accidents is the highest killer of teens.
    Where a lot of times other innocent bystanders are caught up in the chaos.)

    Because I don’t want the demographic who eats tide pods and snorts condoms to tax me to death so they can go to college for free, get free healthcare, and whatever else their heart desires.

  45. The youth are easily persuaded by media and peers. I taught a youth Sunday school class during the 2016 election. They approached the election with all the seriousness of choosing a football team to root for. The few kids mentioned who do amazing things are the rare exception. I wouldn't trust teenagers to make sound fiscal choices, which is what most policy making actually is.

  46. This video is just a bunch of soundbites, not serious journalism. We need a word for this kind of media that is designed to confirm bias without presenting real facts. This video is lower than cable news.

  47. Francesca you should talk about why you work for AJ+ when they're owned by Qatars government and support slavery.

  48. If conservatives didn't have anyone to shit on, their house of cards would fall apart. You have to punch down if you want to steal all the countries money, who cares of innocent people die, right?

  49. kids are easily influenced, these are not their ideas or agenda. they're being put up to this. kids are too emotional & uninformed to correctly understand this issue. banning guns is dumb ppl will just use other means to do so.

  50. kids are followers, look how easily pop stars influence them fads & trends. i'm intelligent now because when i was younger i understood i was dumb & i should shut up & listen when older wiser more experienced ppl speak.

  51. In Indonesia, my country, minimum voting age is 17 OR have been married.

    Maybe US want to try that? Hehe

  52. Voting is highly recommended but it’s not mandatory, lowering the voting age, sixteen year olds who actually care about what’s happing in the world will vote, the “ immature and underdeveloped” majority of sixteen year olds ( which I agree, most teens aren’t emotionally stable of mature enough) but that category of young teens most likely won’t even care about politics and not vote at all.

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